Track Of The Day: ASIMOV “Furtivo”

Track Of The Day  Asimov

I guess I still missed a band from Guatemala, but right from those lucky casual finds come the official debut single, untitled “Furtivo”, from 4-piece band ASIMOV, superbly melting shoegaze and post-punk elements with post-rock and dream-pop undertones in an incredibly cohesive and compelling way.

Utterly spellbinding and hauntingly chilling, “Furtivo” unravels bleak smoldering post-punkish bass lines, underpinned by precise monotonous drums, ominously warbling below bright piercing guitar slivers that ebb, tinkle and swirl like glimmers of light penetrating the lifting haze of apprehension and sorrow shadowed by subtle atmospheric reverberating somber flourishes, as hypnotic, magnetic yet aloof boy/girl vocals consistently freighted with anxiety and fear slowly rise and swell in sublime, poignant moments of sheer intensity and pent-up emotions engulfed by a dramatic, blistering, soaring guitar lead crescendo.

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