WL//WH Track Of The Day: STELLARSCOPE “Transmigrate”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  

A stalwart of the Philadelphia underground indie-rock scene of the 00s through several projects such as ShiShi, Under the Wire, Super Toys and Panophonic to name a few, and Patetico Recordings mastermind, Tom Lugo, aided by drummer Bob Forman, proudly unveils a new single, titled “Transmigrate”, from his most renowned band Stellarscope, promising a refurbished musical journey in the months to come with a series of EPs spanning the spectrum from Dark Shoegaze-infused Indie Rock to captivating Post-Rock compositions.

“Transmigrate” is a dark, noisy, Space Rock-tinged Shoegaze song, rich in full-bodied tension and emotional heap,
about the cost of being pleasantly stuck in a dream state, that throbs over a clattering and vibrant foundation of rattling, shuffling and rolling drumming and a relentless groovy snaky humming bassline, atmospheric effect-filled guitars ebb and flow from wistful sparkling echoes to rocketing, searing and agonizing leads, atop angsty disturbed vocals, overwhelmed by glaring abrasive auras, releasing pain.

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