WL//WH Premiere : DREADMAUL “Swamp Eyes” [LARMES]

Premiere  Dreadmaul Larmes

WL//WH is glad to join the celebrations for the first anniversay of Lille‘s French independent label LARMES, founded by Clarence Park and devoted to dark and experimental music.
“Swamp Eyes” is the track premiered today, the title track from the forthcoming 4-track EP , due out November 15, 2018, by Mainz based German electronic producer Dennis Leick a.k.a. Dreadmaul.
“Swamp Eyes” dives into slowly evolving dark tribal soundscapes, rife with esoteric dark ambient tones, of sinister synths, eerie drones and deafening bass, imbued with a sense of unease and continuous discomfort, absorbing the listener in a visionary, disquieting and claustrophobic journey into otherworldly dimension.
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The artist describes the track in this form:
“Swamp Eyes” is an example for experimenting with ambient sounds and having the focus on the cinematic vibes. I included a lot of very customized sounds, like the heavily effected break beat, or the screeching violin I recorded myself In a previous session. I like the evolving drums and percussion in it, which gives a nice suspense. Basically the song is a mixture of a lot of impressions I took from different musicians I like, thinking of artists like paragon and ancestral voices.
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