WL//WH Weekly Electronic Tips

Weekly Electronic Tips

Canadian industrial synth electronic producer from Toronto, Holon “Some Things Never Change”

Industrial / ambient / drone project Ruinous Tactics “Fortress II” from the forthcoming cassette “Clarity” via Strange Rules

UK electronic producer from London, Daniel Avery “Slow Fade” from forthcoming new album “Song For Alpha” on Phantasy Sound

Copenhagen power electronics / noise and industrial project by Frederikke Hoffmeier aka PUCE MARY “I Pray For Deliverance, The Size of My Desires” from V/A “I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You” on Posh Isolation

Bristol, UK’s techno producer Jacob Martin, aka Hodge “Sunlight On A Broken Column” from the forthcoming T. S. Eliot-inspired compilation project V/A “In Death’s Dream Kingdom” on Houndstooth

Bogotà, Colombia Dark Dense Electronic Waves project of Diego Diaz, aka DELECRTRO“Missiles” from the upcoming “Missiles” 12″ EP on Bombtrap Records

San Francisco based dark techno / EBM artist Buzz Kill “To Cast A Shadow” from V/A compilation ‘DMC003’ out now via Dionysian Mysteries

Berlin-based Techno | Industrial | EBM | Experimental female producer MELANIA “Underage” from V/A 12″ EP “LÄRM UND STAHL” on Oráculo Records

New York electronic producer Pixelife “New Laurentide” from the upcoming album “Origin Pattern”

Madrid‘s ambient electronic techno producer OSCAR MULERO “Edges Of Mortality” off the artist’s new EP, ‘Acceptance’, out now on Semantica

Leeds, UK abstract electro techno producer BFTT “Public / Private” from upcoming split 12″ EP ‘CB02’ via Manchester’s Cong Burn Tapes

Swindon, UK Industrial, Electronic, Experimental music act started by John Stephen Corrigan aka Jack DangersMEAT BEAT MANIFESTO “Nocebo” from the new album “Impossible Star”.

Norrköping, Swedish electronic / ambient / drone project of Edvin Norling, aka Brödraskapslöftet ”Sand” from the cassette ‘Hot övergår i handling’ out now on Moloton.

Italian techno / electro producer from Rome, T/Error “Submission”.

Saint Petersburg-based Ukrainian electronic / dark disco / Italo disco / electro producer Konstantyn Isaev aka VOLTA CAB “Savage Fury” title track of the forthcoming album on Bordello A Parigi.

UK analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio “Box In A Box” from V/A “in Death’s dream kingdom” out now on Houndstooth.

UK industrial dark ambient project of Reece Thomas Green, Alocasia Garden “Where No Hands Could Reach Out To Him” from upcoming cassette on Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere

Bristol‘s electronic / dubstep / techno / breakbeat DJ, producer, founder of Tectonic Recordings , PINCH “Walking With Shadows” forthcoming new single on Swamp 81

Swedish pianist and composer Matti Bye “Loneliness Of Earth (Jonas Rönnberg, AKA Varg’s Ursviken Version)

Brooklyn-based electronic / drum&bass / dreampop artist Lindsey French aka Negative Gemini “Bad Baby” title track from new “Bad Baby” cassette EP.

Wien, Austria industrial / EBM / dark techno producer DJ WARZONE “Sabbath Of Lust”

Munich, German deep dark techno producer MTRL “Hebu” title track of the new EP on Subkultur

MIKA VAINIO + RYOJI IKEDA + ALVA NOTO (Carsten Nicolai) “Movement 4” from “Live 2002” [live on September 23, 2002 at the Baltic Centre For Contemporary Art in Newcastle] on Raston

Mysterious electronic act Mini Esco “Dreamer” from the new V/A “I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You” on Posh Isolation

Portland‘s synth / experimental / psychedelic / kosmische / electronic artist Wayne Longer aka Adderall Canyonly “The Limits of All Known Ice” title track of the limited cassette on Lighten Up Sounds.

Turin-based Italian experimental / acid / techno producer Gabriele Ardore, a.k.a Code 701 “Abandoned Temple” title track of the new EP on New York Haunted.