WL//WH Track Of The Day: OZURIE “To The Moon”

Track Of The Day    OZURIE

I was not aware of another Vancouver other than the Canadian… the brand new act Ozourie, or rather a solo project, judging by the only picture, one of the most pleasant discoveries from last weekend with its debut 2-track Self-Titled single, hails from the other Vancouver in the state of Washington, not far from Portland, Oregon, born as a love letter to the unforgettable, catchy and anthemic sound of 90s Alternative Rock heydays.

Falling somewhere between Catherine Wheel and Hum, the band weaves a balanced heady blend of hazy, introspective Shoegaze atmospherics and heavy vibrant Noise Rock, laced with a dreamy melancholic melodic quality, hidden under thick walls of feedback, soothing and hypnotizing, while floating in transcendental space.

The opening track, “To The Moon”, is infused with poetic lyrics to create a fanciful reverie about love and adventure.

Wistful echoing guitar chords trigger stumbling and plodding drum beats to lead a warm and enveloping flow of buzzing distortion and churning fuzzed-out guitar swells, that wax and wane, with a reflective agonizing emotional edge, layered with soft, angsty breathless vocals, longing and aching amid distant memories, whilst searching for calm in a chaotic world.

On the same wavelength, yet slightly tenser and chillier, “Bend” sways through slowed-down, shimmering and stirring guitar drifts, to build another relentlessly immersive and mesmerizing soundscape to sink into.

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