WL//WH PREMIERE : SAVIER ‘NLP4’ from ‘NLP’EP [Etang Brûlant]

WL//WH Premiere  Savier  Etang Brûlant

WL//WH is glad to premiere a track from the forthcoming five-track EP “NLP” produced by Scottish producer Savier, due out on 3 July 2018 via the French / Lebanese independent label Etang Brûlant.

From the heights of Edinburgh, Scottish hammerhead Savier delivers his roaring tribulations to an unwarded public. “NLP” is a five-track EP, rythmic variations that follow each other in echoes of corrugated iron and loud cracklings. A mechanical insurrection against delicacy… Don’t hesitate to lose yourself in this scrap metal yard.

Release date : 03/07/2018 – digital only
Produced, composed and mastered by Savier
Artwork and photography by Léa Maria
© = Etang Brûlant 2018

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