WL//WH Track Of The Day : CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA “Sentenced To Fall”

Track Of The Day

Two year from the last album “Spooky Obsessions”, in time to celebrate a decade of glorious activity, the Italian 4-piece from AbruzzoChristine Plays Viola have announced the release of their new EP “The bonds should be only silver threads” due out May 14th.

The first preview amazed me at first listen, a dark synth-pop meet new wave blast, flirting with the synth aesthetic of 80’s bands from Sheffield like Heaven 17 and Human League, building up an intense and powerful, cold and eerie atmosphere, where driven electronic are beautifully woven with organic instrumentation, the synthetic drums rumble, the bass resonates and pulses, intense deep brooding vocals, backed by choruses that resonate with vibrant emotion, loom over synth layers of swirling, lush harmonies, giving a modern, strikingly refreshing, dark danceable twist.

A great song, beautifully arranged and expertly produced from a uncompromising, ever exciting and evolving band, who deserve a wider recognition.

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