WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – JULY #29-22

© Harold Edgerton

  • Comme Des Larmes avec RUMORE [Rinse France – 12 Juillet 2022]                                                     

Slow, sludgy, sultry, obsessive and enveloping are some facets that define the vibrant and compelling sets by Brazilian DJ, Comme des Larmes podcast curator and radio host, Thiago Cantarutti AKA Rumore, sprinkled with Industrial, Electro, Breaks, Acid bass-heavy sounds, which generate tantalising trance-inducing and mechanical rhythmic urges in order to dance relentlessly. 

  • Berlin-based collaborative Electro /New Wave /Dark Disco band project by the producer Kalipo and the DJ/producer couple Local Suicide fronted by Greek native Dina P., DINA SUMMER “Amore” from the debut album “Rimini” out now on Audiolith International

As perhaps one of the most beautiful Italian songs from the ’60s suggests to us, “I hate summer / That gave its perfume to every flower / The summer that created our love / To make me die of pain”, or better to say mostly saddens and unnerves me, especially with this heat, more than electrifies and uplifts. As always, only music is able to awaken us from hopeless comatose states, and what’s better than the energizing and entrancing concoction of retro dancing grooves created by the Berlin-based combo, embedded in dizzying scents of Italo disco classics, with the invigorating addition of New Wave, Indie Dance, Punk and Electroclash nuances, to bounce and sweat under an intoxicating summer moonlit skies. Although named after our East Coast rivals, “Rimini”, the DINA SUMMER‘s debut album is out now, absolutely not to be missed.

  • Aachen-based, German Acid Electro Bass DJ and producer, aykanakdag “Meta Girl” from the upcoming V/A “Electro Maniacs” compilation album on Your Character
  • Lithuania Techno/ EBM /Industrial producer BASK “Frustration” single
  • Los Angeles-based ambient /drone /ethereal /meditative /soundscape music artist and producer Cynthia Bernard, AKA Marine Eyes “What’s on the inside (feat City Of Dawn)” from title track from the upcoming album “Chamomile” on Past Inside the Present
  • Danish neo-classical /acoustic /chamber music project of artists Cæcilie Trier (CTM), Jakob Littauer and Mads Kristian Frøslev, aka TLF Trio “Song” from the first collaborative LP “Sweet Harmony” on Latency
  • UK analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio “Saturation Point” from the new album “Let’s Emerge!” on Sonic Cathedral
  • Greek experimental /cinematic /psych /electronic music producer and film director Yannis Veslemes (aka Felizol) from Athens, aka VESLEMES “Rodonero” from the new LP “The Well” on Macadam Mambo
  • Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut /cosmic electronic producer Joseph Tagliabue from Milan, aka TAGLIABUE “Profonda Pulsione” from title track from the “Profonda Pulsione” EP on Bless You label
  • Tel Aviv ambient /kraut /experimental electronic artist Nadav Spiegel aka Autarkic “The Land Rights” from “The Leibowitz Files” ltd. 7″ single on Holit Records
  • UK dub /drum&bass /Afrofuturism /experimental electronic musician Ka Boukie “Strip Away” from the EP “Strip Away/Spooky C” and part of the forthcoming debut album “Rnig” [Boukie World]
  • Belfast‘s new beat /tribal /acid /psych /Afro /electronic DJ duo Aaron Black & Timmy Stewart AKA Black Bones “Nairobi Night Train / F.A.D” ltd. 7″ single on Höga Nord Rekords subscription series
  • London-based Middle East /breaks /bass /new wave /hip-hop /electro jazz solo project The Maghreban “Got Your Number ft Nah Eeto” from the album “Connection” on his own label zootrecords
  • Tel Aviv‘s post-punk /electronic collaboration Plazmot & Xen – “Sakana (Khidja‘s Indo Remix)” soon part the next September’s SHEVA Compilation project on Malka Tuti
  • Scotland, UK acid /house /breaks /electro /techno producer Mike Smith (aka E.L.I.), aka Crossover Network “All This Mayhem” from the EP “The Come Up” on his new label Pleasure Deficit                                               
  • Dutch experimental /industrial /wave /psych /techno longstanding pivotal Amsterdam‘s radio show host and producer Richard Zeilstra A.K.A. Genetic Factor “Lichtekooi” from the full archival 2xLP compilation “In Deadly Wet Dreams” on Artificial Dance
  • Belfast/London industrial /dub /post-punk electronics duo of Christian Donaghey (Autumns) and Oliver Ho (Broken English Club), AKA Vacant Heads “Crawling Up The Pisser” from the debut S/T EP on Touch Sensitive
  • Berlin-based dark disco /swamp wave producer (half of Random Atlas), Ducati Flux – “Monomachine” from upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 022: Dilation & Truth” EP on Ombra International
  • Monterrey, Mexico EBM /disco /house /techno DJ and producer Jonathan Moreno a.k.a. Sixtoagusto “No Va Parar ft. Montjoie” from “No Va Parar” EP on Kyma Komplex
  • Jamestown, New York harsh industrial electronic pop solo project STCLVR – “Hive destroyer” from the split cassette album “STCLVR / Talk Show” on Phage Tapes
  • Chicago, IL industrial /power-electronics /experimental /electronic act Season of Life “4:08” from the single “untitled” on Chicago Research
  • Italian dark ambient /industrial /techno producer Raimondo Gaviano, aka SWART1 “The Louder” from “SVR 5.0” EP
  • Parisian EBM /industrial /techno DJ-producer Termination 800 – “Cyborg (Nasdrowie Remix)” from upcoming cassette remix compilation “Cyborg (remix compilation)” on Sinister Desires
  • Naples, Italian industrial /EBM /new beat /techno /synth producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “Please Leave Me Alone!” from the upcoming cassette EP “Il Venerdì Dell’Arte” [X-IMG]
  • Austin, TX experimental /industrial /techno producer JT WHITFIELD “Dead Beat” from the upcoming V/A compilation ”Through Consumption And Entertainment” tape via Sons of Traders label in collaboration with Mutant Radio.
  • Frankfurt-based EBM /dark post-punk /coldwave duo Babes of Enola Grey “Ja (Hecate Legacy Remix)” from the tape album “Anfang Vom Ende (Remixed)” due out soon on Crave Tapes
  • Barcelona‘s dark electronic duo SDH “Suffer (Kenny Campbell‘s Don’t Suffer in Silence Remix)”
  • Thessaloniki-based EBM /Industrial /dark electronics producer Alpha Sect “Slave To The Floor” from V/A – “The Second Coming” CD on Athens’ Negative Sciences
  • Veteran Bulgarian experimental /industrial /electro DJ/Producer Petar Tassev, aka MANASYt ‘Keep Walking’ from the upcoming V/A ‘Endless Decay – Volume Two” on Dead Channel Records
  • Spanish IDM /techno /electro duo 4Cantons and Numèric, AKA Melting Dogmas – “Wanting To Be With” from the upcoming split 12″ EP with Roberto Auser on Gooiland Elektro/Enfant Terrible
  • Italian techno minimal project of Emiliano Turi, AKA Don Turi – “Recharging (edit)” on Citizen Records / Clivage Music
  • Toronto, Canada industrial hard techno producer AAHAN “Crisis Of Character” from V/A “Lethal Connection” on Trucking Records
  • London, UK experimental house /techno DJ-producer LEON VYNEHALL “Endless (I)” from the upcoming EP “Endless (I&II)” on Studio Ooze
  • Belarusian ambient /breaks /electro DJ-producer from Minsk, Viikatory – “My Mind” from “Mutual Pleasure 005″ EP 12” on Mutual Pleasure
  • Mysterious German techno /electro producer Elektrotechnik – “Illusion” off of upcoming EP “Elektro Macht” [A-Traction Records]
  • French rave /acid /wave /techno /electro producer Chris Kalera from Strasburg, DynArec “Classification Of Elements” off of upcoming “Force In The Sum” EP [Central Processing Unit]
  • Colorado-based Electro producer-DJ and Dark Science Electro curator Johan Sebastian Bot aka DVS NME “Union Eyes” from “Union Eyes” EP on Fanzine Records
  • Russian techno /electro producer from Moscow, GESLOTEN CIRKEL “Detoon” title track from “Detoon” EP on Turbo Recordings
  • Miami/L.A. acid /ghetto house /electro collaboration E.R.N.E.S.T.O. & Nala – “Get Familiar (Original Mix)” from “Get Familiar” EP on Nala’s Mi Domina Records
  • UK electro acid house & rave legend (one half of 90s duo Together), Suddi Raval “Transmission” from “Kanlab 01″ 2-track 7” single series on I Love Acid / Balkan
  • London, UK acid /house /breaks DJ-producer Jerome Hill “A Million Ways To Get ill” from “Twenty Twenty” EP on Super Rhythm Trax                                                                                                                                               
  • UK melodic techno /dark disco producer Mark Bailey, aka MAN2.0 – “Red Shift (Tronik Youth Remix)” off of upcoming “Red Shift” EP on Paisley Dark Records
  • Middle-Eastern-tinged leftfield indie disco British DJ and producer, Wallace “Ragaman” off of the 2-track EP “Contact” on Disco Halal
  • Parisian electro /funk /cosmic disco producer Pascal Boyer feat. YA – “Plastic (Original Mix)” from V/A “Altered States Vol.7” on SINCHI
  • French electronic /dark disco /indie dance production duo Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys “Generation ft. Vincent Brasse (Italo Version)” off upcoming EP on the pair’s new label Polaris
  • La Plata, Argentina indie dance /trance /dark disco DJ-producer Cosmosolar – “Trust Emotions (Fonsi G. Remix)” from “Trust Emotions” EP [Espacio Cielo]
  • Utrecht, Netherland disco /acid /rave /trance /electronic producer Tjade “Voyager” from “Voyager” EP on Bordello A Parigi
  • Liege, Belgium indie dance /Italo disco /house /electronic producer David Body – “Haunted House (Hoochie Coochie Papa Remix)” from upcoming “Haunted House” EP [Melopeé Records]
  • Netherlands‘ synthpop /nu-disco artist PYN – “Desire (Doctr Remix Dub Version)”
  • EBM /Italo dance project Gino Ritmo & Ricci Verace “Amuleto” from the debut album “Night Shift (Part I)” on Vevey’s CAF?
  • London UK tribal /dark disco producer FARLOH “Voe Amazonia (Original Mix)” from “Safflina” EP on HEARec
  • Polish Balearic /downtempo /chug /electronic duo Jazxing “W Uścisku” from the debut album ‘Pearls of the Baltic Sea’ on Higher Love Recordings
  • UK downtempo /Balearic /electronic producer James Bright “Return” from “Totem” EP on NuNorthern Soul
  • Copenhagen, Denmark experimental /IDM /glitch /electronic music artist Marc Hasselbalch AKA Spectral Motherfucker “Flex 06” from “Flex” EP
  • French ambient /Americana /drone /experimental /improvisational composer Caleb R.K. Williams “Faith Alone” from the album “Wild Works volume 15” a collection of demos and alternative versions on his own The Eagle Stone Collective
  • Vara, Sweden ambient /drone /soundscapes composer Oscar Hildingsson aka Broken Peak “Flying” from the album “Embrace” on Valley View Records
  • The Hague, NL ambient sound artist S. van der Toorn “vervlogenheid iv” from the album “vervlogenheden i-xi” on Aural Canyon
  • Copenhagen based ambient /drone /electronic sound artist Mads Kinnerup “Heart 1993” from the cassette album “Heart 1993” on Janushoved
  • Cádiz, Spain ambient /soundscapes /atmospheric /electronic composer David Cordero “Transitory Ghosts (feat. Suso Saiz)” from the album “And Stillness Came” via Polar Seas
  • Portland, OR-based ambient /electro-acoustic /drone /minimal /electronic project of Pennsylvania native Keith Kenniff (Helios and Mint Julep), AKA Goldmund “Whatever Is Will Be” single
  • Brisbane-based, Australian drone /field recordings /post-classical /ambient instrumental music composer and producer Madeleine Cocolas “And Then I Watch It Fall Apart” from the album “Spectral” on Room40
  • Denton, Texas-based ambient /experimental /improvisation /contemporary classical composer and performer Kory Reeder “Interlude: Essay” from the upcoming album “Codex Vivere” on Another Timbre
  • Hamilton, Ontario-based experimental /field recordings /tape loops /drone /ambient musician Douglas Tewksbury, AKA Tewksbury ‘COP26’ from the second album ‘Brutes’ on Hush Hush Records

© Harold Edgerton