WL//WH Track Of The Day: TTI-21 “Možda nema smisla / It might not make sense”

Track Of The Day TTI-21

Although I had missed the debut album “Destruction” released in 2018, the brand new EP, entitled “Camp – non camp”, from Zagreb-based duet TTI-21, didn’t take long to lure me in, replete with a misty, emotional, endearing synth-laden atmospheric sound, straddling the fine line between dream pop, shoegaze and synthpop with post-punk leanings.

The enveloping and sleeting spacious spirals and layers of deeply radiant synthesizers, vibrating rhythms, and reverb-infused sparkling 6-string chords, deftly crafted by the  Croatian duo, comprised of Milan Savic (synths, guitar, vocals) and Stig Helmer (bass, guitar), weave hypnotic emotional moods, varying between delicacy and energy, sadness and elation, rippled sometimes with restless strain, try the final “Bazen” for yourself.

The first and lead track, “Možda nema smisla / It might not make sense”, unfurls steady and lashing drumbeats woven with quick hearty pulsing bassline, relentlessly awash by icy, bright lush synth flows, that swell and surge, subtly pierced by glistening guitar flourishes and fizzing riffs, in an all-pervading wafting haze of wistful melancholia and mesmerizing melodic bliss, amidst smooth, absorbed romantic male vocals quietly long in brittle nostalgia.

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