WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – August #31-21

Photo by Ryan Allan

  • Myrtle Beach, SC Indiepop /Tweegaze /Dreampop /Janglepop project of Brian Hancheck, The Arctic Flow “Rehearsals” from the upcoming album “Lost You Long Ago” on Sunday Records.

Fully embedded in DIY aesthetic, the longstanding project of Brian Hancheck delivers a tasty preview from his upcoming LP, distinctive of his charming guitar pop fastened in an exquisite balance between vibrant yet sober melodic freshness and refined and pensive songwriting, steadily poised between hazy pastel shades and sun-bleached summery breezes, with hints to Belle & Sebastian, Sarah Records, The Smiths, Sarah Records and the most melancholic 80s British wave. “Rehearsals” builds bittersweet nostalgia with sparkling jangly guitar melodies on a meandering stroll through, airy synth warmth, sprightly drum beats, and blooming bass pulses, whilst hushed dreamy male vocals carry breathless, lovelorn yet adoring harmonies of long lost love, reborn.

  • Singapore bedroom pop /indie-pop solo project of Aman Sidhu, DAYS OF TELEVISION “Ghost Eyes” (Single)

Fledgling young bedroom-pop solo project from Singapore shares his second endearing and dramatically fluttering confessional tune, weaving sad wistful jangly guitar melodies, amid off-tempo dry beats and somber airy synth washes, with the emotional turmoil of numb, aghast male vocals lost in the lovelorn fear of letting someone go. For someone who’s just at his second release, with all his heartfelt naivety, I’d say we’re not on the wrong track at all.

  • San Francisco, Ca indie /chamber /dream pop duo Karina Gill (Cindy) and Mike Ramos (Tony Jay), F L O W E R T O W N “Time Trials” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Time Trials” on Paisley Shirt Records

Increasingly close-knit, prolific Bay Area musicians preview their upcoming LP, the first vinyl venture for Paisley Shirt Label, with a title track of somber brittle mesmeric grace and hauntingly Velvets-dusted guitar-pop brilliance. Gentle arpeggiated glistening 6-string chords and rattling shakes relentlessly trigger solemn meandering daydreams to drown the dual unison energies of breathless, dreamy distrustful female vocals and soft nervous male ramblings under a swarming shimmering shroud of reverb-drenched guitar melodies cut in a simmering sway of slow steady beats, to wander lost and anxious through the uncertain sparkly rivulets of fear.

  • Ambient /dream pop /post-rock one-person band from Taiwan, GREEN HORIZON “The Last Dream (original)” from “The Place I Buried Memories” EP
  • American ambient /dream-pop /folk singer-songwriter and guitarist born and raised in Southeast Asia, Alexia Avina “Know My Place” from “Live Session” EP on Lost Map Records
  • London, UK noir-pop/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “Coming Back For You” from “Coming Back For You” Aug EP 2021
  • Toronto‘s ambient /dreampop project of Beliefs co-founder Jesse Crowe, PRAISES “Apples For My Love” from “EP4” out now on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Nashville, TN synth-pop /dream pop project of musician Matthew Steven Pusti (aka Makeup + Vanity Set) and singer Jasmin Kaset, aka YOU DRIVE “Such a Perfect Thing” new single on yk records
  • Canadian dream-pop/trap-gaze/shoegaze solo project of Vancouver Island‘s artist Debbie Debased, aka SUFFER FOOLS “Ocean of grief”                                                                                                                             
  • Seattle, WA goth dark guitar pop duo Love & Pain “White Lilies” (Single)
  • Edinburgh, UK post-rock /psych /shoegaze 4-piece WOZNIAK “Moga Mobo” from the new album “Bruises”
  • Polish instrumental/post-rock/shoegaze one-man-band project BLARESCAPE “Sleep Well” new single
  • Bozeman, Montana instrumental post-rock band RANGES “Deluge” (Single) on A Thousand Arms

  •  French dreampop /shoegaze duo from Nantes, An Ocean Of Embers “An Ocean Of Embers” (new mix)
  • Los Angeles-based indie /dreampop artist Caroline Loveglow “Patience Etc…” via 100% Electronica label
  • Doncaster, UK electronic /shoegaze lockdown project from Nick Noble of 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, aka SILENT COAST “I’m Not Around” from “Silent Coast” album
  • Neston, UK based indie pop/ shoegaze /dream pop project of Phil Wilson along with J Pedro, aka THE RAFT “Hola I Don’t Think So” fundraising single on Shore Dive Records
  • Chicago, IL instrumental indie /dreampop /shoegaze one-man project of Jason Hufford (formerly known as Linea Aspera), PALE COAST “Vinson Massif”                                                                                                    
  • Toronto, Ontario shoegaze /slowcore project of Charlie Berger (Slowly, Tonemirror, With Hidden Noise, Slow Planet), DORMER. “Once in a While” from Dormer’s upcoming debut self-titled album through Lossleader Records and Oscarson.
  • Toronto, Ontario indie /shoegaze 5-piece (Fka Iris), Bliss Fields “Touch” off the debut EP “Bliss Fields” on Acrobat Unstable
  • Dunedin, NZ Bedroom Indie Pop /Indie Rock /Shoegaze trio Marlin’s Dreaming – “Lumia” first single from the upcoming 3rd album ‘Hasten’
  • Hamilton, Canada indie rock /dreampop trio BASEMENT REVOLVER “Skin” new single
  • Swedish one-man shoegaze /darkwave /electro project of Göteborg‘s musician Andreas Lindh, D4RKSTAR “Something Wicked” (covid bonus track)
  • Vancouver-based bedroom pop /dreampop musician Derek Janzen aka Island Eyes “Forever” from the album “Other Heaven”
  • Cardiff based lo-fi /shoegaze studio project of musician James Cubitt, WINTER SUN “First Light”
  • Dallas, TX-based ambient /psych /shoegaze band, Vollam “All I Ever Wanted” from the upcoming EP “Mirror” on Somewherecold Records
  • Stratford Upon Avon, UK shoegaze /indie /dream pop solo project bk bx ft rr [black box flight recorder] “Black Autumn Leaves” (Single)
  • Grunge /dream pop /shoegaze band from Belgium, Slow Crush – “Hush” title track from the upcoming LP “Hush” on Church Road Records
  • Melbourne, Australia fuzz-pop /shoegaze /indie rock 4-piece Garage Sale – “Bus” new single.
  • St. Louis, Missouri indie rock /shoegaze 4-piece STILL “Heavy” new single on Sunday Drive Records
  • French instrumental post-punk /post-rock /shoegaze solo project DIVE AND DROWN “Discontent” from the debut EP “Here and now”
  • Poughkeepsie, New York alt-rock /shoegaze 5-piece MANU “Overturned”
    from upcoming album “Earth”
  • New York indie /noise rock /shoegaze trio YEAH BABY “Blackout, July ’19” (Single)
  • North West of England post-hardcore /indie rock /grunge /shoegaze 5-piece Glass Gardens “Pollen Head” new third single
  • Los Angeles, Ca grunge /noise rock trio KILL BIRDS “Rabbit” debut single off their upcoming debut album “Married” on Royal Mountain Records
  • Melbourne‘s fuzzy grungy alt-rock four-piece, Moaning Lisa “Something” from upcoming LP ‘Something Like This But Not This’ on Farmer & The Owl.
  • Philippines alt /shoegaze /noise rock band Elective Holiday “Radiate” from s/t EP
  • Austrian six-piece-neo-psychedelic-rock’n’roll-band from Vienna, The Holy Spirit of Nothing “A Little Low” from the upcoming EP “THSON”
  • Bangkok, Thailand indie pop/shoegaze band trio (formerly The Passion of Anna), Traveling With Monika “Sartre” new single
  • Scotland, UK lo-fi /noise rock /dream pop /indie rock solo project DOG NIGHTMARE “Little House on the Moon” (Single)
  • Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina shoegaze /post-rock /dreampop 4-piece COR DE LUX “Futures” (Single)
  • Hobart, Australia ambient /electronic /dream pop project by Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio), Kilbey Kennedy “The Words Were On Your Lips (Album outtake)” from “Intriguing Objects” album of outtakes, remixes and curios 20092020
  • Wellington, NZ jangle /surf /fuzz-pop sextet Tidal Rave “Banana” new single off the upcoming sophomore LP “Albumette” on Fishrider Records
  • Finnish-language slowcore/dream pop band based in NYC, älägator ”Pako-Ovi” from “unen syvyydessä” EP on Friend Club Records
  • Merida, Mexico lo-fi /psych /jangle /dream pop musician-singer-songwriter Mauricio C. Puc “Movimientos De La Luz” from the album “Arborecer ”
  • San Francisco, Ca DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Leave it All Behind” 2-track new single
  • San Francisco 4-piece indie pop /jangle-pop group THE UMBRELLAS “Lonely” from the self-titled debut album on Slumberland Records
  • Canadian post-punk /jangly power-pop trio MOTORISTS “Vainglorious” from upcoming debut album ‘Surrounded’ via We Are Time, Bobo Integral and Debt Offensive
  • Chicago‘s bedroom pop /dream-pop /new wave solo project of Kenneth Foss, aka TEEN BLUSH “Kangaroo” (Big Star cover) out everywhere on August 19th.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Midlands, England jangle guitar pop 4-piece Gabriel’s Dawn “I Don’t Believe (in the Summer of Love)” (Single)
  • Leeds, UK slacker /psych /jangle pop band VAN HOUTEN “Now And Then” from upcoming EP “Home Alone Pt 2” on Clue Records
  • Tucson, AZ psychedelic garage-pop band The Resonars “Gold To Blue” from “Gold To Blue/Little Grey Men b/w Bold Marauder” EP
  • Oakland, Ca post-punk /indie rock band fronted by Hannah D’Amato, FAKE FRUIT “I Am The Car” (Single) on Fire Talk
  • German indie dreampop trio from Hamburg, Roller Derby “Whatever Works” (Single)
  • Late ’80s formed, Sheffield, UK based shoegaze /indie pop band The Suncharms – “Sea Of Titan” from the  upcoming LP “Distant Lights” on Sunday Records
  • UK indie-pop musical collaboration between Si Farrier, Rob Morgan and Johny Nocash, aka Milk Bottle Sympathy “The Sleeping Forecast” from the upcoming debut album “Milk Bottle Sympathy”
  • Santiago, Chile lo-fi /twee /indie pop band of Joaquin and Mari from Paracaidistas, aka Michelle & Sebastian “Libre al fin” third single on Gemelo Parásito Records
  • Viedma, Argentina bedroom indie twee pop solo project Un día soleado “Lxs chicxs ya van a llegar” (Single)
  • Indonesian dream /indie-pop solo project of Gandung Guntur, aka A ZU LA “The Sun” new single on shiny happy records
  • Münster, Germany bedroom /dream-pop /indie-pop solo project of half of Nah, Sebastian Voss, aka The Fisherman and his Soul “Dimmish Grey Sky (Single Version)” new single from the forthcoming album “Nothing Ever Stays The Same” due out on Subjangle and Shiny Happy Records
  • Rochester, NY psychedelic pop /indie folk band MAYBIRD “Open Your Eyes” from upcoming LP “Wonderland”
  • Jersey City, NJ vintage pop/indie-pop duo Fascinations Grand Chorus ”Who Would You Give Your Love To” from the new EP “Terror In The Night: Act 2”
  • Russian psychedelic dream pop band from Moscow, Космос на потолке “Медленным белым” new single
  • London, UK based experimental /dream pop /alt-pop collective FIRESTATIONS “It’s Unreal” from ltd. CD-R “Pixel Wilderness” third and final instalment in the ‘Automatic Tendencies’ EP trilogy via Lost Map Records
  • Bristol, UK bedroom pop duo Mumble Tide “Good 4 Me” from the upcoming EP “Everything Ugly”
  • Bedroom Pop project of Minneapolis producer Nick Elstad, aka Sweet and Lonely “Days Like These” (Single)
  • Atlanta, Georgia dreampop /indie rock 4-piece LUNAR VACATION “Mold” from the upcoming debut album “Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp” on Keeled Scales
  • L.A. indie /Americana /country duo Henri Cash, guitarist and founding member of the L.A. rock band Starcrawler, and Sophia Skye, daughter of Rilo Kiley bassist Pierre de Reeder, aka Cash & Skye “No More Candy” from the single “No More Candy b/w Sweeping Wet Floors” on Third Man Records
  • Atlanta, Georgia based indie rock music maker Stephen Chopek “Unspoken Hopes” from the EP “Dweller” on Declared Goods
  • Leeds, UK based indie/dream pop project by Northern Ireland bred Joel Johnston, FAR CASPIAN “Pretend (feat. BOYO)” (Single) via Tiny Library Records                                                                                                               
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina dream pop /indie rock duo AINDA “Maremagnum” (Single)                                                      
  • Dublin alternative indie rock 5-piece SACK “What A Way To Live” (Single) on Dimple Disc
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze /dreampop /synthwave one-man-band NAX “Animal” new single
  • New York indie /electro-pop duo THE BLOW “I’m Not In Love” (10cc. cover)
  • Philadelphia‘s indie dreampop band WORK DRUGS “Chain Lightning” from “Moon Dreams” EP
  • Scotland, UK indie /dream pop duo Distant Images “Hurricane” (Single)
  • Indiana bedroom pop /indie /dreampop solo project WHIRLING “Dizzy” (Single)
  • Glasgow, Scotland electro-pop /dream pop /indie rock band Fauves “Ends Of Me” (Single)                                                                          
  • Cape Town, South Africa dance indie-pop band Amor Amor “Clueless” new single on Kitsuné Musique              
  • Bengaluru, India dreampop /synthpop duo US AND I “Fragile” debut single from the upcoming EP ‘Loveless’.
  • Ashville, NC indie /electro-pop /dream-pop duo Day & Dream “Cabin Fever (Album Version)” off the upcoming album “The Art of Remembering” out Fall 2021 via Lilystars Records
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie/dream pop/new wave/electronic solo project SI FARRIER “Mad About Music” from the album “Ourprice”
  • Fort Worth/Seattle electronic /kraut /’electro soul’ duo GENINI “C-Loop” single on Dreamy Life Records
  • Cold Ash, UK ambient /minimal /dreampop singer-songwriter Dear Laika “Phlebotomy” (Single) on Memorials of Distinction (UK) & NNA Tapes (US & ROW)

Photo by Ryan Allan


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