WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – November #44-21

  • Dark Science Electro presents: Das Muster                                                                                                              

Fatally, the cutting edge, uncompromising and visionary sonic trip, started around 2011, of one of the most adventurous and prolific, although with long periods of hiatus, protagonists in the developing of the modern underground electro music, has stopped too soon. Flensburg-based artist, AKA Marcus Mum, has crafted a distinctively rich and warm Dopplereffekt-esque analog sound, as a heartfelt tribute to the sheer soul of synthesizers, with an approach as much nostalgic, as it is futuristic. This is a deeply sincere tribute from 2017 by his fellow Colorado‘s electro producer/deejay DVS NME, others are in the works, Marcus will certainly never be forgotten by the electro aficionados and beyond.

  • Toulouse, France EBM /Italo Disco /Trance /New Beat producer Kendal – “Fatale Recall 1” (Edit of Prodigy ‘Firestarter (Empirion Mix)’, 1997) from “Fatale Recall 1-2” split single series with Curses on his own Ritmo Fatale

Toulouse based EBM /Italo Disco /Synthwave DJ-producer and Ritmo Fatale label co-founder, Kendal, introduces the first emission from the new series ‘Fatale Recall’ dedicated to edits, remixes, and pitched down versions of classics and hidden gems, with a slowed down and deep bass-driven edit of the late 90s devastating Hi-NRG and trancey Acid-Techno Remix by Essex finest production duo Empirion. Berlin-based Curses and his killer Italo-inflected edit of Tomcat on the flip.

  • Montréal‘s psych /electro /downtempo /slow techno /brutalist electronic producer and Chambre Noire label head, Bunzinelli – “Atacama” off of “ATACAMA” EP on Neubau                                                                             

First immersive trippy slow burner, from the upcoming 3-tracker by Quebec‘s Brutalist electronic producer Bunzinelli, elicits droning, sun-dazzled and dehydrated horizons to expand subconscious layers of buzzing palpitating bass loops, hypnotic, ritual rhythms, crispy obsessive percussions and sentient bodily vibrations to open inner doorways of the mind’s eye with archetypal visions, slacken metronomically through an organic sway of trance-inducing introspective bliss.

  • Berlin / Luxembourg-based techno /ethnic /electro /body music /acid /industrial collaboration SARIN x SCARLIT PORT – “Con-Form” from “DAEVAS” EP on Mechatronica

First intriguing and crispy preview from the upcoming collaborative Persian-flavoured esoteric EP headily encompassing electro, techno, body music, acid and industrial. Hypnotic and frenzy bouncing bass tones wiggle and jiggle through a treacherous backdrop of paranoia-inducing whispers and depth defying echoes, whilst abrasive rips, tears, and strikes spawn steady marching beats to rise and fall in steam-powered momentum driving obsessively sinister bright synth strains of chaos and doom into a dire and deranged mechanical dancefloor dimension.

  • Miami based ambient /electronic project of Noir Age label head and musician Richard Vergez, aka Night Foundation “Activity of Sound” from “This Is The Face That We Show The World” 40th Noir Age label release with a book of collage works spanning 20102021 and a CD of sound works spanning 20072020.
  • Italian experimental /tribal /synth /electronic duo Eva Geist & Steve Pepe – “We Are Nature Resonator” from Oddysee label‘s V/A 001 “Fundraiser | Indigenous Peoples” compilation 
  • Providence, Rhode Island experimental /drum & bass /electronic /’trance poetry’ artist Isabella – “Cherry Sky” from upcoming V.A. – “Donne Che Corrono Coi Lupi” on Amsterdam’s Osàre! Editions                             
  • Berlin-based wave /dub /disco /kraut /post-punk /electronic French producer and I’m A Cliche label head Benjamin Boguet, aka COSMO VITELLI “Groupe Surdose (Alternate Version)” from the EP “As She Rolled Another” EP on I’m A Cliche                                                                                                                         
  • Bristol-born and Berlin-based, dark electro-disco Dj-producer, film score composer and co-owner of Giallo Disco Records, Antoni Maiovvi “Generous Degenerate (WLDV Remix)” from “La Ruta En Ruinas” EP on Italo Moderni
  • Vivienne Goldman – “Launderette (Andrea Tempo Resolutionary Edit)” [SINCHI EDITS 13]                   
  • Darkwave electronic screamo new project from Napoli’s Luciana Pauletti and Berlin-based Luca Venezia (aka Curses), AKA Deadblush – “Harlot’s Prayer” off of upcoming V/A “Vicissitude & Valour” EP [Ombra International]                                                                                                                                                           
  • Paris based new beat/wave /techno /dark electro-punk solo project of Tomas Lefebvre, aka DECEMBER “Bottom Of The Food Chain” from the upcoming first album “DÉBUT” on Broken English Club‘s label Death&Leisure                                                                                                                                                         
  • Glasgow, UK cvlt goth /industrial /dub /darkwave band VOM “Ecstatic Decline” from “Entity Attachment” EP on Bokeh’s sister label BKV Cadavre
  • Paris, French EBM /techno /synthpop /synth wave artist-producer Sydney Valette “Sabotage” from “Death of a Comedian” EP on Persephonic Sirens 014                                                                                                     
  • Lille/Berlin/NY industrial /EBM / electro /techno production duo Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale | “Cigarette Glow” from V/A “Fünfzehn + 1” on Ostgut Ton
  • Canadian EBM /New Beat two-piece act comprised of Veronica Stefanuik and Philip Traikovski, VISITOR “Double Life (Kontravoid Remix)” from upcoming “Technofossil / G.O.L.D remix” Split vinyl LP with XTR Human on Braid Records
  • Italian techno /rave /hardcore /punk act SERPE TERROR – “Salvia; Vomito” from upcoming cassette album “LINEA BRUCIA” on Home Mort
  • Belgian electro-industrial project from the Liège region led by Benoît Buyse, AKA Dreadfool – “We Should Fight (Radikal Kuss Remix)” off of upcoming “We Should Fight” EP [Nu Body Records]                                  
  • Tbilisi, Georgia EBM /industrial /techno producer Hecate Legacy “The Lost Pages of Bestiary” from “The Lost Pages of Bestiary” EP on Persephonic Sirens 013
  • Athens, Greece-based EBM /New Beat /Techno/ Electro music artist and founder of Dystatik label, Dry_Feel “Anti-Gravity” from the upcoming EP “No Privacy” on X-IMG label
  • Derry-based industrial /experimental /dub /dark electronics / EBM project of Christian Donaghy, Autumns “Eating On The Ground” from “DSS Dubplate” 10″ EP on Touch Sensitive
  • Bogotá, Colombia coldwave /minimal synth solo project of Fernando Carranza, a.k.a Ferdinand Cärclash “Nocturnal Echo” from V/A “Dystatik – Various Artists II” cassette on Athens’ Dystatik                 
  • Italian EBM /Industrial /Electro /Techno DJ and producer VITTORIO DI MANGO “Nothing Else” from debut LP “Extrema Ratio” on X-IMG
  • Paris, France post-punk/dark electro/dark disco/techno artist DJ Varsovie – “Resurrection (Imperial Black Unit Remix)” from the EP “Death Angel” on his own Intervision label
  • Colombian EBM Project from Bogotá, RESISTOR “Time For Pleasure” (Single)
  • L.A. based industrial /EBM /techno /electro artist ROMY “No Narrative” from the EP “Cosm” on CLIMAX!
  • Barcelona-based techno producer, creative director and DJ, Cora Novoa – “Del Reves (feat. PRETTY PRETTY 2000)” off of “Two Faces” EP [Turbo Recordings]
  • Athens-based industrial /damaged techno producer NO/ON – “Thileo” from “Wireless Whorehouse Weapon” EP [Tripalium Corp]                                                                                                                                                 
  • Chilean experimental /industrial /techno producer ccciclo “Control Absoluto”                                                     
  • Moscow based ambient /industrial /techno /acid /electro producer Stas Zavyalov, aka DJ VST “JSR 010421” from “JSR 250921” EP
  • UK industrial techno /electronic producer Killawatt | “Void X” from V/A “ISSXII.I | EP1” first EP of new ‘In Silent Series X’ on Porto‘s ISSXII label
  • Athens, Greece D.I.Y. EBM /new beat /darkwave /dark electro /industrial techno duo, One Flesh.Infektion. Presents Bat Habits “Ψίθυροι(Whispers)”
  • Dark ambient /minimal wave /techno /electronic solo project of the former member of 80s English electronic band Shoc Corridor, Chris Davis – “Solar Electric” title track from the “Solar Electric” EP
  • Polish electrofunk/electro producer Przemek Kuduk, aka Robodrum “We Are Here To Save You” from the 12″ vinyl album “You Can’t Destroy The Robots“ on Detriti Records
  • Irish retro electro producer, DJ & radio host Mr. Spring aka REPLICANTS “Ex” from the “Arcadia” EP on Woodwork Recordings.
  • German acid /synth wave /electro producer BLACKPLOID “The Unseen” from “Strange Stars” EP on Central Processing Unit.
  • Russian electro producers Gosha Morozov and Artem Antonenko, aka Navechno & Gofreeze – “Shadowdance” off upcoming EP [Hypnotic Connection]                                                                                                                                            
  • UK ambient /IDM /electro producer John Davies, aka Datassette “Gong Zahlensender” from upcoming EP “Sentinel” on Lapsus Records
  • Brasilian breaks /acid /IDM /electro duo Ramiro Galas and Bruno Lunes, AKA Pílula Project “Adoizonoina” from “Doses Diárias” EP on Nice Deadly                                                                                                        
  • Montreal‘s dream house /acid /techno /electro producer and co-founder of Temple Records, Richard Wenger (aka Dj Medallion and Richard Lamb), RW – “The Return” from V/A “Prism” EP on Chambre Noire
  • Bristol, UK based cosmic disco /psych /house /chug /electronic DJ, club promoter and producer, Chez de Milo “Need Someone” from V/A “Futureboogie Compilation 10²” on Futureboogie Recordings
  • Spanish EBM /Italo /dark disco /Hi-NRG duo Parissior & Silicodisco – “Don’t Look Back (Kendal Remix)” off upcoming EP on Banshees records                                                                                                           
  • Mexican dark disco /indie Hypno-dance electronic duo Zombies in Miami “Laser Cat (Samuel Lupian Remix)” [Permanent Vacation Contest]                                                                                                                               
  • Indonesian Italo /cosmic disco producer Cyda – “Space In Your Eye” from „Space Energy“ EP [Soulfooled
  • Mexico-based Argentinian indie dance producer Cali Burton – “Feeling (Original Mix)” from “Sine Qua Non” EP [Slow Cycle]
  • Barcelona based experimental /kraut /kosmische /electronic duo Ramon Garcia and Ivo Valdivielso, Can Ràbia “El Noi” from the album “Can Ràbia” cassette collection of the first 2 EPs on Up in her Room
  • Moscow-based experimental electronic duo of film composer /sound artist Andrey Guryanov and improviser /noise musician Feliks Mikenskiy, AKA DROJJI “Chores of a Hearth” from the album “Chores” on Irish tape label Fort Evil Fruit
  • Barcelona based experimental /ambient /electronic artist Nara Is Neus “A new trial” off of the new LP “Ansatz” on Foehn Records
  • Dutch electronic experimentalist Michel Banabila “Echo Transformations” title track from the upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Echo Transformations” on Knekelhuis
  • Rochester, NY ambient /drone /noise /electronic artist Joseph Lawrence Clark “Age Of Endless Conclusions” from the upcoming album “Thendara” on Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.
  • US-based ambient /drone /loop /electronic artist and Simulacra label head Todd Gautreau, AKA Tapes and Topographies “Everyone is far away” from upcoming album “Amplitudes” on Whitelabrecs
  • Kraków, Poland ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental musician Martyna Basta “Walking Around In Circles” from the album “Making Eye Contact With Solitude” on Warm Winters Ltd.