WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – OCTOBER #44 – 22

Gilles Roudiere photography

  • THOMAAS BANKS “Halloween ’22 Mix”                                                                                                                 

UK native, L.A.-based EBM /Industrial /Techno electronic artist (one-half of Psychemagik) with a Halloween mix of his, some of mine, and, possibly, also of your faves.                                              

  • Dark atmospheric electronic collaboration between L.A. multi-disciplinary experimental industrial electro producer and composer Colin Cameron Allrich, and Kansas City‘s witch-wave-producer artist Tara Saavedra, AKA Slighter x Morgue VVitch “Cold Black Waters (Club Version)” off “Cold Black Waters” single on Slighter’s label Confusion Inc.

In its uncannily atmospheric and spooky downtempo version, “Cold Black Waters” transmits eerie sonar waves through a thick murky sinuous seascape of ominous echoing, stumbling broken beats, droning low end oscillations, swirling dramatic synth swathes, whirring and glitchy FX, waxing and waning with heavy hypnotic and quavering vibrancy, whilst beautifully tragic lost celestial cries float, then sink under a rising tide of doom-laden destiny.

  • Paris, France industrial techno producer Znzl “Belief Relief” single

Killer sweeping industrialized techno dynamo from the Parisian producer that grows increasingly entrancing with every cutting hit and stark kick, propelled by snappy and crisp hard-hitting rhythms, rustling and abrasive FX, chugging buzzing basslines, and desolate wailing synth sweeps, to create a mysterious, menacing yet unearthly peak-time euphoric vibe.

  • “Untitled 9” from V/A “Sycamore Tape” charity cassette compilation of anonymous ambient and downtempo electronic tracks created by a group of artists, established and curated by Eric Setterlund (Lookout) on Las Vegas‘ label Mystery Circles

“The idea was to have a group of artists go outside their comfort zones stylistically and create anonymous tracks for a (charity) compilation that will leave you guessing who made what”, whilst constantly shining the craving for exploration and the boldness to overcome stylistic boundaries, we immerse ourselves into a changing expanse of tinkling and soothing refractions and mesmeric pads that make tangible the magic of vivid and enveloping sensory soundscapes, suffused with sweeping emotional vibrancy, which gently creeps into our senses.

  • Manchester, UK ambient /dreamy /piano /electronic musician-singer-songwriter Elizabeth Crompton “A Warning” title track off the EP ‘A Warning’ taken from her forthcoming album, ‘Problems Of Other Minds’, on Werra Foxma Records
  • Ambient /experimental /drone /electronic collaboration between Italian artist Guido Zen and Stockholm based, Russian-native Ivan Pavlov, COH / ABUL MOGARD “Find and Hold” from the album “Coh Meets Abul Mogard” forthcoming on Houndstooth
  • L.A. ambient / experimental /electronic collaboration between John Jones (AV Moves, Geo Rip) and Jesse Sappell (Motion Ward), aka JJ+JS “Meshing” from the cassette album “Peeled” upcoming on Daisart
  • Kumamoto, Japan ambient /drone /chilled-out /retro electronic sound artist Daiki F. “Our Solar System Is An Atom” from the album “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” on Neotantra                                                                 
  • Kara, Togo ambient /vaporwave /hypnagogic artist Siddei “m’ybbyneweuha” from the cassette album “ihu” on Stargazing at Blank Skies!
  • London based ambient /synth /analog electronica New English Architecture “Edge of Vision (Edit)” two-track single “Edge of Vision / Waveform Abyss” from the forthcoming album “EDGE OF VISION”
  • French dark ambient /noise /electronic /psych /Medieval drone project Drone Baron “Constantinople” from the album “Dusk At Shadow Castle” on Lotophagus Records
  • Toulouse, France ambient /experimental /industrial /dungeon synth /dark wave /dark electronics producer Alison Flora (Abyssal, Sun Dogs, AFB, Blind Delon), AKA Sopoorific – “Gemstone” from the upcoming cassette album “Waterfall Cave” on Grande Rousse Disques
  • Brooklyn, NY industrial /ambient /house /techno producer Ron Morelli “Ron’s Torture (Studio Mix)” from “Torture Promo” 12 inch EP (from the upcoming double LP “Heart Stopper” due in Spring 2023) on his own L.I.E.S. Records
  • Liverpool native, Hastings based experimental /ambient /industrial /dub /electronic musician (Bourbonese Qualk co-founder), Simon Crab “Stack Interchange” off the upcoming “Invisible Cities” album on Space Ritual
  • London based, Italian-born dub /psych /breakbeat /bass /electronic DJ, producer and co-founder of Baroque Sunburst, Soreab “Untitled 2” from “Teleportation (feat. Cinna Peyghamy)” EP 12″ soon on Control Freak Recordings
  • Amsterdam based ambient /drum&bass /breakbeat /techno producer and core member of De Lichting collective, Human Space Machine – “Unmade” from the forthcoming “The Zone” EP on re:st
  • Berlin-based IDM /techno /breakbeat /electro producer and Digital-Gadget label head Jeff Pils, AKA Bogger “Haze” from “Panic ROM” cassette album on Brokntoys
  • Frankfurt am Main experimental /ambient /dub /downbeat /breakbeat /wave /techno DJ-producer Benedikt Frey “Attitude” single from upcoming LP “1987” on his own R.i.O. Label
  • Tel Aviv experimental /breakbeat /acid /disco /post-punk /wave /techno duo Red Axes “The Bee” from “The Electric Bee” EP on Shall Not Fade
  • German electro /industrial-project of Andreas Malik, AKA Object “Hidden Perceptions” from the upcoming 6th LP “Epilogue of Fear”
  • Utrecht-based minimal electronics /electro musician-producer Roberto Auser – “Man With Dead Leg” off upcoming split EP “Roberto Auser / Melting Dogmas” [Enfant Terrible]
  • Brooklyn, NY based Electro /Noise /Acid /Industrial /Techno Bay Area‘s DJ and producer Éstudy – “Heavy Dancing” from the album “Stunt Double” on Pildoras Tapes
  • Parisian ambient /krautrock /techno producer KUSS “Light In Sight (Derivative Of The Unconscious Rework)” from “Rush Hour” EP
  • Texas industrial /new beat /grave wave act Venom Vampires “CARPATHIAN ACID [3rd Drop]” from “CARPATHIAN ACID” EP
  • German-based / L.A.-bred industrial /EBM /electro DJ-acid mutant sound junkie Natalie Ann (Mélodies Souterraines / Late-Night Rec., Discos Del Quebrantos, Radio Rituel), aka BLACKMOON77 – “Thrash Dance in My Head” from the upcoming V/A compilation “FC002” on Feral Colony
  • Amsterdam-based industrial techno producer and Public Sex Regime affiliated (a.k.a. Black Pyramid), Kay Mascara “Chamade” from V/A “Modern Forensic Reconstruction” on Public Sex Regime
  • Brussels EBM /techno /electro /minimal synth artist and Liaisons Dangereuses frontman, Krishna Goineau feat. MCL (Micro Cheap League) “La Forgeron (Curses Edit)” from “Krishna Goineau (Liaisons Dangereuses) feat. MCL – 80’s Tapes” EP vinyl 12″ (unreleased tracks recorded in 198586) on ITALO MODERNI
  • Tbilisi-based EBM /Noise /Industrial Techno DJ and Producer Leonti Kvaraia AKA MBodveli – “Old Embryo” from the upcoming album “Genetic Memory” [Of dolls and murder]
  • Early 90s North Carolina-based Latin American EBM /Industrial /Dark Electro duo of Xavier Latorre and Hafid Félix, aka A-tria “D. P. A. P” from the album “ABSOLUTO”
  • London-based industrial /EBM /electro /techno producer Dans Mon Salon – “Corpo” from “Apparition” LP [Amplify Records]
  • Georgia-born Brooklyn, NY based EBM /electro /industrial /techno music producer Punshukunshu “Unseen Sentiments” from “Rituals of Pleasure” EP on X-IMG
  • Cologne, Germany EBM /Dark Disco /Breakbeat /Techno DJ-producer Klaus.Froebel – “Kaputt ist Kaputt” from V/A “OBERWAVE VOL. 5” compilation soon on Oberwave Records
  • Belarus electronic midtempo cyberpunk project by Ars Nikonov AKA Kodeseven “Macropunk” single on FIXT
  • Hamburg-based techno /electronic DJ, producer, and vocalist, Xenia Beliayeva “Blood Sweat And Tears”
  • Utrecht, Netherlands industrial /hard techno duo GUS & JORG – “Unspoken Bounds” off upcoming “Unspoken Bounds” EP [OBSCUUR Records]
  • French hard techno producer Rorganic “ITS A MAN”
  • Russian industrial /dark disco /EBM producer Ruksby – “Nervous Mission” single [Khoinix]
  • Spanish industrial /dark disco /slow techno producer (half of 2 Rare People), JG Outsider “Obscures” from “Dracul” EP upcoming on Nein Records
  • Offenbach, Germany industrial /post-punk /synthpop /electro duo Recht Auf Rausch – “Paint With Pain”
  • Mexican acid /techno /indie dance producer Vleks “Rasho (Original Mix)” from “Rasho” EP [HEARec]
  • New York industrial /psych /techno producer and The Corner label head, Anthony Parasole‘s new project, FULL EFX “Headrush” from upcoming “Headrush” LP on L.I.E.S. Records
  • Stage “VOODOO DANCE (CURSES EDIT) ” [1984] from the upcoming “Ombra INTL: Lust & Fury Edits 2” EP
  • UK trance /prog house /techno duo John Ross and Joe Williams (AKA The Light), AKA Proper Filthy Naughty – Fascination (Anteac Contradiction Mix) originally from 2003 on 10 Kilo
  • “FREAK IT OUT MR D.J. (Hysteric edit)” original from Dr Groove (AKA Adams & Fleisner) in 1984
  • Kyoto-based experimental /acid /breakbeat /techno DJ and producer Rilla “Aoi” from “Yukou / 遊光 ” EP on SVBKVL
  • Belarus electro /breakbeat producer Stelmakh – “Kancavy” from V/A “RAVE THERAPY vol.3” compilation on GESTALT.PROMO
  • Manchester, UK breakbeat /leftfield /grime /dubstep /bass duo Cartridge & Biome – “Ricky Rosé” from “Banada” EP 12″ on Kaizen
  • Berlin based IDM /house /techno /acid /electro producer and owner of @glorypodcastberlin, Auva Duhr “Melanocyt” from forthcoming LP “Encounters in the DJ booth” on French label Neurom Records
  • São Paulo, Brazil acid /electro /breakbeat producer Henrique Botella – “Hack a Day” off the EP “Hack a Day”  [Subliminar Records]
  • Brazilian Latin Funk Tribal Techno /Breakbeat producer SUB-P – “Exu Da Floresta” off the EP “U’re Guay Vol. 50” [U’re Guay Records]
  • London, UK dark electronic /indie-dance act Passarella Death Squad “Solaris” second single and title track from the upcoming album “Solaris”
  • Bay Area leftfield mutant disco duo Fake Fruit’s Hannah D’Amato and Blues Lawyer’s Rob I. Miller, aka Flex TMG “Sideways” from “Whisper Swish” EP 12″
  • Dreamy French synth-pop project from 1984 by vocalist Judy Larsen and keyboardist and synthesizer player Frédérick Rousseau (long-time Vangelis collaborator), Judy Larsen “Easy Dreaming (Audrey Danza Bonus Beats)” off the EP “Easy Dreaming / Gambling Man” on Proxima
  • Israel/France acid /indie dance /rock /dark disco collaboration, Niv Ast & Darlyn Vlys – “All I Need” [Blue Shadow Records]
  • Italian electro-body-music-dark disco producer, musician, DJ and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni – “Turbo Tomorrow” single [IDWT]
  • Rennes, France Italo /synth wave /indie dance producer Plexi Glass – “Krystal Runner (Original Mix)” off V/A “RetroFutur” soon on Mélopée Records
  • Berlin based Italo disco /electronic producer Maltitz – “Dolce Fragola” from upcoming V/A “Make Italo Disco Great Again” compilation album on Cracki Records and Fauve Records
  • Hamburg, Germany acid /techno /indie-dance /electronic duo Adana Twins – “Feel The Acid ft. Jasmine Azarian” from upcoming V/A “Spektrum Vol. 4” compilation on TAU
  • Paris based indie dance /dark disco DJ-producer Zaratustra – “Coming Of Age (Austher Remix)” off upcoming EP “Ab Origine” EP on Slow Cycle Records
  • South Korean Italo disco /synth wave /indie dance /electronic producer, Shubostar “Tiempo y Lugar feat. Galera (Alan Dixon Italo Remix)” from “Tiempo y Lugar feat. Galera (Alan Dixon Italo Remixes)” EP on Permanent Vacation
  • Europa expat Argentinian retro /dub /tango /Latin /electronic trio Por Mercurio “León Con Marimbas” from the upcoming s/t album
  • Italian ambient /deep /techno producer-DJ-sound designer and mastering engineer Giuseppe Tillieci (one half of Voices From The Lake with Donato Dozzy), AKA Neel “Dongmak” from “The 808 Archive” EP on Non Series
  • UK experimental /ambient /IDM /braindance /glitch /electronic producer Benjamin Charles aka Chromasy “Ambivert” single
  • London-based ambient /synthesizer sound producer Ryan Lee West AKA Rival Consoles “Vision of Self” from “Now Is” album on Erased Tapes
  • Montréal based ambient audiovisual artist, classically trained pianist, and producer, Lyndsie Alguire “Your fall will be broken by the roof of heaven” from the 9th album “…like butterfly wings” on Anjuna’s Reflections
  • Honley, UK ambient /drone /soundscape /electronica composer Thomas Ragsdale (aka FFION), aka Sulk Rooms “Televisions” from the album “Viewers” on Werra Foxma Records
  • Bay Area electronic /space ambient composer Forrest Fang “From Post to Palm” from “The Lost Seasons of Amorphia” album on Projekt Records
  • Denmark/Poland ambient / field recordings /soundscape /experimental collaboration, Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka “The Journey” from the vinyl album “Languoria” on Mondoj
  • Spanish/Finnish dark ambient /drone /acoustic collaboration, Rauelsson and Tatu Rönkkö “Kuvakudos” from the album “Myriadi” soon on Beacon Sound
  • New York based ambient /experimental cellist-composer, Clarice Jensen from her third album “Esthesis” on 130701 / Fat Cat Records
  • Nairobi, Kenya ambient /field recordings /drone DJ and producer KMRU “Mood” from the album “Epoch” on Seil Records