WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – APRIL #17-23


  • Podcast 114 – BD01DB x Brutal Forms                                                                                                                                   

Ulyanovsk-bred Oblezin Alexey aka BD01DB is a stalwart of the local underground electronic party scene and co-founder of Ulyanovsk’s 6:36 AM technology team, whose electrifying combinations of EBM, Electro, Industrial, and Techno with an experimental edge will seize you steadily on the dance floor until the very last beat.

  • Den Haag industrial /acid/ techno/ electro DJ-producer John Scheffer AKA  Intergalactic Gary “The ELKA Experiment” from upcoming “Industrial Models” EP 12″ [Viewlexx]

Early frigid, smokey and dangerous industrial-clad model from Den Haag‘s electronic visionary, via Ferenc van der Sluijs AKA I-F‘s Viewlexx imprint, to drive sneaky low-end predation and unyielding mechanical beats through a barren, murky and crackling spatial realm of distant muted detonations, weak untuned and disconnected frequencies, and droning, shivering mist-laden synth glimmers, to evoke ominous and secluded moods from a lurking unfathomable menace.

  • Margate, UK-based EBM /Italo /techno /electro /synth wave /cosmic disco producer and Vivod imprint founder (aka Cestrian & Parasols), Ali Renault “Galactic Boy” off V/A “Buone Vacanze Vol.2″ EP 12” [Bordello A Parigi]

Dazzling, as usual, spatial synth-laden Disco reverie cloaked in Italo utopic escapism from UK dance artisan to drive late-night moods lit with prowling bouncy bassline magnetism, spiraling icy bright synth stars, warm chiming and warbling glows, and hopping dance beats, merging into a euphoric dancefloor fantasy, where spacey effects and vibrant intoxicating melodies set the stage for an out-of-this-world encounter with “Galactic Boy.”

  • Spanish experimental /garage /bass /breaks producers Andrae Durden and norim “Intramuscular” from “Naloxona” EP [ecco records]

UK-inflected Spanish newcomers masterfully combine crispy and fluid experimental breaks and persistent infectious droning bassline grooves, augmented by harmonious vocal shivers and swarming synth mists, with an impressive rhythmically-driven accuracy into alluring swaying and strobing frequencies of dancing all-night-till-dawn bliss.

  • London based ambient pop artist Romance “I Hear A Symphony” off of the debut album “Fade Into You” [Ecstatic]
  • Japan/Brazil ambient /drone /field recordings /soundscape /space music collaboration, Ayami Suzuki & Carlos Ferreira “Buried Water (Carlos Ferreira Remix)” from cassette album “Umbilical” album [Healing Sound Propagandist]
  • Portland, OR based ambient electronic artist (half of Mind Julep), Hollie Kenniff “Rest In Flight” single
  • Danish/French ambient /soundtrack /electro-acoustic /heartcore collaboration, jjjacob & clair x – “vespertina” off  V/A “endeavors:together!” compilation [charmlink]
  • Budapest, Hungary ambient /drone /psychedelic /kosmische /minimal electronica sound artist Mihaly Wulfen “Over the Cover of Clouds” from the album “Tabidaque” [Moolakii Club Audio Interface]
  • Berlin-based ambient /jazz /electro-acoustic /experimental project of producer, musician, and drummer Hanno Leichtmann (of Groupshow and Denseland, and picture/disk label head) AKA Chromacolor “Kisses And Wine (feat. Annie Garlids)” from the upcoming “Chromacolor” album [arbitrary]
  • London & Essex-based ambient /jazz /electronic project founded in 1989 of  Ian Cooper and Paul Hammond, AKA Ultramarine “Decima” from the upcoming album “Send and Return” [Blackford Hill]
  • Regensburg, German ambient pop electronic musician-DJ-producer Markus Guentner “Onda” title track of the upcoming album “Onda” [Affin]
  • London, UK ambient /psych /pastoral /electronic musician Kieran Hebden AKA Four Tet ‘Three Drums” single
  • Zurich-based wave /psych /kraut /electronic duo Dâdalus & Bikarus – “Youri Gagarine” off “Kraus is the Limit” EP 12″ [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
  • Rome-based, Italian ambient /psych /kraut /tribal /ethnic /acid /techno Dj-producer A-Tweed – “EDBR” from V/A “Life Of Phoroma” compilation [Terra Magica Rec.]
  • Italian psych /ethnic /leftfield /downtempo /trance /space electronica duo A-Tweed X Oltrefuturo “Echinopsis” from the upcoming EP “Echinopsis” [Haus Of Beats]
  • South West of France ambient /acid /downtempo /bass /chug /psych /organic /electronic producer and Reptilian Business Records co-founder, Da Iguana – “Kronos On A Stroll” from “Present of Future Pasts” Mini-LP [Hard Fist]
  • Rome-based, Italian ambient /psych /kraut /tribal /ethnic /acid /techno Dj-producer A-Tweed – “Rundblick (Original Mix)” from upcoming self-released EP “Unbekannter Fotograf (Vol.1)”
  • London, UK electro /bass /tribal /psych /breaks /house /electronica DJ-producer and Third Place label head, Will Hofbauer “Crow” off upcoming “The Shovel is a Shovel was a Shovel” EP [Wisdom Teeth]
  • Dutch/British bass music /dubstep /house /drum & bass veteran producers, Martyn X Om Unit “The Trenches” from “AJ^6″ EP 12” [3024]
  • Rome-based, Italian ambient /psych /kraut /tribal /ethnic /acid /techno Dj-producer A-Tweed – “Rundblick (Original Mix)” from upcoming self-released EP “Unbekannter Fotograf (Vol.1)”
  • Zürich, Switzerland post-punk /experimental /minimal electronics producer Don Kashew “Valse” off the upcoming first album “Reibung” [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
  • Copenhagen, Denmark experimental /ambient /trance producer Schacke – ”Meet Me In A Place Where There Is No Space And Time” from 6-track EP “Synchronized Breathing” CD on Posh isolation
  • Runcorn, UK ambient /coldwave /experimental /electronic /synth project of musician Gordon Chapman-Fox, AKA Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan “Woolston New Cut” from the CD of unreleased cuts included in Colin Morrison’s Castles In Space label magazine “Moonbuilding Sprung 2023” [Castles In Space]
  • Las Vegas, NV bred, West Virginia based minimal house /dub techno artist and synthesist Ivana Carrescia aka ISOLA “Heaven” from “LP1” [smartdumb]
  • Turkish experimental instrumental psych /folktronica /synth-pop project by artist, Dj and keyboard player Gözen Atila, AKA Anadol “Kiralık Aşk” from the second album “Hatıralar” (originally composed between Berlin and Istanbul around 2012 and released years later only in digital form on the Ankara’s Inverted Spectrum) vinyl 12″ reissue via Pingipung
  • Tokyo, Japan post-industrial /experimental /ambient /IDM /leftfield /electronic project Pallette “What Are You Going To Do About It” from the upcoming album “This World Is Not So Forgiving” [Wormhole World]
  • German cinematic /techno /electro producer Elektrotechnik – “Singular” from “Schein Welt” EP [A-TRACTION]
  • Early ’80s Tempe, AZ  industrial /minimal synth band, Tone Set – “The Devil Make The Loudest Noise (Nothing Was There ‘Edit’)” [originally part of the 1982 self-released ‘Cal’s Ranch’ tape album]
  • Paris-based, French experimental /industrial /breaks /techno /electronic musician-producer Couronne De Merde – “Loving kills” from the EP “Policy of Trust” [Ethos Records]
  • Leipzig-based electro /synth wave duo Anna Ersatz and Ole Cassette, AKA Das A&O “Les Hommes Boivent” from the upcoming 7″ single “Les Hommes Boivent” [Rat Life Records]
  • German EBM/ Goth /Techno /Wave /Synthpop trio Die Selektion “Ascheregen” single [Der Katalog]
  • Paris based dark disco /chug /post-punk /wave electronic producer, DJ and Mange_Moi label owner, Idir Abermil AKA Id!r – “It Doesn’t” from “Better Inside” EP [Mange_Moi]
  • Barcelona-based Ukrainian cold synth/dark electronic music artist, singer, and songwriter, Julia Bondar – “Burn” from Julia Bondar’s EP “Tropic of Virgo” [WARRIORECORDS]
  • Croatian/Slovenian EBM /electro /synth electronic music producer duo Le Chocolat Noir and Christian Kroupa (Alleged Witches), AKA Black Dot “Black Dot (Cardopusher Remix)” from “Structure Without Tomorrow” EP 12″ [Mechatronica]
  • French industrial /EBM /electro /techno producer Terence Fixmer “Our Nation” off the upcoming V/A “Shedding Skin” 3×12″ LP compilation [BITE026]
  • Giorgio Moroder – “Faster Than The Speed Of Love (Alpha Sect Re-Work)” [1977]
  • Polish Electro /EBM duo Pleasuredome FM – “Mortal Kombatant” from “Hotline Eden” EP 12″ [Italo Moderni]
  • Belgian EBM /dark electro /techno producer Steve Deconinck, aka VV303 “Home Base One” from “Hunter” EP [FenixFire Records]
  • Italian shoegaze /darkwave /synthpop tro led by Francesco Mele, AKA Evil Saint Francis “Memory Lane, Lying in Pain (LVCA Remix)” off debut EP “Memory Lane, Lying in Pain” [Rollover Milano Records]
  • Bronski Beat “Smalltown Boy (Barsotti edit)”
  • Brooklyn, NY old school /acid /techno /house producer and L.I.E.S. Records label head, Ron Morelli “Tangled Trap of Love” from the double LP “HEART STOPPER” [Long Island Electrical Systems / L.I.E.S.]
  • Early 00s Belgian Techno DJs & producers Tomaz & Filterheadz – “Sunshine (Marlon Hoffstadt aka DJ Daddy Trance Remix)” off “Sunshine Remixes” EP [Suara]
  • Spanish techno collaboration Dok & Martin, Luis Miranda – “Secret Code” off the EP “I’ll Never Be Myself” [Say What? Recordings]
  • Berlin-based techno /trance /house producer Malugi “Heart & Soul (Instrumental)” off  “Body Bounce” EP [SNC CREW]
  • Berlin-based acid /industrial techno producer Part Time Killer “Need You” from “Silver Spring” EP [Raise Music]
  • Amsterdam based techno /trance DJ, producer and Slash label owner, KI/KI – “To The Vibe (rework)” off “Leave it to the vibe” EP [Slash]
  • Berlin based, Tel Aviv‘s trance/ wave /techno /electronic producer and owner of ‘Disco Halal‘ label, Moscoman “Rob The Plants” from “Rob The Plants” EP [Disco Halal]
  • Chernobyl, Ukraine sci-fi /techno /electro artist Lectromagnetique “Thallium” from “Afterburner” EP
  • Liepzig based cold funk electro Dutch Dj-producer and Clear Memory label affiliated, Milium – “Lidl Darknet” off V/A “Clear Memory 010″ EP 12” compilation [Clear Memory]
  • Italian influential funk /electro /techno /electronic producer from Rome, Marco Passarani (half of the duo Tiger & Woods), aka PASSARANI “Bumpy Asstatic Probe” [archive006]
  • Liverpool-born Experimental /Techno /Breakbeat /Electro musician and electronic music producer, Sound Of Drowning “Fear City (EKATA Remix)” from “Fear Induced Freakin'” EP 12″ [Burial Soil]
  • London UK cyberpunk /acid /electro DJ-producer (Breakin’ Records and Fresh Up Records founder) Edward Upton aka DMX Krew – “Softer User Guide” off “Time Holes” EP 12″ [Operation Madness]
  • Lithuanian downtempo /slow /breakbeat /psych /electronic producer Dovydas (1/2 of Electric Shapes and Far East Flight), AKA Jokios Kultūros – “Basic Level” from the upcoming LP “All Is One” [Electric Shapes]
  • London, UK-based acid /house /techno /electro Texan DJ-producer (AKA Acid Freq) AKA Chupacabras – “They’re Watching You” from the upcoming V/A “Trust the Rust Vol.1” cassette album [Kri Records]
  • Russian industrial /acid /electro /breaks /dark techno producer RLGN – “Apollo 3023″ off V/A “Eight Years Of Love – Part 2” EP [System 108]
  • German Electro /Italo Cosmic Disco producer Martin Matiske – “Shape” from forthcoming “Eternal Reality” EP 12″ [Nocta Numerica]                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Berlin-based hardcore /booty bass /electro British producer & DJ, Minor Science “Workahol” off “064” EP [AD 93]
  • Oakland-based ambient /leftfield /electro /dub techno /house producers Dan Letson (aka DJML) & Jerod S. Rivera, AKA Later Version – “Swim Domain” from “Swim Domain” EP 12″ [Third Place]
  • London-based acid /Balearic /house /indie dance /eclectic electronic production/DJ duo Jezebell – “Trading Places (6PM)” from “Trading Places (Daytime Versions)” EP
  • UK genre-defining Balearic /House /Synth-Pop electronic-dance music veteran duo, A Man Called Adam – “The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart (Vinyl Radio Mix)” off “The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart” EP [Other Records]                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Fad Gadget – “Lady Shave (Parissior Late Night Remix)”
  • Catalan acid /techno /house /psych /indie dance /electronic DJ-producer and founder of Suara Records, Coyu, AKA Esprit Divers “Sanasana (Venice Arms Remix)” from “Sanasana Sanasana” EP [Duro]
  • Valencia, Spanish acid /dark disco /cosmic disco /indie dance DJ-producer and Sincopat label owner Marc Martinez Nadal aka AFFKT ”Corcho (Kimshies Remix)” from “Corcho” EP [Dust & Blood]
  • German acid /psych /electro /house /breakbeat Dj-producer Niklas Wandt – “Die Glocke (Fantastic Twins Remix)” from “WAR1207″ EP 12” [WARNING]
  • Lithuanian Acid /Psych /Indie Dance /Dark Disco DJ-Producer, Cosman – “Phrygian Trance (Heidenreich Remix)” off “Phrygian Trance” EP [ODD Pleasures]
  • Montenegro/France dark disco collaboration Pim Secle & Orchid – “Trinity” from “’90’S Kids” EP [Nein Records]
  • Brussels-based trance /dark disco DJs & producers duo Sylphomatic “Wet Ritual (Diego Montiel Remix)” from “Chapter 19” EP [Critical Monday]
  • Cannes, France ’90s /cosmic synth /Italo disco /indie dance producer Panthera “Crise (Damon Jee Remix)” off  “Crise” EP [Polaris]
  • Berlin-based Spanish psych /cosmic /dark disco /indie dance /electronic producer James Rod “Synthetic Glory” off upcoming EP “Synthetic Glory” [Paisley Dark Records]
  • Paris , France indie dance /Italo /cosmic disco DJ-producer (cofounder of Orchessons), Mon cher Guy – “Malfunction” from V/A “A Retro Futuristic Collage” compilation album [Club Mackan]
  • Vilnius, Lithuania acid /house /trance /psych /slow techno /electronic producer and Skalbiankė label head, Koneliūnas “Outside” off upcoming V/A “Spring” album [Skalbiankė]
  • Berlin-based electro /techno /house DJ-producer and Superluminal label founder, Matthias – “Tube Star” off “Lazan Beat” EP [Craigie Knowes]
  • Munich, Germany-based ambient /experimental /breakbeat /piano house /techno /electronic DJ-producer Robin Wang aka SAM GOKU “painohosue” single
  • Sacramento, CA ambient /drone /deep /hypnotic techno producer Dianthe “Preservation (Original Mix)” from “Preservation” EP [KVLTÖ Records]
  • Portland, OR-based ambient /field recordings /experimental /electronic multimedia artist William Selman “Voyage In The Blue” from the upcoming album “The Weather Indoors” [Mysteries of the Deep]
  • London-based ambient /field recordings /classical /electronica /vocal composer Drum & Lace “Echium” live vocal improvisation recorded in London on April 21st, 2023 in honor of Earth Day 2023
  • Kraków, Poland ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental artist Martyna Basta “Slowly Forgetting, Barely Remembering” title track of the album “Slowly Forgetting, Barely Remembering” [Warm Winters Ltd.]
  • Tokyo, Japan ambient /drone /electronic /experimental composer and performer Ken Ikeda “Morning Glow” from “Sparse Memory” album [Room40]
  • Cologne, Germany based ambient /downtempo /electronic French one-man project Ryefield Society – “Teen dreams” off the album “Artless Ostinati” [Huinali Recordings]
  • Berlin-based ambient /experimental /electronic artist Cunt Remember “Looked like it was real but is was fake” from “What cannot be said will be music” EP [katharsis]
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