WL//WH Video Of The Day : CANDACE “Mendocino”

Video Of The Day

There’s a video with a Candace’s girl wearing an Hüsker Dü t-shirt, enough for me to make them immediately special, but let’s the music do the talking and surely, on this matter, one of the most intriguing and thrilling album of this first part of the year comes from the Portland-based via Minneapolis all-girl trio Candace, comprised of Sarah Nienaber (guitar/bass/vocals), Sarah Rose (guitar/bass/vocals), and Mara Appel DesLauriers (drums/vocals). 

Candace‘s proudly DIY sophomore album “New Ruins” signs the perfect balance of all the sonic elements already , brilliantly sketched, but still to be refined, on their promising 2016 debut “New Future”, an at times lysergic and ecstatic dreamy shoegazing sound with folk underlines and a disturbing rock’n’roll underbelly.

“Mendoncino” is a song of strong, powerful deep emotions, indolent dream-like atmospheres and slightly distorted reverberations,an  hazy schorched desert soundscapes built on tormented and dizzying guitar leyers and melodic bass lines, backed up by sensual harmonic vocals, to depict a slow but relentless mesmerising pace imbued with a sweeping melancholy capable of piercing everyone’s bleak soul.

Call it dreampop, shoegaze, psych-pop, call it whatever you want, it’s just poignant and heartfelt ‘soul music’, let yourself be utterly seduced.

Check out the amazing uncanny coloured video created by Mary Roll, clearly the same artist behind the cover artwork.

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