WL//WH Track Of The Day: GRIMDELUXE “The Gate of Truth”

Track Of The Day Grimdeluxe 

‘Goth-Wave’ Dutch one-man band Grimdeluxe is another project that deftly weaves swirling modern electronica with darker sounds inspired by the post-punk, synthpop and darkwave from the 80s.

On the other hand, based in Amsterdam, the artist is in close contact with the best European electro and trance music, extrapolating its hypnotic and propulsive cold rhythms and combining them with bright and fluttering synths, relentless wandering and menacing low ends along with his deep forlorn voice, in an unlikely alchemy between Ian Curtis’ gloominess and Stan Ridgway’ unemotional, spoken words, avowing confessing wry and surreal lyrics into the tapestry of disenchanted melancholy.

The brisk and unsettling “The Gate of Truth”, our favourite from the brand new 4-track EP “Endless Regret”,  ignites sizzling and hissing off-tempo beats that lash ceaselessly woven with an ominously oscillating and pulsing bleak bassline, stabbed obsessively by glaring synth chords, whilst both stoic and dismal, confessional, baritone male vocals tremble wearily into the lost horizons of unlightenment.

In the meantime Grimdeluxe has just droppled the rattling and robotical trance-inducing ’80s tinged new track “the Waiting Room”. Check it out!

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