WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – SEPTEMBER #37 – 22

Mikhail Prekhner photography

  • New York based DIY C86 /jangly /indie-pop duo Alice Jeanine and Jed Smith, AKA Jeanines “After All” from the “Latest Light / After All” 7″ single on Market Square Records

After last April’s invigorating sophomore album rife with a straightforward, vibrant and highly melodic blend of Folk Rock, Indie, Power Pop and Jangle, the Massachusetts native duo are back with a two-track 7″ infused with C86 sparkling tones, chock full of meandering guitars that strum and jangle in angsty nostalgic harmony, to which Alice’s crystal clear voice, laced with a subtly folksy sheen, adds always a special flair.

  • Louisville, Kentucky husband (David) and wife (Courtney) dream pop /shoegaze band COLOR CRUSH “Gone” single.

Louisville‘s husband-wife shoegazing duo return with a painfully macabre love letter that encourages another to carry on, whilst apologizing for saying goodbye. Darker, sinister guitar tones unfurl and ripple in restrained, intensely sorrowing and seething distorted riffs over angsty feather-light vocals, achingly soar through doleful longings into a heavy melancholy of ominous gloom.

  • Hamburg, Germany jingle-jangle-fuzz-power-baroque-pop-wallofsound-DIY-Home-Studio project of Singer-Songwriter Heiko Schneider, AKA theCatherines “She’s My Light” from forthcoming 2023 album “Wanna meet our neighbours?”

Bygone Hollywood movie echoes and romantic voice clips meld into encircling airy vibrant orchestrations, sparkling jingle jangle guitar melodies, and emotional vocal layerings, dropping heartfelt longings and alluring croons into an aching lyrical confession about the girl at the box office. Heiko Schneider AKA theCatherines deftly delivers a finely adorned, likely familiar, yet highly suggestive and intoxicating pop artistry.

  • California lo-fi ambient /post-rock /shoegaze /dream-pop /darkwave solo project NEKOMI “Recluse” from the new EP “Hell is a lonely place”
  • L.A. based experimental /industrial /ethereal /shoegaze /electronic /dream pop project of Jess Labrador, AKA Chasms “Submit” new single on Felte
  • New York-based art rock/dream wave/noir rock duo Elysian Fields “We’ll Get There Yet” from the upcoming album “Once Beautiful Twice Removed” on Ojet Records
  • Mid ’80s founded Seattle, Wa garage /psychedelic rock band The Green Pajamas “Six Minutes in Heaven” from the upcoming album “Forever For A Little While” on Green Monkey Records
  • Netherlands 60s /yè-yè /Bossanova /beat artist Fleur “Le Capharnaüm” from “Le Capharnaüm b/w Fais Gaffe” 7″ single from the upcoming second album “Bouquet Champêtre” on Soundflat Records and Excelsior Recordings
  • French shoegaze /indie pop solo project Maud Anyways “The Wake Up” single.
  • Walthamstow, UK electronic /indie pop /folk singer-songwriter, guitarist and former Hefner, and The French, DARREN HAYMAN “You Were Always Here” from the upcoming double album “You Will Not Die” on double vinyl & double CD via Fika Recordings
  • Norwegian dream pop /psych-pop duo of Megaphonic Thrift members Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust from Bergen, MISTY COAST “The End of the Beginning” single on FysiskFormat
  • New York electronic /dream pop /indie pop duo CULTS “Sleeping Through Sunshine” from the EP “Host B Sides & Remixes” on Synderlin
  • Vienna indie /psych-pop artist Good Wilson “Will It Ever Stop” single
  • San Francisco based indie /new wave /dream-pop solo project, Soft Pastels – “Star Flicker” single on Spirit Goth Records
  • Portland, OR indie /dream /psych-pop duo Shady Cove “Salty Weather” from s/t album on Park The Van
  • Hamilton, Ontario based indie pop /rock project of singer-songwriter Bradley Davis (Fresh Snow, Safe Alighting, Lake Holiday, Oval-Teen, Unattended Luggage, Jefferson Carwash, The Bland Proclamations, etc…), aka Affiliate Links “Recovery Position” from the album “Enough Light” upcoming on We Are Busy Bodies
  • Albany, NY based lo-fi /dream pop /dream rock duo LAVEDA “Surprise” single.
  • Filipino shoegaze /indie pop /dream pop 4-piece UJU “We Should’ve Walked But We Ran” single on Melt Records
  • Philadelphia lo-fi /IndieRock /Shoegaze /Dream Pop DIY solo project Nostalgiaisfun – “Our Spotless Minds” single                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Fresno, CA indie /dream pop solo project Bummer Daze “Reflections” single [DMY Artists]
  • Melbourne, Australia surf rock /shoegaze /dream pop singer, songwriter and musician Daniel Lah “Alone In An Empty House” from the new album “Placid”
  • New Orleans, Louisiana indie /psych pop band Sharks’ Teeth “Juniper Square Chiron” from upcoming cassette EP “Oh Sure, Earth”
  • Baltimore, Maryland jangle pop /power pop /psychedelic freakbeat group, The Smashing Times “Lost, When I Remember” from upcoming LP “Bloom” on Meritorio Records
  • Austin, TX shoegaze /psych /dream pop duo Daydream Twins “Between the Spacetrains and Me” single      
  • Portland, OR indie-pop /dream pop duo Pure Bathing Culture “Nightswimming” (R.E.M. cover)
  • Spanish Dream Pop /Shoegaze band from Sevilla led by Paco Arenas (Blacanova, Beladrone), Martes Niebla “Helsinki I – Helsinki II” from the album “Insolación” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Melbourne based ambient /dream pop /shoegaze band led by Thomas Lee, AKA Oceans “High” new single
  • Portland, OR goth dream pop /post-punk /electronic /shoegaze 3-piece, DARKSWOON “Bloom Decay” title track from the upcoming album “Bloom Decay”
  • UK dreampop /noisecore /shoegaze band of Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO, Inkraktare, STFU), Preston Maddox (Bloody Knives, STFU) and Mark Wallbridge (Vasko the Pig, Inkraktare, Paste), aka GLÖDER “Fall Out” from the EP “The Fall”
  • Detroit, Mi electronic /darkwave /deathgaze duo VAZUM “Double Stellium” (Single)
  • Lexington, Kentucky slowcore /noise rock /shoegaze 3-piece Sympathy Jar “Longing” from the debut EP “Flee Like These Words” via Flower Bed Records.
  • L.A. based Post-Rock /Post-Punk /Dream Pop /Shoegaze trio OSNOVA “Verbiage” from the debut s/t EP
  • San Diego, Ca ambient /noise rock /shoegaze 4-piece Distressor “Hollow” second single from the upcoming first full-length album.
  • Arizona‘s ‘loud pretty noise’ metal /dream pop /shoegaze /doomgaze /dream pop 4-piece HOLY FAWN “Sightless” from the sophomore album “Dimensional Bleed” on Wax Bodega
  • US modern Grunge /Shoegaze band from Southeastern Kentucky, KANASHII “Nevermind” single on Cardigan Records.
  • South Korea emo /dream pop /shoegaze outfit Syupeo Jenjang “Hysteria” off of 4-track EP “LP”.
  • German ‘dream punk’ / post-punk /shoegaze band from Hamburg, SEASURFER feat. Ricardo Silva Veloso “Jump to the stars” from the upcoming two A-side single
  • Detroit, Mi Alt-Rock /Shoegaze band SULK “Ringing in My Ears” from the upcoming album “If You Look Long Enough It All Starts Moving” on FleshandBoneRecords
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia shoegaze/noise pop/indie rock band Лензвук [Lenzvuk] feat. Диктофон “Привычки” single                                                                                                                                                   
  • Orange, Ca bedroom pop /indie rock /shoegaze solo project Suave Punk “Ouroboros” single on Pack Records.
  • Japanese dream pop /shoegaze unit Cosmicdust “Discommunication” from the LP “TACHYON”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina experimental /shoegaze /dream pop band lead by Nicolás Castello, NAX “Todo se hizo negro (R.Z.V. Mix)” [remix by Robin Vargas of Canadian group Drown] from “Sintiendo como todo se termina” remix EP
  • Dublin-based shoegaze /indie rock /dream-pop singer-songwriter Faith Nico AKA Cruel Sister “Solaris” from “Girls My Age” EP
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil dream gaze /shoegaze trio Devilish Dear “Evidence” first single from Devilish Dear’s second album, “Army of Nothing” on midsummer madness
  • Stockholm, Sweden indie /dream pop band LILAC “Scatterbrain” first track from the debut album “There’s someone else in my skin”.
  • Los Angeles, Ca shoegaze /dream pop band NIGHTJACKET “Don’t Say A Word” first single from the forthcoming EP
  • Salerno, Italy dream-pop /shoegaze DIY project of musician-composer Gianmario Galano, aka I’M THE VILLAIN “The Shade” from “To Eat Yourself” EP CD on Shore Dive Records
  • Berlin-based dream pop /synthpop Argentinian brother-sister duo Minimal Schlager “Submission” from the debut album “Love, Sex & Dreams” on Duchess Box.
  • Idaho indie /new wave /synthpop band led by Bruce Robert Saunders, Destination Grenada “Cold War” from the debut “The Palace of Wisdom” album
  • Indie rock band from the Netherlands, Snow Coats “Since We Met” from the LP “If it wasn’t me, I would’ve called it funny” on Alcopop!
  • Michigan-based, London-native twee /C86 /indie-pop solo project THE PHOTOCOPIES “Start Again” from the single “Don’t Call Him Your Boyfriend / Start Again”
  • Norway/Germany jangle-pop collaboration of Jørn Åleskjær (The Loch Ness Mouse, Sapphire & Steel) and Sebastian Voss (Nah…, The Fisherman and his Soul), aka HERR WADE “Nur Ketchup” from the upcoming debut album “…dreht am Kabel” on Platiruma!!!
  • Glasgow, UK psych /post-punk /indie rock DIY solo project of Vital Idle and ex-Golden Grrrl, Ruari MacLean, aka ESSEN “The Curtain” from cassette debut album “Tape 1”
  • San Francisco-based post-punk /blues /dark noise rock band The Tunnel “Subductress” from V/A “Noise For Change ERA” Benefit Compilation via Learning Curve Records
  • Australian four-piece indie-rock band from Melbourne, Champ Ruby “Spiral” single                                         
  • New York based indie /dream pop /electro-pop German/South African husband-wife duo St. Lucia “Take Me Away” from “Utopia I” EP on Netwerk Music
  • Oklahoma City/Ontario indie rock /dream pop collaboration, Husbands x Jaguar Sun “First Time Caller” from upcoming “First Time Caller” cassette EP by Jaguar Sun + Husbands on Born Losers Records
  • Hamilton-based indie /dream-pop band Linebeck “In My Dreams” single
  • Moscow-based indie folk /dream pop /indie pop singer-songwriter Egor Berdnikov, aka SILKLAKE “Wake Me Up” from the LP “Mind Your Step”
  • L.A. based ambient /atmospheric /chamber pop /folk project of Jon DeRosa, aka Aarktica “Delicate Waltz of Shadows” from upcoming LP “We Will Find the Light” on Darla
  • Brighton, UK based Americana /alt-country /indie folk /dark crooner Freddie J Watts “Funny Life” single on Crafting Room Recordings


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