WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #22


  • Vermont‘s lo-fi/coldwave/minimal wave solo project Triumphant Race “In Our Hands” from the new EP “Shadows Collide”

New EP from Vermont artist with a 5-tracker of his distinctive ‘minimal wave for the disenchanted’, where frozen caresses of mournful soaring synth and deep pulses of ominous bassline collide in the thick falling darkness, while the dreams dissolve around detached vocals lost in lingering sorrow and helpless isolation.

  • Southern California‘s minimal synth/synthpop solo project No One Lives On Henley “Television Girl” new single

A fresh and emotional minimalistic take on the new wave and synth-pop of the 80s, with driving danceable bleak rhythms bouncing amidst buzzing icily bright wistful synth melodies that enlight and sharpen at the same time the nocturnal hazy longing vibe around emotionless spoken vocals disconnected from all but the beloved “Television Girl.”

  • Santiago, Chile post-punk/new beat/breakbeat/EBM band The Blue Reptiles – “Drivin’ a Car” from “Statische Monotonie – The Blue Reptiles” Split EP

A trio from Santiago, experimenting with post-punk, industrial and new beat, with a dizzying alienating and mechanical array of booming industrialized rhythms, crunchy breaks, crisp cowbells, resounding warbling bassline and percolating percussive patterns, pierced by frozen lustrous swathes of synths to fuel anxious, disruptive male vocals echo and quake interrupted fantasies of “Me and a girl driving a car.”

  • Moscow based experimental electronic/witch house/darkwave producer VSN7 “We Are Falling” from the new EP “Past Passion” on NEDOSTUPNOSTЬ
  • Greek Italo-Disco/Synthwave /Dark Synth act formed in February 2010 by Toxic Razor (Metal Disco, Paradox Obscur), BEATBOX MACHINERY “Heat In An Elevator” from the upcoming cassette album “Workout Attraction” on his own Werkstatt Recordings
  • FrancoRussian new wave/synthpop alliance of Anton Berezin (Wolfstream, Seven Knives) and Jordi Sorder (Order89), OTCHIM – “Blanc” from the upcoming compilation album “Club Souvenirs” via Serpien Record
  • Australian/German EBM/electro/kraut/dark electronic project of Kris Baha and Niklas Wandt, aka AngstLust – “Animal Shelter” title track from upcoming EP [Neubau]                                                                                           
  • Northern Irish synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Altered Age” (alternative version) from the album “Nouveau Neon” out on TONN Recordings                                                                     
  • Vienna‘s synth wave/minimal synth solo project of synthesist/singer (1/2 of Mitra Mitra and Violetiger), Violet Candide, aka Peppy Pep Pepper “forced distance”                                                                                          
  • French/Swiss Cold Wave /Post-Punk /Minimal Wave band composed of Fabrice Lefebvre (Rajna), Théotime Lefebvre (Thermafrost) and Chroma Carbon (Sine Silex), FACTICE FACTORY ”And So It Begins” from upcoming V/A “Another Cold World 3” 2xCD+12″EP on Cold Beats Records
  • Los Angeles based industrial/dark electro/techno/minimal wave main project of producer and songwriter Matia Simovich, INHALT “Commerce (Liebknecht Remix A)” from the new remix album “Simulation” on Mechatronica
  • Australian EBM/darkwave/post_punk project based between Melbourne and Sydney by Marc Dwyer (Buzz Kull) and Morgan Wright (Burning Rose Records, Pelvis Records), aka DSM-V “Function” from the debut single “Into Nothing/Function” on Third Coming Records
  • Cleveland, Ohio Afrofuturism post-punk/coldwave solo project of Nate Eberhardt, aka NATURE “Tears” new single                                                                                                                                                                                
  • French experimental/post-punk/coldwave project of Yannick Rault, Closed Mouth – “Change your life today” new single
  • La Plata, Argentina shoegaze/darkwave/post-punk trio DYNAMMO “Paranoia” title track from the new album “Paranoia”
  • Texas‘ post-punk/coldwave/darkwave project by Ashe Rüppe and Amendoa Lizzbeth Tamburri, DELPHINE COMA “Secondary Eyes (Hapax Remix)” from the new EP “Secondary Eyes”, out now via SwissDarkNights Label.
  • Dutch post-punk trio from Rotterdam, SHWUAEN “Hirschsprung” from debut EP “Phoenicopteridae”
  • Saint Helier, Jersey goth occult post-punk trio Guillotine Dream ”Like Every Other Ghost” from the upcoming new album ”Damaged and Damned”
  • Swedish gothic-rock band CANIS LUPUS “Blood Red” from the album “Dust and the civilization of ghosts” on Deepland Records.
  • Toluca, Mexico goth/post-punk quartet HEL “Herida” from the upcoming debut album “Reflejos del Declive”.
  • Gothenburg, Swedish dark ambient/electronic/synthwave/’warm wave’ trio (formerly Cosmic Overdose) since 1981, TWICE A MAN “Modern World (Single Edit)” new single
  • Melbourne post-punk/new wave/synthpop duo of James Beck and Camryn Rothenbury, aka Personal Touch – “Incapable” (off “Egami” EP) from V/A “New Weird Australia, Solitary Wave (Out)” on New Weird Australia
  • Paris-based coldwave/dark electro/synthwave duo of Hélène de Thoury & Amandine Stioui aka Minuit Machine “Prey/Hunter (Sierra Remix)” on Synth Religion                                                                                                            
  • Montreal, Québec new wave /electro-pop artist RADIANT BABY “Restless (Inherit The World Remix)”               
  • Tokyo-based, Kyrgyzstan‘s solo darkwave/electronic/synthwave project, Jasalma Kyrgyz “Ak Suu” from the S/T album
  • Russian electro-industrial/darkwave musician Dmitry from Kazan, LONDON SADNESS “She” new single
  • Oakland, Ca based goth post-punk/deathrock band Ötzi “Hold Still” from the sophomore album “Storm” on Artoffact Records
  • Legendary Dutch goth rock/darkwave pioneers CLAN OF XYMOX “She” title track from the forthcoming LP “She” on Metropolis
  • German coldwave/new wave/darkwave duo LEBANON HANOVER “Shatter Matter” from “The Last Thing” maxi-single 12″
  • Palmira, Colombia EBM/synthwave/minimal wave solo project HUMAN 80 “Nichts mehr übrig” from the new EP “Ella Camina” on Navel Records/The Said Records
  • Scottsdale, AZ electronic-based solo project from Shawn Helton (ex-singer of The Opposite Sex) with elements of darkwave, synthwave and post-punk revival, Memory Mask “Days Of Zero” from the debut album “Empire Land”
  • Russian indie/new wave/post-punk 5-piece from Moscow, BRANDENBURG “COLP-20” new single
  • Madrid-based Spanish synthpop/post-punk/sad pop solo project, Depresión Sonora ‘Ya No Hay Verano’ from S/T debut EP
  • Boston-based goth darkwave /post-punk trio Pilgrims of Yearning “In God You Trust” from the upcoming album “Forsaken Lands”
  • Turkish one man Post-Punk project of Mert Yıldız from Istanbul, RAIN TO RUST “Let’s Fail Again” from the new “Stillborn Flowers” companion album to the debut “Flowers Of Doubt”.
  • Portland‘s Soft Kill related doom pop trio, Criminal World – ‘Continental Baths’ from the new EP “We Spilled Blood For The Money” via Cercle Social Records.
  • Spanish post-punk/shoegaze solo project URCO “She never said goodbye” new single                                               
  • Brazilian post-punk quartet from São Paulo, Inês é Morta ”Algoz” from the new single “Menir” on DARQ DISTRO
  • Budapest‘s post-punk /darkwave duo Cold Walls “Sad Room” new single
    French new wave/coldwave/darkwave band made of Laurent (Lazy Napt) and of Roxy and Christof (Contre Jour) from Nice, LUNE ROUGE “Monde Inverse” from the 2-tracker single “In-Versions”
  • Detroit, Michigan deathgaze/post-punk rock band VAZUM “Embers” new single
  • L.A. based darkwave/gothic rock/post-punk project of Eduardo Mora, aka EDO – “Fantasmas (Twin Tribes Cover)” off of the 2-tracker “Tribute”
  • Flagstaff, AZ dark electronics/goth/EBM/industrial/synthwave solo project CLOVEN FETE “Horns of Laughter” from the album “Curator Of The Dark”
  • Vilnius, Lithuania garage/post-punk/synthwave trio EGOMAŠINA – ‘Spąstai’ title track from upcoming LP “Spąstai”
  • L.A.-based post-punk/deathrock band, Egrets on Ergot “Ravens’ ravine” from “formation 2011-12” collection of early demos (all proceeds will be donated to United Panther Movement)
  • Melbourne, Australia discordant/post-punk band MOTH “Ritual” from upcoming debut 7″ EP “Machine Nation” on Marthouse Records (AU) and Polaks Records (EU)
  • Portland, OR noise rock/post-punk trio Public Pleasure “Swan” from the debut single “Swan / Lower Expectations”
  • Connecticut‘s two-piece synth/darkwave/post-punk duo GRANDEUR “Shoplifters of the World Unite” (cover of The Smiths1987 classic)
  • Augsburg, Germany based synthpop/post-punk solo-project by Belarusian musician Arthur Tsymbal with partial support by Moscow’s keyboarder Egor Ivakhnenko, The Violent Youth – ‘Хорошо Одному/Horosho Odnomu’ new single
  • Cleveland, OH new wave/post-punk band KEY TO THE MINT “Frequency” from the new EP “Another Charade”
  • German post-punk/coldwave/postwave solo project, A Transition “Good Riddance”                                           
  • Canadian ambient post-punk duo FREAK HEAT WAVES “Dripping Visions” from the upcoming 4th album “Zap The Planet” via Telephone Explosion
  • Dream pop/shoegaze band from Belgium, Slow Crush – ‘Drift (Such Beautiful Flowers remix)’                                  
  • London, UK goth/post-punk/coldwave solo project New Cross “Cage” from the single “Cage / Free Gramata”