WL//WH Video Of The Day: SADFIELDS “De Prisa”

Video Of The Day SADFIELDS

Mexico City based Dark Shoegaze power trio Sadfields, made up of Daniel Espinoza (Vocals and Guitar), Miguel Lara (Bass), and Erick Román (Drums) AKA Sadfields return with an evocative video by Mauricio Saldaña, starring Streetfly, for the dire, soul-stirring third single “De Prisa | Fast” off of the anticipated 2023 album “Superluna.”

The Mexican band combines lush, sparkling, and melancholic soaring hazy layers of guitar reverb, noise, and distortion with dreamy vocal harmonies, haunted by shadowy Post-punk bents.

Introspective lyrics inject fear, regret, and shame into a traumatic memory to fall hopelessly into a well of endless despair.

“De Prisa” ignites steady punchy drum beats, tormented by restless grumbling bassline throbs, injecting murky gloom below shimmering, distorted pain-fueled fuzzy guitar riffing and insistent, shaking wistful twinkles, to ebb and flow with stirring bursting vibrancy over shattered, emotional vocals, billowing helpless down a guilty drift of lost broken dreams.

The cinematic video, directed by Mauricio Saldaña, stars the compelling acting of Streetfly as a troubled soul whose tough brooding rebel cause exterior hides dark secrets of trauma and suffering. Blinding strobe lights and shapeshifting shadows contort an angsty head space into a darkened realm of dread and confusion whilst universal symbols for struggle and distress drive the inner demon theme through the mind’s eye of transformation.

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