WL//WH Track Of The Day : MESSIER 39 ‘Separate Sides’

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Messier 39 is the Belgian/Dutch moniker of Jan Vinoelst aka Cape Sidereal (Synths/Programming/Vocals) and Ludwika Jakubowska (Vocals/Lyrics).

The duo aims  to deliver a ‘Dark, Electronic and Analogue 80’s sound’ according to their words and in ‘Separate Sides’, but not only, their intense and fruitful partnerships absolutely hit the target with a danceable, minimal, yet gloomy exercise in dark synthwave were emotionally charged and dramatic flowing synth lines soar into the sorrowful evocative Jan’s voice, by fully immersing the listeners in their boundless nostalgic woe.

For more dark minimal synthwave black pearls, the brand new ‘Venus Eclipse” 4-track cassette EP is out now on the Belgian tape-label Wool-E Tapes

image courtesy of Sandra Lippert

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso.