WL//WH New Music: SCHANDE “Relevant Campaigns” (© Daydream Library Series)


London-based three-piece band Schande led by California-bred Jen Chochinov, known for delivering “discordantly catchy, melodic Indie Rock”, have announced the upcoming new album Once Around”, scheduled for release in April on Thurston and Eva Moore’s The Daydream Library Series, through an animated video created by Sarah Lippett and Duncan Barrett for the tinkling, lush and meditative new single Relevant Campaigns”.

A mesmerizing thoughtful organic tapestry weaves wistful humming melodies, obsessive sharp crystalline guitar strings, and shimmery echoes, to cocoon soft ethereal whispery vocals in immersive glows and droning frequencies, to elicit both dreaminess and groundedness through a lens of focused calm.

Just in time for the full lunar view this week, an evocative illustrated video by Sarah Lippett and Duncan Barrett captures a solo walk along the shore to sync with the comforting introspection of the soundtrack. An imaginative hybridization of what appears to be a real life backdrop, enhanced with animations of a moody faced moon, singer Jen, and a shower of shooting stars stirs the soul with intimate feelings of spirituality and connection.

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