WL//WH Video Of The Day: PARIS ALEXANDER “Desire” (feat. Eirene)

Video Of The Day  Paris Alexander (feat. Eirene)

Brighton based, English Coldwave / Post Punk singer, songwriter, music producer Paris Alexander, in conjunction with the long-awaited release of his debut album, “Renaissance (feat. Eirene)“,  co-written and produced with Tina Eirene, via his own Blue Door Production, has shared an immersive video for the final LP track, “Desire”.

Droning nocturnal and dim twinkling moods inspire a relentless somberly burbling bass line to ignite mystery and danger through a simmering backdrop of eerie cinematic airy synth expansions, stirred in repetitive hypnotic rhythms, searing wistful guitar quiverings and Eirene’s witchy whimsical whispers mixed with distant shallow male gasps, to evoke deep sensuality, dark secrecy, and primal “Desire” into a tinkling cascading fall of intoxicating carnal intimacies.

A black and white choreographed dance sequence, by Cottonbro, draws luxurious mystery from a minimal yet intoxicating backdrop in sync with the rich allure of the soundtrack. Invigorating dimensions of artistry and form use crystalline focus, decelerated flow of motion, and intense shades of contrast to open the mind’s eye into impeccable perceptions of detail and form. Dramatic, piercing eye contact, subtle yet flamboyant costume, and ornate architectural décor drape the evocative performance with a decadent and depth defying visual ambience evoking a raw sea of uninhibited Passion and “Desire.”

Paris Alexander (feat. Eirene) debut album, “Renaissance”, with contributions by Antipole (Karl Morten Dahl) and UIU (Greg Weir), is out now on Bandcamp.

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