WL//WH Video Of The Day: DANCE OFF YOUR DEMONS “Let Decay”

Video Of The Day Dance Off Your Demons

 New York-based solo project of singer/songwriter James Mailer, Dance Off Your Demons, drops music video for the new “Let Decay”, an enveloping, moody and chilling coldwave number drenched in an alluring noir-ish existential mood.

Oscillating bassline menace crawls and erupts through rumbling, lashing, off-tempo beats and ominous synth blooms repetitive stabs, while desperate, weak, and decaying male vocals fade in deathly harmonies of scratchy tortuous melancholy amid sharp harsh vibration’s sonorous pitch.

Metaphor lyrics attempt to decipher the modern dilemmas of disillusionment, suffering, and bittersweet moments.

Black and white video captures the hidden motion underlying seemingly random spaces glitched into the soundtrack’s treacherous pace.  A time-lapse car ride blurs the night lights, as dragon smoke screen transitions dance majestically under winged reflections to contour a butterfly effect in sync with the whiplash rhythm.

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