WL//WH Exclusive: LISA GERRARD and JULES MAXWELL “Burn” LP (out May 7) with commentary by producer James Chapman (MAPS)

WL//WH Exclusive  Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell  

We warned you about this last March when we premiered the first single “Noyalain (Burn)” from the upcoming studio album “Burn” by Dead Can Dance members, Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell, who teamed with recording artist and producer James Chapman (MAPS) (signed to Mute Records)…to create what can reach the height of a monumental record. Τhe individual paths of all three were ultimately the guarantee for such an amazing collaboration by all means.

The whole story started like that; This record began its journey more than seven years ago when Lisa Gerrard met Irish theatre composer Jules Maxwell before working together for the first time. Things really took root when Gerrard and Maxwell began writing songs for their earlier collaboration ‘The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices (Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares)’. They were later introduced to Chapman and asked him to produce this album, which represents a stunning departure for all three of them. For Chapman, was an incredible challenge to work on this album with these two respectable musicians. For Gerrard and Maxwell would be another precious stone in their discography, one of the most characteristic and one of the most precious. And for us the fans is also the first undisputed thought “two from Dead Can Dance with MAPS? I’m in a hurry to hear that!”.

‘Burn’ LP will call again the old fans of DCD as it has that almost invisible witching towards the fascinating music paths so magical and earthly. It will gather also the younger ones who loved the band for its musical perfection and for their quests. Put in the incredible job in the studio with Chapman, and you have a literally striking release. Τo tell you what music you will hear in this album is something I won’t do since musical designations are not our fetish in WL//WH, but I can assure you that as an author, listener, and fan, I didn’t need more than one hearing to clearly understand what I was holding in my hands. I was looking at the cover and smiled at my travel through the years with these guys, it was the emotion with a lot of sympathy. At the end of the album, I just didn’t want to hear anything else until tomorrow, a record that will enchant you with all that it offers both on an artistic musical level and on the technical part.

Let’s watch first what Gerrard and Maxwell say about ‘Burn’ LP!

And let’s read Chapman‘s experience through his own words and for each song separately!


It was such a huge honor for me to work with Lisa and Jules in making this album, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. My role was really to build on the ideas, and it was a pleasure to work with such rich and exciting material. I was very grateful to be given the freedom to explore the production, there was a real trust between everyone from the beginning, which made things very exciting for me. Having such freedom from the start enabled me to be more confident in the ideas, which in turn created more possibilities with the choices that were made. When I listen to the album now, I feel that freedom and excitement within each track.
  • Heleali (The Sea Will Rise)

“This track works really beautifully as an album opener. I visualised vast oceans and endless horizons. The song grows and grows, like the waves of the ocean, from the grand opening to the uplifting end section.”

  • Noyalain (Burn)

“A brooding, mysterious vibe. Lisa and Jules’ vocals work brilliantly together and create a sense of both beauty and restlessness. My favourite part is around 1.40, where the song ‘switches gear’ and takes off in a totally different direction. Dark and light intertwine in this track.”

  • Deshta (Forever)

The aim was to create a huge, expansive and spacious sound. It is a dark, uplifting and mysterious journey. The call and response sections in the vocals are especially haunting. It is a very immersive track With, and it was a joy to work on”

  • Aldavyeem (A Time To Dance) 

“One of my favourites on the album. The 7/8 time signature really creates the feeling that the rhythm is constantly evolving, but it also has a groove that connects with the soul.” 

  • Orion (The Weary Huntsman)

“I could always hear how this track could evolve in a huge way sonically, and I was allowed the freedom to explore that. Lisa and Jules created a stunning, almost lullaby-type song, and we aimed to maintain that innocent beauty while also expanding the track sonically.”

  • Keson (Until My Strength Returns)

There is a sense of melancholy to this track, but also a sense of hope. Lisa’s vocals have such emotional depth, and they really connected with me on this track.”

  • Do So Yol (Gather The Wind)

“This was the first track we worked on together, and I love the fact that it is the final track on the album. It became both the beginning and the end of what was a wonderful journey for me. It is joyous, playful and an uplifting end to the album.”

As of May 7, the ‘Burn’ album will be available digitally across online platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. It can be ordered on vinyl, CD and digitally via https://orcd.co/lisajulesburn Finally, I will leave you alone for the experience, here is ‘Burn” LP!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike