WL//WH Premiere: VLIMMER Explores Happiness, Self, and the “Fatalideal”

WL//WH Premiere Vlimmer

The hyper-dynamic and eclectic Berlin-based DIY artist Alexander Leonard Donat, still fresh from the successful venture with the Assassun‘s sophomore LP, “Chronic Quicksand Depression Morning”, is already busy working on the new albums from two, among the better known, of his several projects, the upbeat and child-like ‘DreamPunk’ of Fir Cone Children as well as the darker and claustrophobic ‘Darkgaze’ of  Vlimmer.

From the latter, WL//WH is pleased to premiere Vlimmer‘s second single “Fatalideal”, the follow-up to last January’s “Platzwort”, off the forthcoming, yet untitled, third studio album, due out this Fall via his own Blackjack Illuminist Records.

“Fatalideal” hints at one of modern-day mankind’s biggest struggles: never being satisfied with what we achieve, always comparing ourselves to others, and always in need to up the dose to feel happy. It’s actually hilarious, while the solution appears so easy: focus on what feels right, don’t make your life dependent on someone else’s standards or Instagram photos which shouldn’t necessarily make your life miserable, yet it has the immeasurable power to make us feel small and meaningless.

Apocalyptic lyrics about reflection, or lack thereof, in a world filled with seeking judgment and acceptance through a virtual lens of likes when, really, one could, “Be nice to others if you want others to be nice to you. After all, we all just want to be loved.”

“Fatalideal” drives introspective, tumultuous emotions built by a swirling harmonic cacophony of weeping, resonant sparkling guitar melodies, obsessively throbbing chunky bassline, eerie gleaming synth echoes, and high-energy busy rhythm patterns, surrounding Donat’s signature angsty, aching vocals, with confusion and longing, to convey a disenchanted soul battling to emerge from the hallowed depths of modern dystopic misery.

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