WL//WH Track Of The Day: DEAD CRUSH “Apocalypse Sentimental”

Track Of The Day  Dead Crush

Dead Crush, the Brussels-based new solo project of Barcelona-bred artist June Dune has previewed one of her ‘sad tunes’, taken from the debut mini-LP “Good-Bye My Hero” out right now on Belgian independent label  Red Maze Records

With a minimal setup of synth, beatbox, bass and guitar, June injects a refreshing dose of turbulent and bodily Latin vibes into the algid, mechanical, and metronomic ‘Teutonic’ coldness of the 80s-tinged darkwave and post-punk, rife with painful sensuality and murky charm, in a decadent and melancholic world of torments, passions, sorrow and loss.

Emotional lyrics dive into the apocalyptic sentiments of heartbreak, fear, and distrust.

Ravishing and disturbing at the same time, “Apocalypse Sentimental” dances somberly through a meandering bleak organic bassline that throbs ceaselessly, propelled by vigorous lashing off-tempo beats along with sparse crispy claps and obsessively rumbling shiny low ends, stabbed by the sharp flashing of cold synthesizers brimming with anxious, desolate alarm atop deep, heartfelt female passions swaying with tempting toxic breathes of deception, to wander helplessly into the eerie surreal wasteland of nihilistic dread.

Dig downright the mini-album, you will not regret it.

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