WH//WH Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Weekly Tips

Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Sacramento‘s psychedelic goth post punk quartet SCREATURE “Waiting For A Light” from the new album “Old Hand New Wave” out now

L.A. based Australian/Iranian Electronic Industrial-Pop / Darkwave duo VOWWS “Esseff” 2nd single from the upcoming album ‘Under the World’ 

Italian electro dark synthwave solo project from Turin, ZOLTAN FREITAG “Undercover” 

 US noise-pop / darkwave project of Daniel Chavez Crook, aka Daydreams “Gone Again”

Toronto‘s dark industrial / new wave / dark electronic project by ex-Crystal Castles drummer and producer Cam Findlay, aka KONTRAVOID “Disclousure” from the forthcoming Toronto’s V/A compilation “Forth – Various Artist – Vol. 1” on Forth

Warsaw, Poland ethereal / dark electronic one girl project SKY “ILIKELIES” from the debut EP “Lullabies” out now on Black Verb
Vermont‘s coldwave / synthpop solo project Triumphant Race “No Desire”
East London, UK post-punk trio Shopping “Shave Your Head” from their new album ‘The Official Body’ on Fat Cat
San Diego-based, Guam-native new wave / post punk band Post Attraction “Edges”
Brooklyn, NY Post-Punk / New Wave 4-piece NATION OF LANGUAGE “On Division St” new single 
Perth, Australia darkwave / synthpop solo moniker of Greg from DTHWBBA/WhiteFawn, aka UIU “Mountains Underground” from debut EP “Shooting Shadows In A Half-Dream”
US goth electronic / darkwave project of Ein Rijin, aka Evil Symbols “TheWinterRain”
80’s Australian new wave / synthpop act from Brisbane, Ash In October “Something New” from the upcoming split album on Mothball
NYC Industrial / Experimental / Electronic / Post-Punk duo WETWARE“Frequent Dreamlands” from the forthcoming album “Automatic Drawing” on Dais
UK darkwave / post-punk project from Dewsbury, VIOLENT LIGHT“Images” from the self-titled album out now 
London-based electronic / new wave quartet BLACK GOLD BUFFALO“Lay It Down” new single.
French cold wave / post punk / synthwave outfit from Brest, EGOPRISME“Among Noise (feat. Rula El Bahr)” from upcoming LP “Among Noise” on Manic Depression Records.
Stockholm‘s witch house / neo-folk / dark electronic duo V▲LH▲LL “Ormens Offer” from the forthcoming second full-length release, “Grimoire”.
French coldwave / post punk trio from Toulouse, BLIND.DELON“Assassin” title track of the fortcoming EP on Bordello A Parigi
San José, Costa Rica dark wave / synth-punk trio TVMVLVS TABIDVS“Do Vt Des” from the new cassette album “Sex” on Squall Recordings
Californian dark synthpop / post punk / coldwave duo POST TROPIC“Hyzu” new single.
Canadian Post-punk / Cold Wave duo from Toronto, TRAITRS “Speak In Tongues” new 3-track 7″ EP 
French ethereal wave/gothic band from Marseille, VIOLET SKY “From Hell”
Russian experimental / minimal raw synth bedroom solo project from Saint Petersburg, Vetkami “Never” from the new EP “Sacral Home” out now 
Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine coldwave / post punk trio The Last Passenger “Memories” new single
US post punk / coldwave project by Reuben Sawyer, The Column “Twin Pull” 2-track demo 
Minimal synthpop band based in Toronto, TECHNIQUES BERLIN“She Fades Away [RMX By Nine Circles]” from the forthcoming album “Breathing” (incl. remixes and cover versions) on Nadanna
Texas‘ goth post punk band ANNEX“Covens” b-side of the new single “Modern Age” 
San Francisco‘s dark psych ambient doom band led by vocalist Kristina Esfandiari (aka Miserable), KING WOMAN“I Wanna Be Adored (The Stone Roses Cover)”
Charlottesville‘s synthpop project of a member of Bella Morte, aka The Rain Within“Like The Devil” from the upcoming album “Atomic Eyes”
Rouen, France coldwave act NICE COLD NATION”Hypnotic” from the upcoming new digital album “End in itself (genesis two)”.
Detroit, MI industrial / EBM / Darkwave / Synthpop project of Dennis Hudson (also White Christian Male, Polyvision and Eisenwelle), OLMS ”Letters”
US gloomy esoteric goth rock/pop band from New OrleansCervix Couch “Anathema” from new 2-track single “Maranatha”
Saint Petersburg, Russia post punk / synthpop outfit Бенгальские Подонки [Bodonki] ‘Синяки/Bruises’
French electro-punk / synth-punk artist BraccoDeparture Lounge” from the new EP “POV” on Le Turc Mecanique
Santiago, Chile electro-dark / coldwave / darkwave project SATIS “Mvndogris” from the debut EP “Planetarivm”
Israel‘s drone, doom, dark-folk singer/songwriter (half of the duo Cruel Wonders), ZERESH “O, Gather Me The Rose” from the new debut EP “Sigh For Sigh”
Russian shoegaze / post punk quartet from Moscow, Джуна [Dzhuna] ‘Назад / Go Back’ from the self titled debut EP 
New York‘s dark goth post punk duo SAFE HEX“Watched Us Fade” from the debut EP “Sidereal Time” out now via Black Verb
Russian new wave / post punk duo from Yaroslavl, В Космос Верят! [Believe In Space!] ‘Мрак/Dark’ from the new album ‘Монолог/Monologue’ 
Vancouver‘s dark synthpop / minimal synth project of Sam Lloyd, SIGSALY “Ivory Towers” from the self-titled cassette on Squall Recordings

Mexican darkwave duo Hetaira Decrépita “Hands Of Deception” from the album “No Devotion Records Sessions” on No Devotion.


Wuppertal, German Dark Synth Electronic / Post-Punk / Coldwave solo project of Maxim Cease, Vehement Inversion “Negative Itself” from the upcoming “Affective Accumulation” album


Los Angeles‘ new wave / darkwave / electro-pop project of Carlo Mancia, MortalBoy “Heist”

Cosmic synth / synthwave / synthpop collaboration between Chicago natives Frank De La Mora & Miguel Martin, aka EchoDroides “Dolce Vita” from the upcoming second album “Veil of Stars” on Worker Droides.

Portland‘s indie / post-punk / new wave trio lead by Danny Byers, Little Star ”Even in Dreams” title trak from upcoming EP out now via Good Cheer and Hidden Bay Records.

Hiroko Shiina