WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze // Dreampop // Psychedelic // Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – APRIL 2024 – #15-24

Chrissie Shrimpton  by Philippe Le Tellier in London, 1965


  • Sydney-based jangle pop /dreampop /shoegaze /indie pop band BRIDGE DOG “Standard Issue” single

Although not standing out for imagination in the artwork, in this recalling our favourite Oliver Beardmore, the Sydney-based Korean-tinged quartet combines fluid ethereal harmonies and reverb-drenched shoegaze textures in a song about the dull mediocre vibe of life’s endless repetitions, delivered through an angsty, dreamy bittersweet vocal, breathlessly treading in a softly distorted mist above a tumultuous sea of driving drum beats, pulsing bass lines, fuzzed-out guitar riffs and excruciating wails, for an equally soothing and spell-binding ‘special issue’.

  • Salerno, Italy shoegaze /synthpop /dream-pop DIY project of musician-composer Gianmario Galano (The Bidons, When the Clouds, and Fiori di Cadillac), aka I’M THE VILLAIN “Dream in shades of blue” single

The new single from veteran Southern Italy‘s musician and composer broods on heartache, while gliding in atmospheric and cinematic neon-lit liminal spaces between Synth-Pop and Dream-Pop on shuddering and heart-pulsing rhythmic patterns, lonely swirling synth drifts and sad, effect-filled guitar, whimpering guitar melodies to echo emotional pain-fueled vocals lost in the angst and isolation of letting go.

  • Santiago, Chile indie twee pop trio Las Margaritas “día nublado de verano” single

Avoiding talking about the usual effective releases from the Chaotic Pop label, we pay our attention to the lively and sparkling twee indie pop, as most of the times, straight from the heart, from the Chilean girl-fronted trio Las Margaritas. Recalling precious time spent with friends, the single wanders through obsessive high-energy sparkling guitar melodies, staccato riffs, urgent drum syncopated drum beats, and humming bass lines, to carry dreamy, high-pitched vocals through the angst and longing of separation.

  • UK acid Jazz project led by saxophonist Sean Khan, The Modern Jazz & Folk Ensemble “Solid Air (feat. Rosie Frater-Taylor)” from the album “Sean Khan presents the Modern Jazz & Folk Ensemble” via Acid Jazz Records
  • London, UK folk /psych-pop music project of  Steve Somerset (The Shadow Kabinet, The Blues Ghosts), aka The Haven Green “Tread Carefully” from the upcoming LP “Dreamers In A Dreamless World” via Mega Dodo
  • Paris-based baroque pop /chamber pop /indie rock songmaker from Brittany (ALL IF), Olivier Rocabois “The Coming of Spring” from the upcoming new LP “The Afternoon of Our Lives”
  • Cork, Ireland indie folk singer and composer Cormac O Caoimh “I Gave My Word (Shadow Of Northern Star)” (originally released in 1999 by Cormac O Caoimh’s old band The Citadels) from the compilation LP “1999-2012 Vol. 1”
  • Richmond, VA indie rock band by singer/composer/arranger Timothy Bailey, Timothy Bailey & The Humans “Rice Paper” from the upcoming sophomore LP “New Love Stories”
  • Austin, TX lo-fi /bedroom pop /indie folk singer-songwriter Matthew Leger “Spoon” from “Quickly Aging Here” EP
  • Washington‘s lo-fi bedroom-dream-slowcore-indie pop band Porch Kiss “Burn like a cigarette (feat. Frans Asthma)” single via Start-track.com
  • Californian dreamy country rock /psych /folk /cosmic Americana band, Steel Fringe “Klickitat County” first single from the upcoming “THE STEEL FRINGE” E.P. via Curation Records
  • Warrington, UK lo-fi /indie folk pop DIY singer-songwriter Aidan McCormack Voller “Tiverton and Bristol” from the debut album “The Eponymous Shark”
  • San Francisco shoegaze /jangle /sadcore /indie pop band led by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums, etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “We Only Hear the Bad Things People Say” from the new album “Unwishing Well” via Tough Love
  • London-based folk /indie rock band The Lovely Good “In The Kitchen” from the debut EP “I Think We Can Work It Out”
  • Canada/US lo-fi /C86 /twee /noise /indie pop duo of Teresa Daniele and Ryan Marquez, aka The Haircuts “I Hate My Haircut” off the collection “Words To Remember Me By” (all songs recorded on a 4-track cassette in 200506)
  • Palembang, Indonesia twee indie pop band Lazy Eye “Meridian” from “Stardust” EP upcoming CDr via Chaotic Pop Records
  • Sydney four-piece jangly twee-pop band Lord Esme ‘’Alison Rhodes’’ the latest single from Lord Esme’s debut album, “A Nice Sit Down” via Half A Cow Records
  • Hamburg-based German singer-songwriter-jingle-jangle-fuzz-power-baroque-pop-wallofsound-DIY-Home-Studio-Project AKA theCatherines “Your Light Shines Everywhere” (first ever published theCatherines song released on 26 January 2017) from “cover songs, b-sides, rarities…” (Album) CD
  • Jakarta, Indonesia 2007 indie pop project of Eko Sutrismo, aka Chasing Monday “Therefore, I Hate You” (originally included on Series Two Compilation) via Chaotic Pop Records
  • Chattanooga, TN garage /indie rock /jangle /power pop band led by Matt Addison, aka Mythical Motors “Kick The Waves” from the cassette album “Upside Down World” via Repeating Cloud
  • German folk /psych /indie rock band founded in 1985 in Duisburg, Flowerpornoes “planetenkind … everything she touches changes” from the upcoming collection “On The Beach”
  • New York guitar power pop band (1/2 of The Flashcubes), The Half-Cubes featuring Jon Rubin and Tommy Dunbar of The Rubinoos- “The Girl” (The Rubinoos cover, 1983) 2-track cover single via Big Stir Records
  • Philadelphia, PA garage rock/power pop /frat rock rock’n’soul 4-piece featuring Adam Rabuck (of Dirt Bike Annie), The Bacarrudas “You Can Have My Love If You Want It, OK?” first single off upcoming debut LP, “Pool Party” via Mom’s Basement Records
  • Los Angeles-based beat /fuzz /garage rock band The Night Times “I’m Leaving You” 2-track 7″ single via Rogue Records
  • New Brunswick, NJ indie rock /jangle punk /power pop band led by Madison James (of Ogbert the Nerd), aka No Good With Secret “Turn Back Over” from the upcoming second LP “Another Side”
  • Charlotte, NC post-punk /jangle /shoegaze /dream pop band WINE PRIDE “1201 AM” from the “Lost Years” EP on Crafting Room Recordings
  • Manchester, UK C86 /jangle /indie-pop quartet Autocamper “Blanche” from the cassette single “Blanche / Budge” via Safe Suburban Home Records
  • Hoboken, NJ veteran new wave /indie rock singer-songwriter (formerly a member of Gut Bank and Sexpod), Karyn Kuhl “No Traces” 2-track 7″ single via Dromedary Records
  • UK indie pop-disco-punk-rock band from Wales, Helen Love – “Swansea’s Got An Our Price” from upcoming Swansea guitar-pop scene compilation V/A “Lovely Ugly / Pretty Shitty” LP 12″ via R*E*P*E*A*T Records
  • Post-punk /indie-pop trio from the SF Bay Area, NEUTRALS “Wish You Were Here” from upcoming vinyl 12″ LP “New Town Dream” via Static Shock Records
  • Swedish post-punk /shoegaze /indie pop /’deathpop’ band from Göteborg, Agent Blå “Ebb and Flow” from the album “Stab!” on Kanine Records and VÅRØ
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi surf rock /indie rock /shoegaze /dream pop solo project Beach Novels “Lungs” from the LP “Flowers From Your Garden”
  • Oslo, Norway indie rock /dream pop solo project Yndling “Mood Booster” single [Spirit Goth Records]
  • Michigan Indie /Dream Pop duo Bluhm “Evil Heart” single
  • New York dream /psych /indie rock duo navel grazr “I Know I’ll End Up Like You” from the debut cassette EP “Elegies”
  • Sydney, Australia 5-piece dream pop /psychedelic rock /shoegaze band Lucidbloom “Signals in the Skies” single
  • Los Angeles dreampop /shoegaze music project by Rj Mares, aka Vein Blue “Trace” from “Wait For Me” EP
  • France-based dream pop /shoegaze collaborative music project started by British musician Andrew Rose in 1984, Callière “Open My Eyes” from the new CD album “Fade”
  • Italian dreampop /shoegaze solo project from Fano, Waving Blue “Reflecting Shades” from the album “So Cold”
  • French Dreampop /Shoegazing Duo from Metz, Sugar in Wine – “everywhere everyday” single
  • Los Angeles noise rock /slowcore /shoegaze band Valley Porno People “Hunch” debut single
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia emo /grungegaze /shoegaze trio Always April “Euphoria” debut single
  • Kraków, Poland shoegaze band Szlugazer “Inne Miejsce” from the debut EP “Pierwszy moment, w którym zapomniałem, że tu jesteś”
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland psych /dream pop /shoegaze band Virgins “Disappear” off the debut album “Nothing Hurt and Everything Was Beautiful” via Blowtorch Records
  • Manchester, UK indie /dream pop /shoegaze band Cruush “Water Breathers” from “Nice Things Now, All The Time” EP 12″ via Heist or Hit
  • Bay AreaCA alternative /shoegaze /grunge band Present “Peanut Gallery” from the LP “Silver Lining”
  • Tokyo, Japan lo-fi noise rock /shoegaze music collective Killmilky あいまいなフィギュール single
  • Seattle, WA grunge /indie rock /shoegaze /alternative rock DIY band Divaria “Blindfold kiss” single
  • Leeds, UK indie rock /shoegaze band Lozenge “Radio Song” new single
  • Dallas by way of Muscle Shoals indie rock /shoegaze band (members of The Northern Lights & Viva Voce), 9-volt velvet “Riptide” off “Riptide – Hey Candy” 7″ single originally included on “Nude Beaches” LP
  • Boston, MA-based 4-piece psych /shoegaze /dream pop outfit Little Miss Echo “Worst Things First” from upcoming debut S/T LP
  • Madrid, Spain post-punk /electropop /shoegaze band Munic! “Autoestopista” single
  • Mission Viejo, CA doomgaze /heavy gaze /shoegaze band Blood Pact “Ego Death” from “Solace” LP
  • Bay Area, CA alternative /shoegaze /grunge band Present “Peanut Gallery” from the LP “Silver Lining”
  • Shizuoka, Japan-based pop punk /shoegaze /indie alternative rock band QUBINOIX “Girls Are Alright” 2-track 7″ single via Living Waters Records
  • Melbourne-based, Australian mid-90s formed, post-punk /noise guitar rockers S:BAHN “Collider” from the vinyl 12″ LP “Love Songs”
  • South West London-based emo /math /alternative indie rock band Speedial “Nocturne” debut single
  • Cape Town, South Africa indie rock /psych /krautrock /shoegaze band Sakawa Boys “Out of the Dark” first single off the new album of the same name.
  • Dublin, Ireland electronic /krautrock /psychedelic-rock band MELTS “The Never” from the sophomore LP “Field Theory” via Fuzz Club
  • New York 5-piece psychedelic rock band GIFT “Wish Me Away” single via Captured Tracks
  • Montreal-based indie pop-rock artist Amery Sandfor (fka Alpen Glow), Amery “Mountain FM” off upcoming LP “Continue As Amery” via Night School
  • Liverpool, UK art pop /psych /dreampop /indie pop /electro-pop artist Seagoth – “Amorphous” from the debut LP “How To Stay Wide Awake” [Bytes]
  • Valencia, Spain indie pop duo Lisasinson “Salgo A La Calle” single via Elefant Records
  • Madrid, Spain electronic /indie rock project of Cristina Plaza (Gran Aparato Eléctrico, Los Eterno, and Clovis), Daga Voladora “Quise ser” from the upcoming LP “Los manantiales” via Lovemonk
  • London-based electronic /experimental pop songwriter and producer Emily Underhill, aka Tusks “Strangers” off the third LP ‘’Gold’’ via One Little Independent Records
  • Antwerp/Hamburg-based dream-pop duo The Day “Nemesis” new single from the band’s sophomore album “The Kids Are Alright” on Sinnbus
  • NorwegianIrish chamber pop /indie folk singer-songwriter born and bred in Berlin, Tara Nome Doyle “Blueberry Stains” from “Agape” EP 12″ via Citrinitas Records

Madrid, 1963