WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – AUGUST #32-23

Photo by © Laura Daddabbo

  • Minimal Wave w/ VERONICA VASICKA (080823 NTS Radio)                                                                                   

Certainly needs no introduction, the photographer, musician, DJ and founder of the celebrated Minimal Wave imprint, with her show from the frequencies of NTS Radio, where she also features a new track from Vancouver’s minimalist Italo-Wave duo Cosmetics in anticipation of a forthcoming release for the label.

  • New York based goth /darkwave /ethereal /neo-classical /apocalyptic folk band founded in 1997 by multi-instrumentalist and singer Laird, Unto Ashes “Calendar Leaves” from “Orchids Grew Here” first album in four years via Projekt Records
  • German experimental /ethereal /dark ambient /darkwave /post-punk /coldwave project of Anna Nin (aka None), aka Glaring “Leere” from the upcoming cassette compilation album “22, 23” on Popnihil
  • Los Angeles-based psych /shoegaze /post-punk /dream pop trio Magic Wands “Whispers (I Heard a Whisper) Remix by Lars Deutsch” off the remix album “Whisper” [Metropolis Records]
  • Californian electronic /darkwave artist Fornicata – “Only Lonely One”
  • Kazakhstan post-punk /darkwave solo project Moonvampire “Night” single
  • Dark Wave /Coldwave /Minimal Analog Synth project from Oakland, California, Pleasure Palace “Master of None” from the EP “Master of Something”
  • US coldwave /minimal synth solo project Ortrotasce – “New Model” single
  • Munich NDW /new wave /minimal synth /synth-pop act (AvonRim), Captagon Citron – “Herr W” from the album “Unreleased Songs” [MutatoMuzak]
  • Palmira, Colombia Industrial /minimal wave /EBM solo project HUMAN 80 – “Terror and Sorrow” single [Nevel Records]
  • Bamberg, Germany-based EBM /dark wave /post-punk /electronic trio SHOSTA “Tanz” single
  • Berlin-based, Buenos Aires‘s Italo body music /dark disco /dark electronic /wave producer Skelesys “Once” from upcoming V/A “CAGE OF FLESH I” cassette compilation [Kindcrime]
  • Los Angeles EBM /goth /dark electro project of Sebastian Siverand, aka Void Palace “Machine of Vision” single
  • Sacramento, CA-based goth /industrial /dark electronics /tribal /darkwave act led by Lynette Cerezo, aka Bestial Mouths “Only DEAD FISH” from the new album “R.O.T.T. (inmyskin)” via Negative Gain Productions
  • Portland, OR Experimental-Pop’ing Analogue-Synthesized Post-PostPunk-Poetry duo XIBLING “Fear Parties” single
  • Los Angeles post-punk /darkwave /new wave duo Scimitar – “Cocoon” single.
  • New London, Connecticut Synth Wave /Darkwave /Synth-pop solo act Revenge Body “The Body” single
  • Spanish post-punk /dark wave /synth-pop trio Sex Code “Rot” single
  • Midwest electronica /synth /gothpop musical project, Hypnagogia – “In This Dream” single
  • Augsburg, Germany new wave /synth-pop /post-punk duo of Arthur Tsymbal (Minsk, Belarus) and Julian Riegel (Augsburg, Germany), The Violent Youth “Serdtse” single on Artoffact Records
  • California‘s dark electronic /darkwave /post-punk /industrial /synthpop project VANDAL MOON “Satellite” off 2-track “Satellite” EP
  • Los Angeles electronic /darkwave /synth-pop /industrial band State of the Union “Purgatory” single
  • Charlotte, NC Dark Synthpop duo IIOIOIOII “Frozen Sea” new single on Distortion Productions
  • Industrial /darkpop /electropunk trio from Italy, YUZNA “She-H” single on darkTunes
  • Montreal-based electronic /synthpop /synth-wave Chilean artist, Das Mörtal “PIECES (feat. Dance With the Dead)” new single on Lisbon Lux
  • Glasgow, UK-based, CanadianBritish wave /synth-pop artist JDD, aka Soft Riot “When It Comes On Strong” from the album “No.” [Possession Records]
  • California Wave /Synth Pop duo Male Tears “In This House” single
  • Lisbon, Portugal coldwave /darkwave /dark synth solo project of Pedro Morcego (of Phantom Vision), aka Liquid Land “Eye On You” new single
  • Helsingborg, Sweden synthpop duo Cold Connection “Bright” single on Town And Towers Records
  • Brussels-based Dark Wave /Post-punk Spanish music project, Dead Crush “Los Ojos” single
  • Synth Post-Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer ”Light Grey” single [Nevel Records]
  • Netherlands-based one-man goth /coldwave /darkwave /post-punk music project of São Paulo-native, Brazilian artist Vini Ferreira, aka Flor Concreta “She’s Closer” from the debut album “Delírio”
  • Berlin-based goth /indie rock /post-punk /darkgaze DIY one-man-project of Alexander Leonard Donat ( Fir Cone Children, Leonard Las Vegas, Feverdreamt), aka Vlimmer “Makks” from “Makks b/w Knife Prty” third single from upcoming third Vlimmer album, “Zerschöpfung” on his own  Blackjack Illuminist Records                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Helsinki, Finland post-punk /indie rock /new wave project Primary Delusion “Existence Spell” single
  • Los ángeles, Chile post-punk solo project Tele Off “Animal” debut single
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil new wave /post-punk trio Herzegovina “Great Reset” single
  • Győr, Hungary post-punk /blackgaze /Darkwave project TÁVOL – “Tűnt idő” from “Retrográd” EP
  • Europe-based AngloArgentinian New Wave /Post-Punk /Darkwave duo Night Hexe & Marta Hammond “The Silence” single (in collaboration with electronic musician Marta Hammond)
  • New York-based EBM /electronic /goth /post-punk act Blu Anxxiety “Dreaming in Darkness” from upcoming LP “Morbid Now, Morbid Later”
  • UK electro goth duo from Belfast, Psychodrama “The Heretic” single
  • Vienna‘s gothic rock/ post-punk band WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW “Majesty & Torment” single from the upcoming album “Ghosts” on Solar Lodge
  • Buxtehude, Germany new wave /synthpop /dark wave one-man project Coloured Tears – “Heart and mind” from the LP “Whispering Promises”                                                                                                               
  • Paris-based gothic /electronic /post-punk /synthpop new wave solo project of New Yorker Charles Rowell (Crocodiles, Flowers of Evil, Issue…), aka Crush of Souls “World of Fear” from the upcoming LP “(A)Void Love” on Avant! Records
  • Brooklyn, NY new wave /post-punk band Lathe of Heaven “At Moment’s Edge” from upcoming cassette LP “Bound By Naked Skies” [Sacred Bones Records]
  • London‘s post-punk band Tube Alloys “Jubilee” from upcoming debut LP “Magnetic Point” via La Vida Es Un Mus // Urge Records
  • Seoul, South Korean electronic /noise /post-punk producer Yulan “Image of Myself (feat. Bollard)” single
  • Long Beach, CA lo-fi /shit gaze /harshwave /noise pop band Corpsepaint “Artichoke Heart” from the cassette EP “Cold Candy” on Reapo Records
  • Melbourne-based 6-piece experimental /r&b /kraut /psychedelic /post-punk sextet EXEK “Welcome to my Alibi” from the sixth album “The Map and the Territory” on Feel It Records
  • Post-Punk /Surf-Goth from Melbourne, Desmond Doom “Safe and Warm” single
  • Saint Albans, West Virginia Synth-wave /Medieval /Dungeon Synth project Úmarth “I Never gave a Fuck about your Code of Honor” from the album “Until I am Slain”
  • Nanaimo, BC dark ambient /cinematic /fantasy dungeon synth artist Hermit Knight – “In search of adventure” from the cassette split album “Ringbearer / Hermit Knight” [WereGnome Records]
  • Indonesia ambient /comfy synth /dungeon synth act Silent Garden “III.Magic Wine & Shining Lantern Fruit” from the album “Alice’s Pure Dream”
  • Forest Synth/Dungeon Synth project from Italy, Desolazione Rurale “Capitolo II: Nebbia” from the debut album “Verso l’alba”

photo by © Antonio Palmerini

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