WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MAY #20-23

photo by Oana Stoia

  • Malmö ambient /new wave /synthpop artist and singer of the post-punk band RA, Simon Minó “Le Sanglier” single from the upcoming EP on Valentina Archives

Another mesmerizing single with an immaculate and lush sound design and soul-stirring vocal spell, somehow reminiscent of the surreal atmospherics from cutting-edge Scandinavian electronic labels such as Posh Isolation or Janushoved, moreover Malthe Fischer (of Scandinavian Star) on mixing and master duties would provide a hint of that. Framed by the droning crepuscular reflective haze of hypnotic swirling orchestral loops, and harsh buzzing piercing swathes, lilted by soft steady thudding beats, to expand and breathe around heartfelt vocal alienation, searching for light in the darkness amid doubt and shame.

  • US longstanding darkwave /synthpop project of Seattle-bred musician  Scott-David Allen, aka A Covenant of Thorns “Grace (Like The Back of a Fist)” from the upcoming 4th album “Ashes”

The veteran Scott-David Allen‘s heartful and emotional-ridden dark Synthpop project, established in 1992, teases the incoming fourth album with the usual shadowy melancholic drama and lovelorn tension, fuelled by stark drum beats, and sinister buzzing bass throbs, whilst eerie forlorn icy bright synth melodies slather atop haunted angsty and secretive vocals, revealing deception, hatred, and trauma at the hands of a phony identity.

  • Brisbane, Australia dreamy gothic post-punk band, Locust Revival “Good Grief” title track of the upcoming album

Almost approaching the first decade of activity, the gothy post-punkish Australian band is increasingly deadly shrouded in an introspective, lethargic gloomy haze of glistening twangy guitar reverbs and murky throbbing undercurrents of heartbroken disbelief, to drown morose, agonized vocals in dreary and angsty reflections from a lost relationship.

  • Athens, Greece industrial /goth /dark electronic side project of the singer of New Zero God, Mike Pougounas, Nexus “Shrinking Man” single
  • Shirdi, India-based goth /new wave /’cloakwave’ project The Ninth Heaven “Reflections” title track from the new album “Reflections”
  • Vienna-based dark wave /cold wave /electronic /experimental artist Tina Bauer, aka Terz Nervosa “Love Is” 2nd single from upcoming EP “Shadow Eyes” via Tender Matter
  • Rennes, French new wave /coldwave /minimal synth project of Boris Völt, aka Mode in GliANY – “Amer Armor” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl debut album “Amer Armor” on Galakthorrö
  • Bern, Switzerland minimal /synth wave duo Sadie La Chèvre & Nora Düster, Extra Bleu Ciel “On The Edge”
  • Xalapa, Mexico EBM /darkwave /post-punk duo Flores de Tchernobyl “Iconoclasia” from “II” EP
  • Montreal, Quebec-based Synth-driven Electro-Punk duo AN_NA “Chemical” new single
  • Quebec lo-fi /electronic /synthpop solo project of MD (ex-singer/guitarist of duo Calomine), Nœud – “Avions éternels” single
  • Viennese Dark Wave /Synth Wave /Cold Wave producer Blank Picture “Danger” from the album “Night Steps ( The Singles Collection Vol. 2 )” on A-Dur Records
  • Lithuania dark electronic /darkwave project Varnakis “Revitalize” single
  • Majorca, Spain minimal dream pop /synthpop artist and musician Sofia “Un Gato Largo” from the new album “Canciones para saltarse por encima” via HUMO international
  • Berlin-based North American dream pop /synth-pop artist SOME EMBER “Touch” single
  • Mexico post-punk /synth-wave /synthpop solo project of Iván Zamudio, Abadía “Sacrificio” from upcoming “Ritual” EP
  • Brooklyn, NY synthpop husband-wife duo (ex-member of Carnivores), Certain Times “Lose Control” off upcoming debut LP “Desire” on Double Phantom
  • Swiss electronic /wave /disco /post-punk /coldwave /synth-pop one-man-band (aka Karl Kave), Carlo Onda “Friscolino” from the upcoming album “EURO89” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Santa Cruz, CA‘s dark electronic /new wave /darkwave /synthpop project VANDAL MOON “Sad sad girl” single
  • UK retro /synthpop /synth-wave duo W O L F C L U B “Crystalise” new single [NewRetroWave Records]
  • French 80s /VHS /analog synth /electro-pop duo The Overlookers – “Red Lights” single from upcoming LP “Videodrama” on BOREDOMproduct
  • German darkwave /synthpop /post-punk duo Katja Dreßler & Stephen “Digger” Dawes aka The Comfortably Strange “Are “Friends” Electric?” (Tubeway Army cover, 1979)
  • Tampa, FL new wave /synth wave trio Glove “Chewing on a Wire” single
  • New York City-based industrial /synthpop /darkwave /electronic project featuring vocalist Athan Maroulis of Spahn Ranch, NØIR “Fallen” title track of the upcoming EP via Metropolis Records
  • Mexico City-based Post-punk /Synth Wave /Dark Wave project of veteran punk artist, CALAVERX “Fracaso En El Amor” from the album “CALAVERX”
  • US/Italian industrial /post-punk project of Carson Cox + Marco Rapisarda, aka Death Index “Human / Machinery” from the upcoming second LP “Civilized By A Lie”
  • Virginia wave /post-punk /synthpop trio Widow Rings “Pleasures” single
  • Iranian noise /techno /post-industrial /dark electronic artist GARNU DEPOT “Nocturnal Grief” single
  • Los Angeles’ industrial /EBM /wave /synthpop duo FUEDAL “Movin” from upcoming cassette EP “Unit 1” [DKA Records]
  • Bern, Switzerland industrial /post-punk /synthpop /minimal synth wave collective Plague Pits “Idle Hands (Стаха́нов Mix)” from upcoming EP “A Sort Of Harmony: 2021-2023 Remixes”
  • Toronto-based electronic /industrial /goth /dark wave duo Odonis Odonis “No One Left (Ft. ACTORS)” from the upcoming LP “ICON” on Felte Records
  • Jacksonville, FL post-punk /synthpop trio Glass Chapel “Foreign Rain” from the second single “Foreign Rain / Where Roses Go”
  • Philadelphia, PA goth /post-punk /cold wave /darkwave /synthpop duo R E P < > L ^ K N T “No Cure” from the album “OFTEN”
  • Belgian dark new-wave /post-punk collaborative project of Dirk Vreys (singer of A Slice Of Life, the obsCURE), SILENT FLAG “Move My Body” (all instruments played by Bart Coninckx of Controversial) single
  • Louisville, Kentucky dark wave /post-punk duo Stephen Beasey and Brian Cain, Who Saw Her Die? “The Bottom” 2-track single
  • Austin, TX Darkwave /Post-punk musician, Sinclair Noire “Another Day” single
  • French goth /dark wave /synth-wave /post-punk solo project NLIGHT “Omnicide” single
  • Barcelona based coldwave /post-punk solo project Lïk – “Lest’” from the second EP “Molodost’”
  • Berlin-based goth /darkwave solo project of Buenos Aires-native music producer Gonzalo Schwindt, Deus Ex Lumina “In the Shadow of the Valley of Death (Feat. Tara C Taylor)” new single
  • Rome based, Italian industrial /darkwave /synth-pop 4-piece of Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), Pasquale Vico (Date at Midnight), Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front) and Alessio Schiavi (Avant-Garde), THIS ETERNAL DECAY “Everything” from the new 4th LP “ABSØLUTIØN” on Trisol Music Group                      
  • Mexican post-punk /dark wave band Schrödinger “The End Of The Line” single on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Porto Seguro, Brazil indietronica /post-punk /dark wave solo project by Alemar Rena, Lowmonotone “Drive Me By Desire” single
  • Hamilton, UK-based goth /darkwave project of Lea Torn, The Secret Experiment – “Blameless” from the new album “Monster”
  • London-based Space /Goth /Post-punk / New Wave duo Mancha Zaar & Suteki Hegg, aka Volfodemo “King Space” single
  • Polish Goth post-Punk solo project from Kraków, MEKONG “Out Of Control” part of a compilation of 20 bands of the Polish post-Punk scene “Najmłodsza generacja” via  Nopasaran Records and Zima Records.
  • Richmond, VA-based Shoegaze /Post-Punk /Darkwave one-man project of musician Tyler Gorham, INDUSTRIAL WAIST – “Heartthrob”
  • DIY solo darkwave project from Seattle, Festering Wounds – “System”
  • L.A. goth /darkwave /post-punk duo Tsaffire “Paradox” single
  • Rennes, Britanny New Wave /Post-Punk one-man-band TABLERAZ “Thanatos” first single from the upcoming LP
  • Polish lo-fi synthpop / post-punk act sekretariat “Kanoniczna 5” from the album “Chemia Organiczna”
  • Hungarian post-punk /darkwave project kékmandarin “Itt a nyilam!” single
  • Łódź, Poland goth /coldwave /post-punk collaborative solo project Las Flores “Rainfall (HD189733b)” single
  • US dark wave /post-punk band La Tourmente “La Vierge” from “Grave Love” EP on Dark Entry Records
  • Detroit-based grunge /post-punk /dark pop /goth rockers solo project of Damien Moyal (former frontman of As Friends Rust, Culture, Morning Again, and Shai Hulud), AKA Damien Done “Gentleman Thief” from upcoming second LP “Total Power” on Mind Over Matter Records and PROTAGONIST MUSIC
  • New York new wave /post-punk artist Postlooperish “Future State” new single
  • Sardinia, Italy Post-Punk /Dark Wave band ENDELØS “Inside” off of the debut album “Dark Fields” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Edinburgh, Scottish post-rock /post-punk /psych /shoegaze duo Sun Shines Cold “The Figurehead (The Cure Cover)”
  • Rostov On Don indie rock /post-punk /new wave band Motorama “And, Yes,” from the new album “Sleep, and I will Sing” on I’m Home Records
  • Mexico indie rock /new wave /post-punk 4-piece band Mondo “El Otoño” single
  • Quito, Ecuador sad pop /dark synth-pop /post-punk project, Merlina So Sad “Fantasmas” from “Fantasmas” EP [Edmoon Records]
  • Moscow, Russia gothic /post-punk /coldwave trio Войлок “Мастер приглашает в гости (Король и Шут)” from the EP “Окно в заброшенном ДК” (underground collection of covers for the songs of our childhood and youth)
  • London UK based goth /no wave /funk /jazz /dub /post-punk act FINDOM “The Living Standard” from “Pay, Pig” EP 12″ on SWISH SWASH RECORDS
  • French experimental /minimal /industrial /noise /coldwave /post-punk solo project of former Déficit Budgétaire member Christophe Gitton, aka Saurien “Look Around” from the cassette EP “And Still the Lungs Won’t Fill” on Anywave
  • Paris based synthpop /coldwave /new wave band, Les Clopes “Périgord Noir” from the album “Qatr”
  • Pittsburgh, PA noise /indie rock /post-punk band Silver Car Crash “Sun Dried Tomatoes” from upcoming sophomore LP “Shattered Shine” on Crafted Sounds
  • Montreal, Québec cowpunk /noise-punk outfit Crack Cowboy “Magnum 38” off debut 2-track single “Chasseur de prime / Magnum 38” 
  • Athens, Greece Dark Electro /Industrial band SIVA SIX “I am a groupie (feat. Maria Kalapanida)” off “Superstition” EP 

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