WL//WH Track Of The Day: APRIL MAGAZINE “Shrine”


Described as “sometimes ramshackle pop workers, sometimes tight ethereal jammers, & sometimes dreamy soundscape makers”, Bay-Area‘s lo-fi dream-pop collective, April Magazine, usually made of San Francisco denizens Peter Hurley (Teenage Chain) on lead guitar/vocals, Kati Mashikian (Mister Baby ) on bass/vocals, David Diaz on guitar and Mike Ramos (Flowertown, Tony Jay) on drums, have announced the release of their cassette album “Sunday Music For An Overpass”, due out on July 16, 2021, via fellow DIY label Paisley Shirt Records.

The first preview, “Shrine”, unfurls through a slowed-down nod to an infamous drum intro along with the drive of terse and subdued strummed guitar, ceaselessly swaying amidst the refracting thumps of frugal snare beats in perpetual counter-time, gently inundated by invigorating humming drifts of hazy reverb atop deep, heartfelt female vocals’ raw, fragile, and emotional release of tension and pain into the dwindling sands of time.

An immersive, bare and fuzzy electroacoustic snapshot of rarefied fizzing drones and rickety sullen melodic textures that interact intensely, teetering between veiled light rays and faint shadows, laced with a blurry pensive and intimate intensity of blissed-out lo-fi spells.

While I was writing about the song, has been unveiled the evocative video illustrated by Peter Gray Hurley, animates universal archetypes and symbols to draw pain, life, and tears from the aching depths of the subconscious soul.