WL//WH Video of the Day: BODY BEAT RITUAL “Crash Report”

WL//WH Video of the Day Body Beat Ritual

Hailing from Aukland, New Zealand, EBM/Techno/Cyberpunk producer Alex K, grew up in the UK fully immersed in electronic body music of the 80s and 90s, and began his “ritualistic experiments in industrial body music using the human voice, hardware and live instruments” dubbed ‘Body Beat Ritual’. The use of vintage hardware machines, an homage to some of Wax Trax finest 90’s Industrialists, delivers the perfect touch of mechanized authenticity.

Part of the new 12″ EP “Mortal Sin”, along with two dangerous remixes from VTSS + Blush Response, via Berlin based, Auckland‘s HavenINTL imprint, “Crash Report” is out on video, giving visual prowess to a dynamic, dimensional sound.

Percussive thick & stringent bass lines, ominous low density kick drums materialize into edgy metallic steady pounds creating an unrelenting loud, abrasive, and dominant rhythm. Striking nail gun blasts, chugging steam engine hiss, and high tech bouncing strident clangs, interspersed by deep authoritative vocal samples, create industrial strength layers of tension releasing, trance inducing, body moving bliss.

The visual counterpart combines lo-res video clips, incandescent off balance exposure, and hazy computer generated scenes into a 24 hour dance party where anything goes. Dance moves, some sweat soaked in a dark night club, others sexually flirting at an outdoor rave in an atmosphere of hardcore, pedal to the metal, don’t stop till you drop breathtaking Industrial, Cyber Techno banger.