WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips – FEBRUARY 2024 – #07-24

photo by Francesca Woodman


  • Ecuador gothic rock /post-punk band Noche Miseria “Last Day” third and last single from the upcoming album, “Buildings”

Another absolutely compelling last slice of #EquateurColdDarkwave before the album, to inject a high-energy, dramatic, and evocative Post-punk punch driven by insistent, thrumming bass throbs and steady hard-hitting drum beats, cast in blistering poignant guitar riffs, swaying in tumultuous excruciating leads around haunted Jaz Coleman-esque baritone broods, rising into urgent screams, to fall helpless into a toxic outflow of danger and doom.

  • El Salvador post-punk /dark wave /minimal synth project FACETA OSCURA “BAILE MECANICO” single

Enigmatic Central America‘s minimal synth act’s new single pulses forsakenly on doomy cold looping rhythmic patterns, cut through by obsessive icy-edged drifts of desolate synth melodies over a terse distorted vocal, to conjure up an alienated ‘mechanical dance’ weighted in isolation and melancholy.

  • Polish post-punk band based in Opole/Wrocław, Brudne Place Zabaw “Civitas” single

Polish doomers make no mystery to be inspired by the Eastern European Post-punk aesthetics combined with 80s decadent Mancunian blankets of mist, with a new single replete with greyish, and gloomy moods, led by a densely poignant bassline brooding underneath cold melancholic numb vocals, while obsessive, subtly prickling atmospheric guitar melodies reverberate dim glimmers of hopeless pain in the frozen darkness.

  • Albuquerque, NM ritual folk /gothic post-punk project of multidisciplinary artist and composer E.K. Wimmer, aka Blood Relations “Be My Sight” from the sophomore concept album “Ritual”
  • French experimental /post-punk /coldwave project of Yannick Rault, Closed Mouth – “Walk In Silence” from the instrumental EP “Walk In Silence”
  • Berlin-based crooning wave duo of Erik Haegert & Jan Rohrbach, aka Sir Percy “Ölfilm” from “No Name God” LP 12″ [Objet Trouvé]
  • Hamilton, UK goth /darkwave project of Lea Torn, The Secret Experiment “Wither II” from “Wither (Part II)” EP
  • Stockholm, Sweden ambient avant pop /noir minimalism /synthesizer tango duo led by Frankie Gothard aka COH (John Balance of Coil, and Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle collaborator), WILL LAUT “Not The Day” off upcoming “WILL LAUT” EP [wavetrap]
  • Swiss post-punk /synthpop /coldwave duo Walter Frosch – “False Prophets” from upcoming LP “Star 10110” via Mangel Records + Irascible Records (EU), and Glowing Dagger (US)
  • French minimal synthpop /coldwave project Basse Fidélité “Primitif” from the split cassette album “Cassette partagée” by Basse Fidélité // Magicien Windows
  • Geneva, Switzerland experimental noise /garage funk /post-punk duo Cyril Cyril “La Rotation de L’Axe” from upcoming LP “Le Futur Ça Marche Pas” [Les Disques Bongo Joe]
  • Houston, TX dark electronics /post-punk /synthpop /darkwave duo Danza Muerta – “Daga Obsidiana (feat. Stereoccult)” single
  • French post-punk /minimal synth one-man band of Théo Guilvard, aka Larsovitch “Konputa” from cassette EP “ΣΥΝΘ” via Ascèse Records and Conicle Records
  • Vienna, Austria coldwave /synthpop /synthwave producer BLANK PICTURE “Touch” single
  • England‘s 90s gothic /wave /post-punk act Isabel Shrine “Autonomy” title track of “Autonomy” EP
  • Berlin-based industrial /post-punk /electro-synth-punk project of Alexander Leonard Donat (Vlimmer), ASSASSUN – “Sink Your Sword Into Me” from the 3rd ASSASSUN album, “Post-Climax” via his own Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • SUNDL – “Tanzbein Der Remix” [goth house remix by Vienna’s artist SUNDL of Gran Bankrott “Tanzbein”] on Numavi Records
  • Greek darkwave /death-synth /wave-noir /decadent cabaret one-man project and Strawberry Pills front woman, Tango Mangalore & Valisia Odell – “The Ascent” recorded live at IΡΙΔΑ VISIONS on the 11th of March, 2023
  • Austria-based darkwave /synthpop /Italo disco /electronic solo project IVUR [Infraviolet Ultrared] “Fire” from “BETA” EP
  • Portland, OR based /darkwave /cold electronics act Dancing Plague “Echoes of the Void” off the upcoming 5th studio album “Elogium” via Avant! Records
  • Santiago, Chile synthpop /coldwave duo Vioflesh “I Miss Us” single
  • L.A.-based goth /new wave /post-punk /dark synthpop /darkwave one-man band, Mortal Boy “The Millenials” new single
  • Scotland, UK goth /synthpop /darkwave artist Propter Hoc “Immortelle” single off the upcoming LP “Zodiac Carousel” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Hungarian dark electro /synthpop act Post Analog Disorder “Feel Alive” single
  • California-based goth /Italo /new wave/dark electropop duo of James Edward along with Frank Shark, MALE TEARS “Sex On Drugs” single
  • Philadelphia‘s new wave /synth-pop duo KORINE “Burn the World (Kontravoid Remix)” from the remix album “Tear Remixes”
  • London-based dream pop /synthpop solo project of Marianthi (one half of Greek duo Marsheaux), MeLLLo “You AnD Me” single
  • US Italo-Disco-inspired Synth-Pop producer (aka Irobertis, Stylar), Videoman “Change” from the album “Objective”
  • Electro /synth-pop moniker of UK musician & producer Robert Manning, aka Band Spectra “It Starts Again” single
  • French Electro /Coldwave duo Dark Minimal Project – “Ordinary Man (Ruined Conflict Remix)” from the remix album “Remixes” via Infacted Recordings
  • Los Angeles-based EBM /techno /dark electronic duo of Rosselinni and Anton Floriano, aka Die Sexual “House of God” off “Inservio” EP
  • Chiapas, Mexico industrial /techno /EBM duo Red Deviil “Vida Bandida” title track of cassette EP “Vida Bandida” [SYNTHICIDE]
  • Vienna-based darkwave /industrial /experimental pop /post-punk /art-project duo of Turkish origin, Zack Zack Zack “Para Para / EV (Solo Ansamblis Remix)” from the remix LP “Album 2.5”
  • Berlin-based EBM /darkwave /electroclash /indie dance /dark disco Portuguese/Brazilian collaboration between Porto-based artist with the São Paulo duo, Madd Rod & Noporn – “Tropicalismo Dark” [Inner Shah Recordings]
  • Polish dark electro /cold wave solo project of Warsaw-based DJ and musician artist, Hiroszyma “Disaster” single
  • New Zealand‘s dungeon power techno 3 piece maximalists, Grecco Romank “2 Hot 2 Hunt” single from the upcoming album “Arts Colony” due out later this year.
  • German dark electro-pop act, A Spell Inside “Celebrate the past” first single from the upcoming album via Scanner/Dark Dimensions
  • German EBM /Synthpop act Orange Sector “Farben (DSTRTD SGNL TAK TIK Mix)” from “Farben” (Single) on Infacted Recordings
  • Stockholm, Sweden based EBM /dark electro solo act La Santè “nie pozwalam” single
  • San Diego, CA dark synth /electronic group Matte Blvck “Midnight & Angel (Into The Night Mix)” [The New Division remix]
  • Washington D.C. 4-piece dark disco /darkwave /gothic rock band The Neuro Farm “Metamorphosis” second single from their forthcoming album in 2024
  • Stockholm, Sweden acid electro-industrial wave project, Mellified Man “Animatronica (Five Night’s at Freddy’s)”
  • Marseille-based EBM / industrial / techno /post-punk /synth-punk producer Loic Bodjolle, aka Cardinal & Nun – “Don’t” single
  • Kazakhstan post-punk /darkwave solo project moonvampire “Nobody” from “Weird Tales V.II”
  • L.A. goth /darkwave /post-punk duo Tsaffire “Fear” off “Torment” EP
  • Berlin-based Grunge /Goth /Synth Wave /Post-Punk band William Bleak “Crows and Ravens” single
  • Philadelphia, PA gothic rock /synthpop /post-punk solo project of Fredrick Dotchel, aka TRAGIC AGE “Love Not Found” from “Departed” E.P.
  • Pennsylvania-based Post-punk /Darkwave project My Manifesto “The Healing” single
  • FrenchSwissSpanish post-punk trio RASKOLNIKOV “Masterfreak” single from an upcoming EP via Icy Cold Records
  • Denver, CO darkwave /emo /post-punk band Dead On A Sunday “Baila Para Mi” single
  • Riverside, CA goth /coldwave /post-punk /darkwave solo project, Perpetual Midnight “Permanent Surrender” title track of the album “Permanent Surrender”
  • Pizzo, Italy post-punk /new wave /darkwave band ALONE IN THE RAIN “corri nel buio” from the EP “la lunga notte”
  • Athens, GA deathrock /post-punk project Tears for ʇhe Dying “In the Shadow of the Midnight Sun” (single)                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Portland, OR goth /post-punk /deathrock band Angels Of The Void “Asylum White” single
  • Finnish post-punk /gothic rock band Of Blood and Wine “Evelyn” off the debut album “Vampyres and Other Bedtime Attractions” via Savo-Karelian Productions                                                                       
  • Ajaccio, France goth rock /new wave /post-punk act Death Blaze “Crestfallen Flesh” title track of the debut demo “Crestfallen Flesh” EP cassette [Ordine di a Manu Pallida]
  • El Paso, Texas-based noise rock /post-punk /shoegaze band Lesser Care “EVEN AFTER EVERYTHING CHANGED (Ft. Tobias Grave)” from “FACE TURN” 5 track sampler, from upcoming sophomore LP
  • Los Angeles hardcore /noise /post-punk /punk band Arrêt “The Madness” title track of the sophomore cassette EP “The Madness” via 1753 Recordings
  • Portland, OR hardcore /punk /post-punk foursome Cleanser “S.O.S (Demo)” self recorded first demo.
  • French lo-fi /noise /experimental /dungeon synth act Feu de Saint-Antoine “La nuit étoilée” from the album “Arcanes oubliés” [Personal Uschi Records ]
  • Ohio‘s dark ambient /dungeon synth act Crypt Mage “Mystic Cathedral Of The Northern Realm” from the cassette album “Frosted Hollow Caverns”
  • New York dark ambient project Terra Firma “Outlands” from the album “Glory” [Serac Label]

photo by Antonio Palmerini