WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – NOVEMBER #46-22

  • Gatineau, Quebec‘s Coldwave /Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult, AKA Menthüll “Madeleine” title track from the new EP “Madeleine”

Quebecois dystopic Dark Wave narrators return with a 3-track EP whose title track ignites syncopated mechanical rhythms punctuated by evocative melodically poignant Peter Hook-like bass throbs, encircled by beautifully evocative cinematic swirling orchestrations and shivering strings to carry high-pitched piercing cries and haughty breathes through a boastful release of resentment and pain.

Bolivian 80s-inspired goth composer drops a murky, spectral and epic Darkwave odyssey infused with sparse Metal rhythmic elements, where light and dark battle it out through heavily distorted flows of sinister synth shivers, steady, at times rapid sputtering beats, and resonant glistening guitar echoes, sending urgent drifts of doom and gloom, as a menacing overflow of relentless low end vibrations finally emerge, haphazardly, into slight slivers of blowing melancholic hope.

  • Post-Punk /Darkwave duo Stefany Kim and Amüan Kallfü based in Barcelona, VACIO NEGRO “Fall Apart” from the EP “GRAVEYARD TAPE”                                                                                                                 

The outcome of a raw and straightforward session with 3 new songs, recorded live on a cassette tape, in which the Barcelona-based duo succeed in injecting a heartless and ritualistic funeral aura, tormented by an oppressive and ruthless veil of hypnotic stark drum machines, stridently bitter droning guitar textures, and foreboding wintry synth sweeps, to swallow deep, ominous vocal omens with dark and murky thought forms of malignant moods.

  • Melbourne, Australia dark wave /synth wave singer-songwriter Syd Silvain “Easy Does It” single
  • Mexican/US ambient /ethereal /dream pop /darkwave /synthwave collaborative project of Victoria C. and Meg Wilhoite (Death of Codes), AKA Fotopsia “Flash of Light” from the work-in-progress debut album “Paper Tears”
  • Wenatchee, Wa new wave /darkwave /post-punk solo project of Datura frontman David Betancourt, SHANX FM “Dancing In The Wind” (single)
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Gothic /Doom Disco /Dark Wave DIY solo project Slow Danse With The Dead “Obsession” from the forthcoming “Configuration of the Flesh” EP
  • Lyon, France lo-fi /industrial /post-punk /synth wave solo project DONNY VEGAS “Camel” from the cassette album “These Flaming Tunes” on L’Enfant Pneu
  • French post-punk /coldwave project of Yannick Rault, AKA Closed Mouth “Sand” single
  • Lille-based French Experimental /Ambient /Psych /Wave /NDW duo Jonquera & Low Bat AKA AnDerMole “Pilot Automatik” from the vinyl 12″ mini-album “High Life in Tüten” on NTOAB
  • Bergen, Norway darkwave /trip-hop /dark pop outfit Melt Motif – “Warrior” single
  • Essen, Germany ambient /dark wave /electronic artist Diar Storm “Something To Hide” single
  • Boston, Massachusetts Darkwave /Goth Rock artist Allie Frost “Abandoned Ghost” maxi single
  • French Goth Dark Wave duo based in Montpellier, Denuit “White House” from the second album “Inferno” on Manic Depression Records
  • French electronic /darkwave /synthwave solo project NAM’S “Chaos” from 7″ vinyl EP “Chaos” on Lux Rec.
  • Lille, France kraut /synthpop duo CERCUEIL “Bad Posture” title track from “Bad Posture” EP on Citizen Records/Clivage Music
  • Scottish lo-fi /post-punk /dark disco duo School of Paris “Not over yet” (Paul Oakenfold cover)
  • Northern Ireland‘s synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Younger” single
  • Manchester based new wave /synth spoken word project CHRYSALID HOMO featuring Wilhelm – “The Baader Meinhof Gruppe” from V/A “Generation Blitz 3: Extended” compilation upcoming on Generation Blitz / State of Bass UK
  • Oakland, CA dark wave /synth-pop solo project Pleasure Palace – “Hitachi”
  • Moscow-based minimal synthpop duo from Ural, Caerulea – ‘Molly’ single
  • Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina neo-folk /ravepunk /post-punk DIY band PAHOR “ZAUVIJEK” from the debut album “BEZDAN”
  • Saint Petersburg/Kazan lo-fi /synthwave /synth-pop one-woman-band STEREOPOLINA [СТЕРЕОПОЛИНА] “Тонкий лёд (feat. Лёха Никонов)” from “Гости без будущего” (EP) CD + 8 bonus tracks on Sierpien Records
  • Toronto based art-disco /post-punk band AUS!Funkt “Pay To Play” 2-track single
  • Spanish electronic /synthpop act Lifelong Corporation “Lament” single.
  • Canadian/Italian retro /electronic /wave /Italo disco collaboration, Equinox + Zoltan Freitag – “Through The Glass”
  • Stockholm based new wave /synthpop /electronic duo HATIF “Pool (Agent Side Grinder Remix)” single [Town And Towers Records]
  • French synthpop /new wave band from Nantes, Les Clopes “Les après midi à Evreux” from the album “Troa”
  • Spanish EBM /Cyberpunk /Synthwave /Darksynth /Electronic music producer Nightcrawler “Partners in Pain” from the new EP “Perverse Frequencies”
  • Tampa, FL Synthwave act The Night Office “All These Thoughts” single
  • London-based EBM /Industrial /noise /techno conceptual artist Wvalaam Klous “Unhinged” from the album “Living Hell”
  • Berlin-based New Zealand‘s electronic /post-punk /synth-punk outfit DATA ANIMAL “Instant Death” single on DedStrange
  • Seattle, WA based Synthpop /Coldwave /Post-punk /Darkwave DIY solo project Festering Wounds “Dry my Eyes” from the EP “Drowning”
  • Mexico‘s Goth Darkwave artist Dann Rossier AKA Das Leiden “Totentanz” single
  • Coldwave /Darkwave act from Richmond, VA, Petrified Entity “Lord of the Labyrinth” off 3-track “Cryolator” EP from the upcoming self-titled album due out December 9th, 2022
  • Late 90s Paderborn, Germany darkwave /gothic rock band The Escape “Navigator” new single           
  • South Korea darkwave /coldwave /post-punk solo project of Shinji Kim from Seoul, Bendi Boi “Aus Wut” (Single)
  • Bogotá based New Wave / Post-punk 5-piece band Dimensión Nocturna “Inyección Lucida”
  • Valparaíso, Chile goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project Void – “La Muerte En Mis Manos” off debut cassette “Demo 2022” EP on Channel Forever label
  • Tours, France indie /synthwave /darkwave project SAD33 – “Abducted” single
  • Ukrainian darkwave /post-punk musician Квартира Номер 6 [Apartment Number 6] “Расстройство / Disorder” debut single
  • US goth /darkwave /post-punk act Burial Ground “Dissociated” from the debut EP “Nichts ist es wert”
  • Bay Area‘s Dream Pop /Shoegaze /Post-Punk 3-piece, TOPOGRAPHIES “Tied” from the new single “Tied/Arch”
  • Denver, CO based goth /darkwave /post-punk trio Mosina “Heaven or Hell” from EP “Destruccion”
  • Edmonton, Canada goth /post-punk 4-piece Clergy “Submission” from the debut s/t album
  • Ukrainian darkwave /post-punk collaboration Hans Helwinden & Театр Абсурда – “Boys Don’t Cry” single
  • Brooklyn, NY post-punk /darkwave duo, A Cloud of Ravens “Nature of Artifice” second single from A Cloud of Ravens’ forthcoming album “LOST HYMNS”
  • South Carolina goth /darkwave /post-punk solo project of multi-instrumentalist Bruce Nullify, aka ORCUS NULLIFY “All The Way” single
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project Чайки улетают с моря [smorya] “Пропаганда” from 2-track single “Ошибки”
  • French shoegaze /noise pop /coldwave /post-punk duo FOLLOW ME NOT ”To Love Again” from the new album “Away” on French Wine
  • Ohio darkwave /post-punk duo Preston Krafft and Mako Chernobyl, AKA Soma & Seraphim – “Bow to Love” from V/A “Midwest Gothic” compilation (Twice Dark)
  • French post-punk /coldwave project of Yannick Rault, AKA Closed Mouth “So Alive” from the EP “So Alive / This Way”
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk solo project from Oslo (FKA Tåsen Tea Party), Unknown Factory “In Pain”
  • Zaporozhye, Ukraine experimental alternative /shoegaze /post-punk 4-piece Povod “Ловити суть” single
  • Kansas City, Missouri dream pop /post-punk /new wave duo Static Phantoms “In My Blood” from the debut LP “Bathed In a Blue Light”
  • German indie rock /new wave /post-punk solo project from Freiburg im Breisgau, BenjiAntePortas “No Love Town”
  • Germany based post-punk /synthpop instrumental project Постскриптум | Postskriptum “Безысходность” single
  • Dark Wave /Post-Punk band founded and led by AmericanPeruvian composer, producer, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist Luis Mauricio Málaga Fuenzalida, aka JOAO “Under The Bridge” single
  • Mid-90s formed Kalmar, Sweden goth /shoegaze /post-punk band LOOM “The Way We Are” single.
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Indie /new wave /post-punk band Teresa In The Moon “A Song About Social Anxiety” single
  • UK lo-fi /garage /minimal post-punkers The Cool Greenhouse “Get Deluded” from the sophomore album “Sod’s Toastie” on Melodic Records
  • One of the multiple instrumental monikers (Geisterreich, Evil Wizard, Valarian, Obsidian Ritual…) of enigmatic dark-gothic-dungeon-jazz doom rock artist SADMAN “deepdark” from the album “blacktide”
  • Australian DIY alt/noise rock /post-punk outfit from Brisbane fronted by guitarist/vocalist Matt Kennedy, Kitchen’s Floor “Haunted Houses” from the upcoming 4th LP “None Of That” on Petty Bunco (USA) & Eternal Soundcheck (AUS/NZ)
  • Leeds, UK based industrial /noise rock /post-punk two-piece, Polevaulter “bills bills bills” single
  • Québec black metal /dark ambient /drone /darkwave /martial folk duo Menace Ruine “Umbra Horrenda” from the album “Nekyia” on Union Finale
  • LA-based Australian/Iranian Electronic Industrial-Death Pop duo VOWWS ”WAIT. feat. Chelsea Wolfe” single [Anti Language Records]

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