WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – NOVEMBER #48 – 22


  • Feed Your Head Show: BETTY                                                                                                                  

A stalwart of the Lyon clubbing scene, Betty delivers club-oriented dance mixes tinged with Indie Dance and Dark Disco, while adding some New Wave. She is also one half of the recently established duo Nouveau Futur along her friend Neurotiker, with their first track, “Amour éphémère”, ready to blast off next December 7th on Mélopée Records’ compilation “Retro Futur”.

  • Athens, Greece based Noise /Dark Electro /Punk /EBM new solo project of 1/2 of One Flesh.Infektion, The Hanged Man – “Mind Games” off upcoming V/A “Unholy Body Tempo” compilation [SHISHI]

New solo venture by Athenian doomy Body Music producer, who besides simultaneously featuring on an EBM-charged killer cut with fellow Alpha Sect, debuts in great shape with a wintry and menacing Industrialized Techno strain to insinuate a dystopic dreadful barren urban grit intoxicated with a droning throbbing dancing ebb and flow of deceptive disclosures. Arcane, dark, and abrasive hypnotic frequencies compel buzzing bass line undulations to flicker and contort under the heavy weight of ominous stacked thumping drum kicks and slashing beats, whilst incoming swarms of eerie searing synth swathes transfix, seize, and overpower a distracted, desire-driven mindset with minimal vocal suggestions.

  • Ambient /experimental /glitch /abstract /minimal /electronic sound artist, heoliene “download filament rain” off the album “pico” on deuveir                                                                                                             

Enigmatic experimental electronic sound artist heoliene, possibly in one of its most accomplished releases to date, moves away from previous glitch leanings, to deliver a sublime deep, and hypnotic array of micro sounds, rife with plinking and chiming deep melodies rolling through an alternate universe of piercing tones, blurry frequencies, humming soft pads, and light percussive patterns, to merge in an expanding headspace of psychic clarity where mesmeric repetitions, subsonic echoes, and twinkling thoughtforms rise as newfound constellations on the magical horizon of twilight’s darkening shift.

  • Bogotá based bass /techno /breaks /electro artist DAGGA – “Keep Going” from V/A “DAAF TRAX 3” compilation on FU.ME rec

The forthcoming third volume from Milan-based FU.ME rec‘s “DAAF TRAX” compilation keeps on evoking futuristic sounds, teased by Colombian producer that injects cloudy swarming droning auras with hypnotic erratic jiggly bass lines, hard-stomping dance beats, and minimal distressing vocal agency, to rise and fall in sinister waves of breaking rhythms and warning synth alarms left dancing in a heady dominion of “Tesla Trooper” bliss.

  • UK based ambient /drone /electro-acoustic producer Russ Young “Chancel of Living Trees” from the 2023 album “Cloak” on Audiobulb
  • Collaboration between Spanish ambient experimental composer Pepo Galán and Australian dream-pop vocalist and musician Karen Vogt, aka GALÁN / VOGT “Panacea I (Akira Rabelais Remix)” from “All The Time In the World (Akira Rabelais Remixes)” EP
  • Melbourne/Seattle ambient collaboration between ambient musician/producers IKSRE (Phoebe Dubar) and Party Store (Josh Machniak), aka IKSRE & Party Store “Believe” from the album “Northwest & Southeast” via Stereoscenic Records
  • Melbourne, Australia ambient/ modern classical /minimal /electroacoustic /piano artist Lisa Lerkenfeldt “With water up to her knees” from the cassette 2-track single “With water up to her knees” on Shelter Press
  • Kiel, Germany dark ambient /neo-classical /cinematic /ethereal /electronic composer-producer Morgen Wurde – “Ende Sah feat. Tetsuroh Konishi” from V/A “Pop Ambient 2023” compilation on Kompakt
  • Irish ambient /trance /techno /deep electronica producer John Haughey ‘Scattering’ from the album ‘Dispersion of Light’ on Waxing Crescent Records
  • Montreal based ambient /techno /trap /dub /experimental electronic artist Zac MacArthur AKA Ura “Baby With A Halo” title track of the vinyl LP “Baby With A Halo” on Motion Ward
  • Vermont dungeon synth sound artist Psychic Hood “Perils Unknown” from “Demo I” EP
  • Frankfurt am Main experimental /ambient /dub /downbeat /breakbeat /wave /techno DJ-producer Benedikt Frey “Steam” from the album “1987” on his own R.i.O. Label
  • Danish-born, Luxembourg-based hauntology /experimental electronic artist and Second Language label co-founder, Martin Jensen, AKA The Home Current “Ludwig’s Lament” from the vinyl album “The Circus Hunter” on Subexotic Records
  • Dutch experimental electro producer from Rotterdam, Ian Martin – “Terra Nova” off upcoming cassette album “Grey Theatre” on Confused Machines
  • Berlin based avant-pop /leftfield electronics live performance-based project by musician Nat Fowler, AKA Novo Line – “Cortina” from upcoming album “Zeit” on Osàre! Editions
  • US industrial /tribal /trance /techno /electronic producer Expropriation – “Nomah” from the cassette “Torora” [HOMVA 026]
  • Utrecht-based early 90s experimental techno /electronic duo Human Beings “Ghost In The Shell” (unreleased, 1992) title track from “The Matrix” EP on Something Happening Somewhere
  • Tel Aviv experimental /breakbeat /acid /disco /post-punk /wave /techno duo Red Axes “Rhythm Passage” upcoming on Phantasy Sound
  • Milan-based experimental /ambient /dub /breakbeat /techno /electronic sound artist, live performer and independent researcher Mariachiara Troianiello, AKA Katatonic Silentio “Hypothèse D’Hypnose” from the album “Les Chemins De L’inconnu” on Munich’s Ilian Tape                                                                     
  • Illinois‘ harsh noise /techno /industrial producer Daymon Kiliman, a.k.a. Luct Melod “Intarsia” from upcoming EP “Intarsia” [Vives]                                                                                                                                           
  • Electronic /new wave /post-punk trans-media artist, composer and vocalist based between Vienna and Berlin, Rosa Anschütz “Their Blood (Ellen Allien Remix)” from “Goldener Strom Remixes1” EP [ BPitch ]
  • Madison, Wisconsin industrial /electro /new beat /EBM project by Caustic’s Matt Fanale and Null Device’s Eric Oehler, KLACK “Beat Unity (Beats Mix)” from “Beat Unity” remix EP                                                       
  • Sheffield, UK Shoegaze /Grime /Hip-Hop /Dubstep /Bass Music producer-DJ, Commodo “Eyewitness” from upcoming EP “Mysterious Trax 002” [Mysterious Trax]
  • Experimental /dubstep /breakcore /drum & bass project of London-born, Peruvian producer Nicolás Prado AKA Prado “Collapsed system” from “Machines” EP tape on Buh Records
  • Moscow-based electro /EBM /dark techno DJ-producer, GEGEN MANN “Soul Ice” from V/A “ Choices For Instability” compilation upcoming on Frenesia
  • French EBM /cold wave /electro composer, producer, remixer and Black Strobe member, Arnaud Rebotini “I Drive East” from the upcoming “I Drive East” EP on Mannequin Records
  • Zurich, Switzerland techno /electro /new wave /dark electronic producer and Relish label boss, Robi Insinna, a.k.a. Headman “NOT ABOUT (Exterminador Remix 1)” 2nd single from the upcoming Headman album on Relish Label
  • Leipzig, German dark electro /industrial /EBM artist Tino Claus, aka TC75 “Sun” from the album “5TH”
  • Athens-born EBM /Industrial /Wave /Electro /Techno DJ-producer and founder of Pi Electronics label as well as co-founder of Modal Analysis imprint Alex π AKA 3.14 “L’oubli (feat. Alekzandra)” from the cassette EP “Driven by Guilt (Archives 2016-2021, Part II)” on SOIL
  • Bogotà, Colombian Electro /Techno /Industrial /EBM producer and founder of DClock Records, Jesús David Restrepo, AKA Damaged Clock “Psicotoxic” off “Shut Up” EP on Nu Body Records
  • Thessaloniki-based EBM /Industrial /Techno /Dark Electronics DJ-producer Alpha Sect feat. The Hanged Man – “Hype Fame Glory” from the upcoming V/A “Polygon” compilation on Samo Records
  • German industrial /techno producer Michael Wollenhaupt, AKA Ancient Methods “Accept Light” from Ancient Methods & Umwelt‘s “RAVE OR DIE 15PIC” picture disc 12″ [RAVE OR DIE & NEWFLESH]
  • Berlin based EBM /industrial /techno /cyberpunk Cuban/American DJ-producer Blush Response “Counter Corruptor (Falhaber Remix)” from “Hypermania” EP on KINDCRIME
  • Berlin-based EBM /electro /acid techno producer and Dame-Music label founder, Bloody Mary “Siren” off V/A “The Melting Point Vol. 4″ EP 12” [Dame-Music]
  • Portuguese experimental techno DJ-producer Luis Gonçalves, AKA Lewis Fautzi “No Saint, I Know” from “You Can’t Step On the Same Risk Twice” EP on mord
  • Madison, WI industrial /techno producer DJ SPEEDSICK “Brain Smoother”
  • Greek ambient /experimental /industrial /breakbeat /trance /techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance – “Persistence of Memory”
  • Russian electro /dark disco /electronic DJ-producer, Disco Morato – “Globalization” from “Disco Traxx” EP [Syberian]
  • Mexican indie dance /dark disco /slow techno producer (aka Mahkina), Alex Aguayo – “Away” from upcoming EP “Away” on Nein Records
  • Berlin-based dark disco /dark electronic /wave Greek/German duo Vamparela & Brax Moody, AKA Local Suicide “Agapi feat. Sissi Rada (Echonomist Remix)” off “Eros Anikate – Aphrodite Remixes” EP on Iptamenos Discos
  • Paris/Lisbonne Electroclash /Italo /Synth /Wave /Dance duo ANTIDOT “Fleshback” off upcoming EP
  • Venezuela/Turkey dark disco /wave /indie dance duo Alejandro Molinari & Leo Sagrado feat. Joy Tyson – “Perfect Stranger (Freudenthal Remix)” off the EP “Perfect Stranger” on Harabe Records
  • French alt-pop /dark disco artist Theodora “Twist In My Sobriety (David Shaw and The Beat Remix)” (Tanita Tikaram cover) [TheodoraProject]
  • South Korean Italo disco /synth wave /indie dance /electronic producer and uju Records boss, Shubostar “Thunderer” off upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 024: Eternity” EP [Ombra International]
  • Italian dark disco /Italo wave producer Vicky Montefusco – “A Chi Tutto, A Chi Niente” from “Navigate” EP on Melómana Records
  • Berlin based indie rave moniker of Luca Venezia (Curses), Venice Arms – “Cuore Nero” from the first volume of V/A ‘Buone Vacanze’ EP compilation on Bordello A Parigi
  • Belfast‘s multi-faceted producer teams up with Chicago techno-house legend, Phil Kieran & Green Velvet “Enjoy The Day (Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Downtown Remix)”
  • Southeast London Indie Dance /Dark Disco DJ-producer, Parallel “Leaking” from upcoming EP “Pressure” on Nein Records
  • 1982 Italo Disco hit, Diana Est – “Tenax (Armonics Remake)” [Slow Motion Records‘s A Ufo Series]
  • Berlin-based Italo disco /synth-wave /electronic producer Micropacer – “Seelenruhe (Marvin & Guy Remix)” from upcoming “Zeitgeist” EP on Melodize
  • Nijmegen, Netherlands based Italo disco /wave /electronic producer Luca dell’Orso “Early Days” from the upcoming EP “Drive Fast, Brake Hard” on Ritmo Fatale
  • Valencian Italo /dark disco /indie dance producer Mundo D “Hall Of Stars” from upcoming EP on Sincopat
  • Berlin based nu-disco /indie dance /leftfield house /deep electronic producer, Longhair “Sistema Solar” from “Axis Mundi” EP on MM Discos
  • Lyon/Tel Aviv indie dance /ethnic disco /nu-rave /psych /disco-funk /electronic collaboration, Cornelius Doctor & Omri Smadar – “Ayawaska” from upcoming V/A – “Dust of Life (Hard Fist 5 years double compilation)” 5th anniversary 2 x 12″ LP on Tushen Rai and Cornelius Doctor‘s HARD FIST label
  • Chilean/Lithuanian acid /kraut /psych/ indie dance /electronic collaboration Persona RS & Bojarchük “Unchained (Tkuz Remix)” from upcoming EP “Relics” on Kyma Komplex
  • Russian eclectic psych Goa trance electronic DJ-producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), AKA Rambal Cochet “Noch Nezhna” from V/A “Reality Simulation” EP on Terra Magica Rec.
  • Tel Aviv/Bali based, Russian breakbeat /acid /trance /electronic DJ-producers, co-founder of the label ИДА, Uninc & Kolomensky – “Shine T (Adventure Society Remix)” from the EP “Shine T” on Electric Shapes
  • Dublin based IDM /acid /electro hardware electronic producer CH415 – “Magnetic (digital only)” from “Luminous b/w Magnetic” lathe cut 10″ single on brokntoys
  • Berlin-based, Detroit‘s dark techno /electro producer DJ Stingray 313 “Potential” from 3×12″ LP “Aqua Team” on Micron Audio
  • Italian eclectic electro-funk /Italo /cosmic /electro musician and producer Luca Roccatagliati AKA DJ Rocca ‘No Gym” from the upcoming “CODE 041” EP on Cyphon Recordings
  • Margate, UK based techno /electro producer and Vivod imprint founder (aka Cestrian & Parasols), Ali Renault “Minerva’s Shrine” from the upcoming “Stone Tape” EP on Nocta Numerica
  • Fribourg, Swiss leftfield /downtempo /breaks /slow trance /electronic duo Los Pashminas – “Turtle Haze Convolution (Tassilo Vanhöfen Remix)” from upcoming “The Reptiles & Arthropods Remixes” White Series#2 EP on Subject To Restrictions Discs
  • South Korea based experimental /tribal /techno /acid /psytrance /breakcore producer (Pyramid of knowledge), K.O.P. 32 – “Alkaid” off upcoming “Pluie Rouge” EP on Mana Abundance
  • UK IDM experimental electronica duo Ed Handley and Andy Turner (AKA The Black Dog and Balil), AKA Plaid “Tomason” from the new LP “Feorm Falorx” on Warp Records
  • New Mexico IDM /acid /drum&bass /electronic producer Brainwaltzera – ”Medal Headz [G.B.D.F] Peshay Remix” from “Medal Headz [G.B.D.F]” EP on FILM
  • Vancouver based ambient /psych /breaks /bass /acid techno producer Overland “Paloma (Purelink Remix)” from “Blink For Eternity” EP on Paryìa
  • Yorkshire based ambient /experimental /hauntology /electronic musician Mat Handley (member of Floodlights and vert:x) AKA Pulselovers “Side 2” from “PLK1” first of a series of home dubbed C45 bootleg tapes.
  • Berlin-based new age /psyche /ambient pop Gregory Pearce “Cultivate Comfort” from the debut album “Live Laugh Love”
  • Paris based ambient /experimental /tribal /psychedelic /electronic music producer-DJ George Issakidis (The Micronauts and Speedy J collaborator), Issakidis – “Apana” from the second album “Navigating the Kali Yuga Vol. 1” on Optimo Music.
  • Ukrainian ambient /drone /modern classical /electronic /piano solo project of Oleksiy Sakevych, AKA Endless Melancholy “The Joy of Youth” from “When We See The Light” EP
  • Belgium based dark ambient /drone /cinematic /soundscapes composer Rojinski “The Silent Tears” from the album “Suffering In Silence”
  • German ambient /minimal /dungeon /cosmic /synth sound artist Woods Of Sith Cala “The Body In The Hollow Tree” from the album “A Haunting”
  • Yorkshire-based dark ambient /drone /cinematic /electronica composer Thomas Ragsdale (aka FFION), aka Sulk Rooms “They Believe Letters Keep Me Company” from the album “Ceremony” on Decaying Spheres
  • Japanese ambient /drone modular unit led by veteran sound artist Chihei Hatakeyama, Noir Son Repos “a lost forest VI” from the album “Wandering in a Lost Forest II” on White Paddy Mountain
  • Galpin, Chicago-based ambient /drone /soundscape /field recordings /sound artist Teddy Schrishuhn AKA Rs Masters “Goodbye” from the debut album “Galpin” on Low Versions
  • Stockholm‘s ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /electronic artist John Roger Olsson, AKA Havenaire “Stargazing” from the vinyl album “Transition” on Past Inside the Present
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