WL//WH Video of the Day: BILLOW “Meridian”

Video Of The Day  Billow

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Prague/Veselí nad Moravou’s lo-fi dreampop 4-piece Billow have just released the single Meridian” in advance of the upcoming sophomore album “Seascape” due out October 27th via Slovakian DIY cassette label  Z Tapes, accompained by a DIY video.

Driven by raw, visceral emotion, themes of transition, destiny, and love blend seamlessly into hazy, rich and vibrant soundscape sprinkled with sheen of 90s reverb-infused dreaminess and profound regret, injected by sparkling somber guitar melodies and beguiling evocative vocalization. 

Dramatic icy strings intermittently swell as slowly solid drumbeats drag and skip behind serene yet energetic strums of acoustic guitar while electric flashes from the six-string burst into light allowing emotionally charged gasps and pauses to have a significant effect between the beautiful breathless longing suddenly defined by the briefest moment of time…

Striking, heartfelt lyrics and spellbinding vocals shine in a song about how life can change in the blink of an eye as fate takes a woman by the hand and guides her to the door. What she sees on the other side is so shocking it makes her, “whole world stop;” and without thinking she fearfully whispers, “Wait!”

A nostalgic lo-fi coming-of-age video, the final years, contrasts breath-taking landscape views with colors of deep orange dusty skies set against the dark blue waters of the sea to highlight the natural, inherent elements of each while drawing the common thread of destiny through both hearts. Vast desert plains with endless boundaries symbolize the never-ending bond shared as the shape-shifting clouds form a ring, possibly two hands joined to form the eternal unity circle. Moving transitions shift scenes and shadows represent time passed as our heroine’s immature fears become the foundation for her grown confidence.

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