WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – June # 23-21


  • Virgo Rising w/ LISSA                                                                                                                                                          
Berlin-based, Glasgow-bred DJ, courtesy of noodsradio.com, pulls out her fresh and powerful arsenal of dark disco, techno, electro, industrial, EBM, 80s post-punk & wave, shifting with proficiency around a hypnotic mind-blowing set of jaw-dropping rhythms, ominous gut-throbbing bass basslines, and wheezing, swirling synth tones, to catapult the dancefloor into orbit.
  • Lyon, France experimental /ambient /industrial /downtempo /dubstep /abstract /breaks /electronic producer Jonnnah “Friendly Tribute” from the upcoming album “Mental & Physical” on Worst Records                                      

Lyon based experimentalist triggers an otherwordly, mind-boggling ‘Mental & Physical’ recollection of the lingering sounds defining his sonic heritage. An enigmatic and magnetic organic concoction of hypnotic dub-infused sharp percussive patterns, whirring and droning ominous low frequencies, arcane airy bright synth washes, eerie pulsing lustrous chords, sizzling and rumbling bass tones, merging into a swaying rhythmic final flashing surge of equally soothing and disturbing, yet stimulating trippy sonic escapism.   

  • Toulouse based, FrenchLebanese industrial /EBM /ethnic /electro /techno producer Psaum, aka Arabian Panther “Garonne Express” from upcoming V/A “Le Debut de la Fin” via his new label TGC (Toulouse Gouffre Club)                                                                                                                                                                                   

Although my father’s lineage is not too far from Toulouse, already at the start of the 2000s, a friend of mine used to enthusiastically talk, to my amazement, about his 24 hour party holidays at ‘la Ville en rose’, evidently, despite his exaggerated tendencies, he was not entirely joking… FrenchLebanese techno warrior delivers his distinctive multifaced sonic fragrances to celebrate the fervent Occitan electronic scene, through the first official compilation by the newborn label/collective “Toulouse Gouffre Club” Crew. Deep rumbling bass pulses, bouncing tones, and relentless sputtering beats propel through a tripping ride of swirling epic synth strains, resonant bell chimes, primal acidic croaks and swooshing low frequencies, to buzz-build mind-expanding spacey moods of multi-dimensional fleshly, dancefloor energy.          

  • Cagliari, Italy ambient /breakbeat /electro /techno /drum & bass /electronic producer LAST LIFE “Destination Unknown” title track from the new EP “Destination Unknown”

A heady introspection on both murky and obsessive, as well as sharp and neat, mutant breakbeat /d&b sounds, embedded in slow tempos at 170 bpm. The leading track deploys ominous icy organic synth stabs that linger amidst driving pulses of warm muted thumps and hypnotic lashing snares, interspersed by swishes, buzzing deep drones and echoing hallucinated glassy chords, opening cold ritual doorways of the mind, while brittle warped tones oscillate into multi-planal layers of dark outer spatial bliss.

  • Danish ambient /synth /electronic artist Hercegovina “Forza” from the upcoming double cassette “Locusts Of The Summer” on Janushoved
  • Sheffield, UK experimental techno trio THE BLACK DOG “Neeps & End” from “Dubs Volume 2: Brutal” EP.
  • Belgrade, Serbia dark ambient /drone /experimental /IDM /breakbeat /techno /electronic producer Anđelina Mićić aka Zhe Pechorin “Mantric Faultier” from “V/A Bats In Pool (Vol.II)” on Dystant Recordings
  • UK ambient /dark drum & bass producer Ikiryō – “Shinrai” from V/A “TRIBES 04” on Kurnugû
  • Italian EBM /industrial /synthpunk /noise live project of photographer and visual artist Jacopo Benassi, and Dj producer post-punk musician Lady Maru, Brutal Casual “Die Gegenwart” from upcoming “Brutal Casuality” album+zine on Industrial Complexx
  • Russian old school EBM /electronic project of Andrey Lozhkin aka CSIBD “feat Персонал – Programma” from upcoming LP “Nostalgia for the future” on aliensproduction
  • Melbourne, Australia industrial /noise /EBM /synthpunk /dark electronics producer, one-half on Die Orangen and master-mind behind Power Station, Kris BAHA “Into The Dark” new single soon on Power Station
  • Helsinki, Finland EBM /industrial /techno DJ-Production duo HUMANOID TARGET PRACTICE “Medication” from the “MEDICATION / 77 CONSECUTIVE DAYS” EP
  • Argentina‘s EBM /disco /electro /acid /techno production duet May Mc Laren and Palmariello, aka Happy707 – “Tortura y Exterminio” from the upcoming EP “HC016” [Hypnotic Connection]                                  
  • Paris, France post-industrial /electroclash /techno /dark electronics solo project of Téo Comon, FLUX – “Flatmate (ft. Isobelxxx)” from “DANDY TRASH” EP on DÉRIVE75
  • Coyhaique, Chile techno /synthwave producer Jose B.B “Deep Inside”
  • Medellín, Colombia electro /EBM /industrial producer Gärtner “Deconstructing” from the upcoming album “Spiral Alley” on DARQ DISTRO
  • Marseille, France dark electronics / industrial / techno / synth-punk producer Loïc D’almeida Bodjollé, aka Cardinal & Nun “Pray Your God” (Single)
  • Late 70s/80s UK experimental musician Caroline Kaye Walters, co-founder of Nocturnal Emissions together with Nigel Ayers in 1980, CAROLINE K “Mirrorball (Alessandro Adriani Remix)” lost single track soon on 12” Picture Disc via Mannequin Records.                                                                                                                             
  • Italian experimental /industrial /noise /techno punk producer Andrea Natale, aka ANNA FUNK DAMAGE – “Eh” off upcoming EP “All Right” on Tripalium Corp                                                                                                       
  • Industrial /techno /neo reggaeton project of Uruguayan transgender producer Rodriga Fuertes, aka Cuerina Raw dry – “Acid perreo” from V/A “Movida latina” compilation EP on Perlas Label
  • Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk /darkwave/gothic /electro-industrial project of Stan Przhegodsky, aka Black Light District “Concrete Park Stroll” from “Black Light District II” EP
  • Hungarian E.B.M./Terror-E.B.M. project 3.N.D “pwpp” off “PWPP” EP on Raw Russian
  • Bogotà, Colombia electro /EBM /acid electronic producer Francisco Corredor, aka CRRDR “Pachanguero” from upcoming EP “POLOMBIA”                                                                                                                              
  • UK EBM /industrial techno producer BALROG “Deus Ex-Machina” on Obscure nexus
  • Autotune – ‘Blade Runner’ [NN EDIT]                                                                                                                                 
  • UK new wave/ post-punk /psych /techno musical project of East London based DJ, Katie Wilkinson, aka Birds – “Young Blood” from upcoming “Solitary Dancers” EP included in the 10×12″ Boxset V/A “Höga Nord 100 – The Effect Will Last Forever” [Höga Nord Rekords]                                                                                               
  • Paris based post-punk /techno /synthwave project of DJ Varsovie & Blind Delon, aka Été 97 “Your Picture (Voiron Remix)” from the new EP “Far Away” on Intervision                                                                                   
  • French Italo /wave /synth /dark pop producer Cate Hortl – “Get Out Of Your Habits” from upcoming V/A “Liquid Sky” EP [Ritmo Fatale]                                                                                                                     
  • French dark trance /techno /electro DJ/producer from Marseille, Mila Dietrich “You should save me soon” title track from the new album “You should save me soon”
  • US EBM/cold wave/dark electro one-woman project ARP 220 “Cast 2 Space (Terens K. Remix)” off V/A “-What We Do Is Secret-” [Applied Research]
  • Russian indiepop/electronic/post-punk/dance-punk trio from Moscow, Всадники ЖКХ [vsadniki] “Отлёт (Simple Symmetry Remix)” off “Эдитед энд ремиксед” EP
  • Berlin-bred house /techno /electronic producer Foreign Guest – “Wem (Perel Remix)” from “Wem” EP on ROH
  • UK/German Italo disco /indie dance collaboration, Fort Romeau & Panthera Krause – “Omicron 8” from V/A “And You?” on Live At Robert Johnson and Riotvan
  • Mexican EBM /Wave /Dark Disco /Acid Electronic producer Diaz Tech – “Red Light (Aura Nox Remix)” off “Red Light” EP on Oberwave Records
  • Margate, UK based Italo /EBM /techno /electro producer and Vivod imprint founder (aka Cestrian & Parasols), Ali Renault “Altered Blue” from upcoming V/A “Driving Blind (Vol.2)” on Les Yeux Orange
  • Croatian electronic artist Tomislav Simovic – “To Turn Back Time (Anatolian Weapons Club Mix)” from upcoming 2 x LP Vinyl album “Visitors From The Galaxy /Gosti iz galaksije – Original Soundtrack Revisited” Dusan Vukotic‘s 1981 Yugo sci-fi extravaganza remixed via Fox & His Friends                                                      
  • Dresden, Germany techno /acid /electro producer Hayter “Sooner Or Later” from V/A “FrachtØ1” on Lunatic Records
  • Leipzig-based industrial /EBM /dark techno /electro project by Daniel Myer, LIEBKNECHT “Barcelona” from upcoming “527.039” EP eight-part of Astra Spectra series via Science Cult
  • French IDM /Techno / Electro DJ & producer Raphael Vendramini, aka L’Automat “Moment 1” from the new EP “Moments” on brokntoys
  • Dutch techno /electro producer Lloyd Stellar “Everybody Needs A Hero” from V/A “016020” compilation on Intellitronic Bubble
  • Yerevan, Armenia acid /breakbeat /electro producer NTHR1 – “Spread Love” from RIGSON & NTHR1 EP “Emotion Controller” on Ganzfeld Records
  • London/Berlin EBM /Acid /Electro act LANDER “3rd Coming” from “Transit (Creme 12-99)” EP on Creme Organization
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands minimal electro producer RUGON “Osirexcape”                                                    
  • French electro producers The Hacker Vs Commuter “Roentgen PT2” from the forthcoming EP “Roentgen” on London-based Cultivated Electronics.                                                                                                   
  • Berlin-based, Italian electronic disco rave producer Francesco Mingrino, aka YTM, aka Younger Than Me “Time To Say Goodbye” fourth instalment in 90’s Wax series                                                                                      
  • Ingolstadt, German rave /bass /breakbeat producer Fufi.SNC – “Running Home” off “Monsterra Mansion” EP on Slam City Jams
  • San Francisco psych /IDM /disco /synthpop /techno producer Robert Yang (Bézier), aka 羅伯特 “Lexicon” from “Lexicon” EP on his newest label, Piece of Work
  • Moscow, Russia dark disco /wave /indie dance /space disco /electronic Dj-producer Yasha F – “Game With Imagination (Hardway Bros Remix)” from “Revenge Of The Fallen” EP [Rotten City Records]
  • Belfast based Italo /cosmic /techno electronic DJ & producer Steve Boyd aka Cyence “Pulsate (Theus Mago Remix)” from “Pulsate” EP on Roam Recordings
  • Madrid based indie dance /leftfield electronics artist and Rotten City Records label boss Alvaro Cabana Feat. Snem K – “Amor Salvaje (Paulor Remix)” off “Amor Salvaje” EP on Roam Recordings               
  • Mexican acid /techno /dark disco producer Pvlomo Feat Gvlo Santo – “Tecno Rosa (Deenia Remix)” off “Tecno Rosa Acid Remixes” EP on Mexican label Veneno
  • Spanish Italo disco/Acid /Electro produce Ivan de la Rouch “Acid Time (Original Mix)” off the EP “Acid Time” on Esthetique                                                                                                                                                             
  • Italo /synth /electronica-duo of Anna Gavanas and Peter Eriksson, aka Pufferfisk “El Rincon Del Pollo” from upcoming V/A “Swedish Smorgasbord Vol 1” EP on When Disco Goes Wrong                                         
  • Lyon, France dungeon synth /Medieval /indie folk duo Lise Dua and Antoine Nouel, aka Train Fantôme “Labyrinthus” from the cassette album “Nous sommes dans un rêve” on Cudighi Records and ABrecords
  • Aarhus, Denmark ambient /drone /piano project /electronic project Rime Trails “Endymion” from the album “Youth”
  • Washington DC-based ambient /drone /post-rock musician Carni Klirs “Suspended” from upcoming LP “Dissolution” on KATUKTU COLLECTIVE
  • Dutch ambient synth electronic music DJ & producer from Rotterdam, Nadia Struiwigh “Organic” from the upcoming album “Pax Aurora” vinyl 12″ on Nous’klaer Audio
  • British ambient /post-rock /cinematic collaboration of musicians Yellow6 and Wodwo, aka JARR “Auto Waits” from the debut album ‘An Echo In Her Skin’ on Hush Hush Records
  • Argentina‘s experimental /ambient /drone /electronic artist Federico Durand “Nogal” from the upcoming “Herbario” album on Laaps
  • New York-based ambient /drone /new age composer and musician Michael Reiley “Transubstantiatively” from the album “Coronal Loops” on the sublabel of Past Inside the Present, Healing Sound Propagandist