WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – JUNE #23-22

Photomontage by Herbert Bayer, 1931

  • Strange But Dance Music #79: IVNA JI                                                                                                                       

Courtesy of Russian podcast Strange But Dance Music [SBDM], Zagreb based, Croatian DJ and producer Ivna Ji, with notable releases on well-respected labels such as Brokntoys and 20/20 Vision, boldly and organically explores an experimental, leftfield and sharper end of the electro spectrum, whilst not forgetting the deep, spacey and melodic qualities.  

  • Belgrade, Serbia ambient /ethnic /trance /bass /breaks /tribal electronic producer and kepasaparadoks label head, Cuban Chamber of Commerce – “Rolex Around My Knee” from V/A “Sexy Summer Hits” on Belgrade’s YES

Part of ‘Sexy Summer Hits’ compilation by the always compelling Belgrade‘s YES imprint, a trippy and sultry downtempo chugger that explores primal shamanic dance realms, stirring tribal percussive rhythms to drive untamed energy and anticipation through chiming and crisp tones, bouncy droning low ends, groovy baritone introspections and edgy high-pitched synth spirals to open obstructed passages of clarity and insight with depth-defying mesmeric exotic visions.

  • Parisian breaks /electro producer and 3 Feet Deep Records co-founder, Pépé Elle – “Twisted” from the upcoming “Contradiction” EP on 3 Feet Deep Records                                                                                           

Bass-heavy electro jam from the highly fresh and talented producer from Paris, that blends obsessively serene bright synth swathes with heavy stomping and marching rhythms splattering groovy bouncy bass vibrations through minimal yet chaotic vocal explosions, whilst jittery hypnotic strains zip and zap electric jolts of frenetic energy through tumultuous sways of serious dancefloor moves.

  • London-based EBM /dark wave /industrial techno DJ-producer Oliver Gibson, AKA Oliver “Effete” from the upcoming V/A [SHARPVA004] compilation EP on Sharped Records

A couple of gripping techno cuts this week by London-based producer Oliver, from which I would pick for its stark, crunchy, tinny rhythms that bounce through a hypnotic snappy, marching pace along with swift buzzing bass oscillations, assertive detached vocal female allure, and spurious warped icy-bright synth strains, to stack rising and falling momentums of epic punching bursts into an obsessive wave of tension releasing bliss. 

  • Berlin-based German experimental ambient /deep techno /synth electronic producer, DJ and live performer Marco Freivogel, aka Prequel Tapes “Alone” from the upcoming LP “The Golden Cage” on VEYL
  • Greek Dungeon Synth project from Athens, Heaven “Και Ο Χρόνος Κυλάει [Time Flies By]” from the upcoming “Deus Ex Machina” album
  • Tokyo-based experimental /leftfield techno / electronic duo MIRA新伝統 “Chronosis” from the upcoming EP “Noumenal Eggs” on Subtext Recordings
  • German IDM /Electro project of Dresden-based producer-musician James Penrose, AKA Planetary Technicians “Geodroyd” from cassette album “Organic Industry” on new Per Musica Ad Astra‘s sub-label Spectral Realms
  • Netherlands IDM /techno /electro DJ-producer Wessel Janssen, AKA The Spy – “Outsider” from the upcoming “Time To Strike” album on Osàre! Editions
  • Leon/Madrid ambient /jungle /breakbeat /IDM producer Diego Cadierno AKA Promising/Youngster “Whales” from “AE03” EP via Adepta Editions
  • Experimental /synth wave /techno /electronic alter ego of Belgian/Kosovar conceptual multimedia artist, actress and dancer/performer Shelbatra Jashari, AKA Elektronik Body Girl “Alba Blues (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)” from s/t EP on Emotional Response
  • UK analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio “Warmth Of The Sun” from the upcoming album “Let’s Emerge!” on Sonic Cathedral
  • German ambient /space /techno alias of Dresden based producer-musician James Penrose, AKA Celestial Mechanics “Ton 618” from 2-track cassette “In Extremis” on new Per Musica Ad Astra‘s sub-label Spectral Realms
  • Greek experimental /ambient /industrial /noise /techno feminoise producer (F.k.a Kaiti Kotsari, a.k.a Sylvia Crystal), aka VERONICA MOSER Feat. Valerie Hendrich – “#8 Communion Faire Corps (Kumasi Edit)” from the album “Pulsion De Mort” on Colombian label Sonidos Subterraneos
  • Manitoba, Canada IDM /Electro producer, Lord Jalapeños “Ist Da Jemand” from “Arecibo Message” EP on Science Cult‘s Occupants Vinyl series
  • Italian esoteric experimental /industrial /proto EBM /techno /dark electronic project of Francesco Baudazzi (Red Lodge, Obtane, Zooloft Records), aka VIOLET POISON “Sublime Piacere” from “Albatros” EP 12″ [e s p e r p e n t o]
  • Bogotà, Colombian Electro /Techno /Industrial /EBM producer and founder of DClock Records, Jesús David Restrepo, AKA Damaged Clock “Easy Moments” title track from the upcoming EP “Circulo Vicioso” [Tjalk Records]                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • German industrial /rave /techno production duo Mathis Mootz (The Panacea) and David Frisch, AKA New Frames feat. Phase Fatale – Mass Organism” from “Ashes” EP on BITE
  • London-based EBM /dark wave /industrial techno DJ-producer Oliver Gibson, AKA Oliver “Distinguished She Said” from upcoming V/A “GOTT01 – VA#01” [Wie Ein Gott]
  • Prague-based acid /techno /EBM duo Fractions “Dead Air” from the upcoming “Daytona” EP on Monnon Black
  • Nantes, France industrial techno producer Black Peyote “Suffo 1”                                                                                 
  • New York‘s early pioneers of acid /psych /techno and DJ culture since 1990, Reade Truth “Chemical Play Skool” from “2nd QTR” EP on Sonic Groove
  • Portuguese experimental techno DJ-producer Luis Gonçalves, AKA Lewis Fautzi “Neurohumural Transmission” title track from “Neurohumural Transmission” EP on his label fautsection
  • London industrial /dark techno producer Aleksander – “With You (HATELOVE Remix)” from “State Of Mind” EP on Revok Records
  • Berlin-based dark electronic /goa trance /techno /Italo disco /new beat Toulouse‘s producer, half of Imperial Black Unit, aka Lapse Of Reason, aka PABLO BOZZI “Magnetisma” from the upcoming V/A EP 12″ on BITE
  • Moscow based electro /dark disco producer Egor Pavlov, AKA AhAtA “Street of The Informals – MMYYLO Remix” from “Electricity” EP on NEIN Records
  • Leipzig, Germany dark post-disco duo New Hook “Manipulation (Curses Remix)” from “Manipulation” single on Riot Van
  • Manchester, UK dark electro /electronic producer and Factory Floor co-founder and drummer GABE GURNSEY “Push (Extended Mix)” single from upcoming LP “Diablo” via Phantasy Sound.
  • Tel Aviv based acid /disco /electro producer Naor Dayen, aka E-bony “Bunker Booth (Adrian Marth Remix)” from the “Dancing Under” EP on Italo Moderni
  • Paris based house /Italo /wave /electroclash /dark disco DJ /producer Joe Lewandowski “Naturale” from the EP of the same name on Nothing is Real                                                                                                                     
  • Mexican indie dance /psych /exotic /dark disco production duo Veltrán & Corresponsal – “Delirio (Conjuro Remix)” [remix by Mexican producer and composer Cristina Bucardo aka Conjuro]                                           
  • Berlin-based indie disco producer Cook Strummer – “Branche (Freudenthal Remix)” from the upcoming “Atmosphere” EP on Obsolet                                                                                                                                        
  • Mexican Darkwave /EBM /Electroclash /TechnoDJ-Producer, Prince Terrible “Conmigo (Zombies In Miami Remix)” from “Conmigo” EP                                                                                                                                       
  • Italian acid house disco queen Hard Ton – “Bypass my love ft. Josh Caffe” from upcoming “Bigger Is Better – Part 1” EP on Schrödinger’s Box                                                                                                                              
  • New York‘s Italo disco producer Disco Bambino “Hot Fever” from “The Civera Edits: Volume 1” EP
  • Berlin-based dark disco duo Crille & Tamalt “Demon (Original Mix)” from the upcoming “Demon” [HEAR0055] on HEARec
  • Belgian indie disco producer Lau Tropico – “Tamma Tamma (Edit)” from V/A “Extinct Melodies From The World Vol.1” edit compilation on FauveRecords
  • Munich, Germany dark Balearic disco /electronic producer and Permanent Vacation label co-founder, Benjamin Fröhlich “Soft Power feat. Private Agenda (Disco Dub)” from “Soft Power feat. Private Agenda” EP on Permanent Vacation
  • Mexico City based EBM /dark disco /techno /electro /indie dance Russian DJ-producer VELAX “People Like Robots” from V/A “NATIVO VA VOL 1.” compilation on Culiacán‘s new label Nativo                           
  • Paris based electronic /dark disco /Balearic /trance /new beat /dark electro producer La Mverte ‘Ashram Temple’ title track from the upcoming EP                                                                                                                 
  • Kharkiv-based, Ukrainian techno /electro DJ and Producer Slava Gubarev “Revelations” single
  • Berlin-based GermanTurkish techno /breakbeat /electro producer duo DJ MAI & Spacer Woman – “Don’t Stop, Harder” from V/A “Mesh Confusion” compilation on Ovelha Trax
  • Philadelphia psych /acid /electro duo Thomas Roland and James Weissinger (aka Girls Chat Room and Peyton Farquhar), aka Zillas On Acid “Cracked Fish Tank” from the upcoming “Sticker Shock” EP [Playground Records]                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Vilnius, Lithuania ambient /acid /psych /synth /cosmic disco /electronic producer Dannie Fade “16 Channel Cat (Tassilo Vanhoefen Tantra Remix)” from upcoming “Prosperity” EP on Feinstoff                                                                 
  • Russian acid /breakbeat /techno producer from Tambov, Vladimir Dubyshkin “Noodle Soup” from “The Botox Queen” EP on Trip Recordings
  • Berlin-based ambient /breakbeat /drum & bass DJ-producer Naty Seres “Sometimes I Feel” from “If There Is One” EP
  • Leipzig, Germany ambient /minimal /dub techno producer Markus Masuhr “The Dub Theory” from the album “Chapter Six” on Insectorama
  • Japanese ambient /chill /drone /space /electronic producer Kenji Kihara AKA Sphontik “Sit Back and Relax” from the LP “HOME”
  • Zurich, Switzerland experimental guitarist & sound designer, Joel Gilardini – “The Garden Of Time” off of V/A “The Dystopian World of J.G.Ballard” CD compilation on ZERO K
  • English experimental /ambient /drone /field recording composer and musician from Hebden Bridge, Sullivan Johns “Part 3” from “Assembled Parts” album on Rusted Tone Recordings
  • Malmoe-based experimental /ambient /drone /modular synth /electric guitar artist John Reidar Holmes “The Sirens Of Silence” from the album “When Footprints Meets Beacons” on Sound+Matter – Sores+b-o-d-i-e-s
  • Pound Ridge, New York ambient /minimal /electronic artist and 12k Label founder, Taylor Deupree “Twirl” from vinyl/CD album “Harbor” on laaps
  • UK ambient /psych /guitar loops, piano and violin project of Rob Glover (epic45, Field Harmonics, July Skies) AKA The Toy Library “The Road Carves A Path Through The Houses” from the album “Vignettes For May” on Wayside & Woodland Recordings
  • Antwerpen, Belgium ambient /experimental /drone /electronic artist Emile Wauters, AKA Autumna “My Endless Summer (For I.M.)” from the album “A Comfortable Silence” on Neotantra
  • Seattle/Chicago ambient /drone /synth long-distance music project of social workers and friends Nick Turner and Hang Ruan, aka Tyresta “Evergreen [City of Dawn rework]” from the EP “Infinite Branches” on Past Inside the Present
  • Lancaster, UK experimental /ambient /drone /analogue synth recordings project of Mark Burford, aka Field Lines Cartographer “Rhomboid Storm Clouds” from the upcoming double vinyl album “Dreamtides” on Castles In Space
  • UK ambient/modular/synth/electronic producer State Azure “Breathe” a long-form, meditative ambient track.

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