WL//WH New Music: SWISS PORTRAIT “Before”


Swiss Portrait, the DIY bedroom pop project of composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Kay Terence based in Glasgow, Scotland, has dropped a psychological lyric video for the new single “Before” to explore, lyric-wise, negative leftover feelings from personal trauma.

Distinctive of Michael‘s intimate and stirring ‘Dream Pop’ songwriting that exudes emotion, and pathos with vibrant riffs woven with plaintive surf-tinged twinkling melodies and high-pitched vocals immersed in a shadowed blanket of restless melancholy.

Tense fear and longing compel abrasive, obsessive guitar riffs and jangly flourishes to carve furious sparkling paths of angsty dread through meandering rubbery bass lines and syncopated drum beats, whilst fragile anxious yet dreamy vocals confess helplessness and distrust into powerful flowing waves from heartbroken dreams.

Symbolic visuals, by Michael Kay Terence himself, spin the mind in a relentless loop of doubt and confusion to sync seamlessly with the apprehensive wandering of the soundtrack. Creative camerawork unwinds embedded tension from a subconscious domain of distorted thought forms to offer insight and catharsis.


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