WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MARCH #10-22

photo by Valerie Kabis

  • Désordres Sonores ‘DESORDRES UKRAINIENS’                                                                                                       

MontrealQuebec‘s ‘Musical Rendez-vous’ dedicated to coldwave, darkwave, post-punk, synthpop, shoegaze and all other obscure discoveries. This week’s special mix is a homage to Ukrainian artists in these tragic times. Subscribe to Désordres Sonores’ Mixcloud profile here.     

  • L.A. based Michigan‘s darkwave /coldwave band, FOREVER GREY “Cold Hand” single

Two years after their excellent third album, “Departed”, flares up again the L.A. based act with their atmospheric, introspective and modern take on ’80s gloomy, cold Darkwave with the new single “Cold Hand” driven by a standout obsessively throbbing, undulating bassline that drips dark and doomy vibes, swept by wistful bright synth swathes and lit by glistening guitar chords, into the murky confessional of a magnetic dual vocal interplay between haunted baritone broods and macabre female sobs, to convey lyrical hopelessness amid a tragedy of disease and death.

  • Italian Darkwave /Post-Punk one-man band IC2 “Meaningless” single

Clearly harking back to the 80’s UK post-punk, the new single by Villa Latina post-punker arrays punchy ominous bass throbs, frozen bright synth washes and intoxicating spidery ethereal guitar lines around cold haunted vocals, all the right elements to be engulfed in spectral nocturnal confessions of a forlorn rendezvous.

  • Sydney based darkwave /coldwave collaboration project between Ant Banister (Sounds Like Winter/Lunar Module/Def FX AU), Bruce Wells (Orcus Nullify US) and Colin Gallagher (Burnt Souls AU) with live member Adrian Leppard, Sequential Zero “Adjusting Expectations” from the 3rd single “Third Sequence”

Third 2-track single for the collaborative project Sequential Zero, influenced by the Covid lockdown’s stark isolation, whose fave track is an evocative poignant darkwave number that bounces through a throbbing carpet of an ominous prowling, droning bassline and sparse strings of wistful tinkling synth chords, stabbed by painfully poignant, scorching guitar whines, to instil fearful blurred memories around tortured emotional vocals “adjusting expectations’ amid uncertainty, isolation, and dread.

  • Danish/Canadian experimental /minimal post-punk duo, Deliluh “Body and Soul” from the upcoming third album “Fault Lines” on Tin Angel Records, Meat Machine, and Unheard of Hope.
  • New York goth /industrial /electronic /darkwave solo project Deather “Down” from the second single “Touch / Down”
  • Chile bedroom /shoegaze /post-punk solo project Get Party Alone “Big Meteorite” from the EP “Happyman”.
  • German synthwave solo project from Bremen, Mental Minority “Mariupol” single
  • Charlotte, NC darkwave /coldwave /synth wave artist-vocalist, TENDERLASH “Zombie” (The Cranberries cover)
  • Lisbon, Portugal post-punk / darkwave /new wave project of She Pleasures HerSelf frontman Nuno Varudo, AKA The Paper Road – “If You Should Fall” from upcoming LP “Sad Songs & Quarantine” on Icy Cold Records
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico lo-fi /goth /post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project (Fka The Endless), Slow Danse With The Dead “Blood On Your Hands” single
  • California based darkwave /gothic rock /post-punk project of Eduardo Mora, aka EDO – “Overcome” single from the upcoming LP
  • Louisville, Kentucky post-punk /darkwave duo of former members of 9voltRevolt, Stephen Beasey and Brian Cain, aka Who Saw Her Die? “Self Destruct” single
  • Ostend, Belgium Alternative /Post-punk /Darkwave /Gothic band DER KLINKE “All The Right Wrongs (Ft. Phil H)” collaboration with Filip Heylens from “Wegsfeer
  • Athens, Greece Gothic Rock band The Black Capes “Apathy” from the second album “Lullabies For The Dead”
  • London, UK Goth Rock/Post-Punk band BLACK ANGEL “Take me Down” from the upcoming 4th studio album “The Black Rose”
  • French post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock band Sexblood “Silent Hill” from upcoming LP “Teach Me To Cry” on Swiss Dark Nights
  • Scotland‘s goth /darkwave /coldwave new project of Lea Torn (AKA The Secret Experiment), Lords Of The Northern Sky “Eyes Like An Abandoned Place” second single
  • Philadelphia post-punk /darkwave /synthpop /gothic duo Night Sins “Violet Age” single on Born Losers Records.
  • Montreal, Quebec dark folk /coldwave /post-punk duo Oiseau de Proie “Lune de Miel” from the sophomore LP “Catharsis” on Velouria Recordz
  • Arizona‘s darkwave /post-punk /ambient band that was formed in 1988 in Tempe, LYCIA “Simpler Times” new 2-track single
  • Rouen, France coldwave /post-punk solo project Dean Didn’t Care “Just One Time” single
  • Patras-based, Greek Darkwave duo Grey Gallows “Chains” from V/A “SPOTLIGHT VOL. 2 (A Cold Transmission label compilation)” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Athens-based, Greek hardware dark synth electronic duo Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor, AKA Paradox Obscur “Glow” from the single “Intercourse”
  • Russian Coldwave /Minimal Synth one-man-band from Perm, Kondratie “Точкой (feat. Скубут)” from upcoming album “Москва”
  • Stockholm, Sweden EBM /industrial /minimal synth solo project Svaj. “Rewind” from the upcoming “Rewind” EP
  • Swedish electronic minimal synth project Kinder Aus Asbest “Distance” from “The Lagoon” EP (recorded in 2020 – previously released on extremely limited edition CDr compilation on MINIMALKOMBINAT)
  • Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An “Entropija” from the single “Entropija / Tko?”
  • Baltimore, Maryland based cold synth project of veteran electronic musician and sound artist Jason Sloan, L’Avenir “The Pageantry of Loneliness” new single
  • Munich, Germany post-punk/minimal synth/coldwave trio RUE OBERKAMPF “Hope and Fear” from the new album “LIEBE” on Young and Cold Records
  • East London based synth wave solo project of Italian multi-instrumental artist Jack Milwaukee, aka M!R!M “Post Fight” first single from the upcoming new album ‘’Time Traitor’’ out April 22 via Avant! Records
  • Brussels-based electro /coldwave duo of AustrianFrench musician and actress Olivia Carrère (aka Olive) and Belgian artist and producer Yannick Franck, aka FIGURE SECTION “Barbarossa” from upcoming debut “Mirages” album on Antibody label
  • UK Techno /Post-Punk /Darkwave /EBM solo project of Lebanon Hanover‘s William Maybelline, QUAL “Take Me Higher (Kris Baha Remix)” from upcoming 12″ vinyl EP “RE – ANIMATED” on  X-IMG
  • Los Angeles based, UK industrial techno producer (former Sandwell District), SILENT SERVANT “Cyber Luminescence (feat. Stephen Mallinder)” from upcoming 12″ EP (LIES-178-OD01) on L.I.E.S. Records   
  • Stockholm based Polish minimal electronic /EBM solo project La Santé “Wojna” from the single “Moje miasto i Wojna”
  • Cardiff based industrial /new beat /synthpop /dark electronics DJ and producer David J Bull “Fantasy” from the “Body & Beat” EP on DKA Records
  • Berlin-based industrial /dark synth electronics duo of Carmen Burguess & Tomás Nochteff aka Mueran Humanos “Reemplazante” from the upcoming LP out in May 2022 on their own label Sterbtmenschen Records.
  • Swiss experimental /NDW /coldwave /psychedelic /minimal wave /existential synth-punk side project of Carlo Onda, AKA Karl Kave “Oh Kolibri” from the upcoming “Doomsday” album
  • Bern, Switzerland industrial /post-punk /synth wave band PLAGUE PITS “Smelter” from the new third cassette EP “The Numinous”
  • Rochester, UK Electronic Concrete Synth-Pop duo, Brutalist Architecture in the Sun “Grief Killed Hope” from V/A “Generation Blitz 2: Concrete and Chrome” compilation on State Of Bass UK
  • Leipzig based EBM /synthpop /darkwave /post-punk duo SHOSTA – “Feuer” new single on Taucher                    
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan synthpop duo of Chad Pratt and Alex Hughes, aka SAME EYES “Fate” from the new album “Desperate Ones”
  • Stockholm, Sweden electronic /synthpop act PRIEST “Techno Girl” single
  • Athens, Greece synthpop duo Dark-o-matic “Drowned” from the sophomore album “Dark Phoenix Rising”.
  • Los Angeles based dark electronic pop duo Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) & Adam Collier (Crush333, MDA and Full Frontal Disco), BlakLight “Waiting (Solar Fake Remix)” first single from he forthcoming double remix album, ‘Out Of The Void – The Remixes’
  • Monterrey, Mexico lo-fi /occult /minimal wave /post-punk solo project (formerly known as Qgeko), The King Died Young ‘The Void” (demo)                                                                                                                                               
  • Sofia, Bulgaria synthpop /electro /post-punk /minimal wave trio, Les Animaux Sauvages “Istanbul” from the upcoming LP “Assassins”
  • Lille, French post punk / darkwave duo of Federico Iovino & Claudine Sourdeval, aka DEAR DEER “Love like capitalists (Club edit)” from upcoming LP “Collect And Reject” on Manic Depression Records
  • Jakarta, Indonesia Dark Pop/Darkwave /Synthpop /Funk /Dark Disco band CAMLANN “Charming Deceiver” from the upcoming album “Train to 86th Street”
  • Kolomna, Russia coldwave /post-punk project Антея [Anthea] “Тридцать Шесть Кадров (Thirty Six Shots)” single
  • Colombian darkwave /electro duo from Bogotá, NOROMAKINA “Vortex” single on Cold Transmission Music
  • Louisville, Kentucky goth /darkwave /post-punk solo project SCARY BLACK “Tragedy” from the upcoming album
  • Berlin-based peace-punk /anarcho post-punk band CIERŃ “The Emperor Rx” single and title track from the upcoming debut album.
  • Minsk, Belarus coldwave /post-punk band Nürnberg – “Kaniec” (The End)”
  • French post-punk /coldwave project of actor and singer Günther Vanseveren based in Paris, Vanseveren “The Secret” title track from the EP “The Secret” on Mother Solitude Records
  • Los Angeles‘ electronic /coldwave /new wave duo THE PRESENT MOMENT “News For You” single
  • Canadian post-punk /synth-punk duo from Vancouver, SEKTION TYRANTS “Instant Hit” 3rd digital single from Sektion Tyrants’ debut album.
  • Philadelphia gothic rock /post-punk /darkwave duo R E P < > L ^ K N T “Modern Day Necromancer” from the album “Incantation”
  • Dark eclectic synth-pop from Siberia, Brandy Kills “Funeral” from the album “IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT”
  • Paris based post-punk/coldwave project of Leonid Diaghilev, aka TOUT DEBORD “Pourquoi” from the EP “Tout est débordé”
  • Belgian dark post-punk band from Brussels, Whispering Sons “Tilt” ltd. 7″ single on [PIAS].
  • Patras-based, Greek Darkwave duo Grey Gallows “Chains” from V/A “SPOTLIGHT VOL. 2 (A Cold Transmission label compilation)” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Hamilton, Canadian darkwave /post-punk duo CONCAVITY “Narcolepsy” single
  • Russian new wave /post-punk band from Novosibirsk, Siberia, PLOHO ‘Только не здесь и сейчас’ from the reissue of the debut 2015 LP ‘Новостройки (New Buildings)’ on Artoffact Records
  • Italian shoegaze /new wave /post-punk project of multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer Stefano Santi, aka NEVER “HVRXLD” from the upcoming LP “JXDY” on VEYL
  • Boston, Ma post-punk /coldwave band TRUTH FAITH “Running Away” new single on a La Carte Records
  • Columbus, Indiana based post-punk /coldwave one-man project Into Grey “Try” single
  • Berlin-based post-punk duo Dada Jung Riley “Trapped” from upcoming “3” EP on Anomic records
  • Russian cold wave /post-punk one-man-band based in Yekaterinburg, В.Р.ЕД. / VRED “Русский хоррор” (“Russian horror”)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina Darkwave /Post-punk band Budapest Post Punk “Sucesos” from the album “Las Frases Que Callamos” on No Me Escucho Records
  • Mexican post-punk band Lázaros – “Muros” single                                                                                                  
  • Brooklyn, New York noise /goth /post-punk band Grim Streaker “Big Boy” from the EP “Mind”
  • Swedish synthpop /punk rock group from Stockholm, POLYESTER “Beauty Is Pain” from the debut “100% Polyester” cassette album via Push My Buttons
  • San Francisco based post-punk /indie rock /art punk trio Rip Room “Worth Repeating” from the upcoming album “Alight and Resound” on Spartan Records
  • Kharkiv, Ukraine hardcore /punk band Кат “Заздрість (ft. Юрій Бондарчук)” single
  • Indianapolis‘ post-punk /indie rock /new wave multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Jackson VanHorn “I Am A Hermit (Jonathan Halper Cover)” [Originally written & recorded by JH for the 1960s edit of Kenneth Anger‘s 1949 short film ‘Puce Moment’] on Already Dead Tapes and Records

photo by Philomena Famulok