WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – JULY #28-22

Thomas Shields Clarke, 1910s

  • Nashville, TN-based New Wave /Indie Rock /Post-Punk band Palm Ghosts “World Dissolve” from the single “World Dissolve / Stand or Fall”

After the persuasive guitar-driven new wave of “Amaya”, the Nashville-based return with the brand new single “World Dissolve”, consistently able, with freshness and melodic flair, to transport back lasting lingering emotions and treasured nostalgic sensations, this time recalling emotional-filled anthemic mid-90s British pop ala Babybird, through a shivering and flashing array of dazzling bright synths and sparkling guitar melodies, to build a fuzzy, dreamy realm of twinkling melancholic and dramatic obsessions, encompassing alluring romantic vocals pouring out passion and longing into the harmonious enrapture for a kindred fate.

  • Oslo-based, Norwegian fuzz noise-pop band led by guitarist and vocalist Christian Dam, The Age of Colored Lizards “Perfect Smile” first single from the forthcoming album “Fake” on Sotron Records

Urgent blissed-out melodic slice of early ’90s tinged fuzz-pop through an invigorating, lush flow of noisy guitar distortion and warm bass vibrations, whilst soft lovelorn vocals sway hopelessly somewhere between desperate daydreams and angsty nostalgia.

  • Toronto, Ontario jazzy /dreamy /indie-pop 4-piece band (members of Newcomer, Silus, The Honeycomb Flyers), VELVET BEACH “Home (Is It True)” Demo from debut single “Home (Is It True) / Youth”

Toronto-based quartet Velvet Beach debut with a two-track demo of nostalgic, somber and atmospheric indie-pop songs laced with a retro-tinged ecstatic vocal feel, enshroud in a mellow and hazy shoegazing gauze of sun dazzled shimmering reverberations. The opening “Home (Is It True)” sails away with a swell of lonesome keyboards to meld with warm bass vibrations and rarefied shining strums, whilst gently chiming guitar melodies wax and wane with a crystalline ache to pull lost wandering sentiments around soft dreary lovelorn vocals and high celestial hums, through melancholic memories of regret and suffering before drifting into a disorienting mercurial uncertainty of moving on.

  • Transatlantic beach-shoegaze-tropical-post-rock collective ALLES CLUB “Andromeda” from “Andromeda//Oumuamua” single on midsummer madness
  • Philadelphia experimental dreampop solo project 4:44 “faith” from the triple album “Hyperglacier” CD on Shore Dive Records
  • New Zealand experimental /drone /ethereal /shoegaze / modern classical /minimalistic project of Christchurch‘s violinist and composer Anita Clark, AKA Motte “Only I” from the upcoming second LP “Cold + Liquid” on Ba Da Bing Records
  • Taos, New Mexico kraut /shoegaze /dream pop/ psych/ folk duo of Lauren Green (Mirror Travel) and Marissa Macias, aka TAN COLOGNE “Citrus Beach” from Tan Cologne / Earl Vallie “Sound Mirage From A Desert Community Dispatch” split 7″ single via Curation Records
  • San Francisco, Ca lo-fi/ indie/ dream pop duo F L O W E R T O W N “Beachwalkers” from the album “Half Yesterday” on Paisley Shirt Records (tape) and MtStMtn (vinyl)
  • UK indie-ambient-dream pop artist from Bristol, Lorcán – “Starry Eyes” single
  • US indie rock /shoegaze /ethereal /dream pop band, Spare Heart “We Fade” from the debut double A-side cassette single “We Fade / To Dust”                                                                                                         
  • Atlanta, Georgia dream-pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone, AKA Bathe Alone “Animals & Trees” single
  • Hong Kong-based ethereal wave /psych /dreampop band RAVENA “Ghostly Echoes” from the debut EP “Bless All Things Unknown”
  • Moscow-based dream-pop /indie-pop duo Mashmellow “Different Parts” new single
  • Corona, Ca post-punk /indie /dream pop DIY project of Cameron Khan, aka .COM “Will I Ever Find Love?” single
  • Ontario, Canada bedroom dream pop collaboration Ellis & The Techno Hall of Fame “17” single
  • Montreal-based, Orleans-born French pop singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist JÉRÔME MINIÈRE “Paruline (avec Fé)” from the upcoming album “La mélodie, le fleuve & la nuit” on Objet Disque
  • UK tango /folk /progressive psychedelic pop songwriting collaboration between Ian Button (Papernut Cambridge) and art historian Scott Thomas Buckle, based upon a collection of barely plausible short stories involving ill-fated magic Swedish act Toni Tubna, Toni Tubna with the Stockholm Tuba Sect – “The Heist” from the upcoming album “When the Magic Went Wrong” on Gare du Nord Records
  • Liverpool, UK baroque folk psych rock and roll band THE FERNWEH “I Want To See Your Name In Lights” from the album “TORSCHLUSSPANIK!” on Winterlude Records
  • Hamburg-based German synth-pop /sophisti-pop /dream pop trio unhappybirthday “Transit” from the upcoming 5th album “Stella Loops” on Tapete Records
  • L.A.-based indie /dream-pop duo Soft Velvet Lounge “Blood” from the LP “Life of the Party”
  • Mexican dark wave /post-punk /dreapop /synthpop project of Javi Maldonado, aka NACROMATIC “Viajero Del Abismo” new single
  • Washington, D.C. indie folk /dream pop /indie rock band fronted by former The Silver Liners, Jay Nemeyer, COLOR PALETTE “Rear View” single
  • Montreal, Quebec electronic /coldwave /synth-pop duo Chevalier Avant Garde – “State of the Union” off of the upcoming album “Death Drive” on Too Good To Be True
  • Florida‘s synth-wave side-project of Cathedral Bells, aka Midi Memory “Infinite Design” single on Born Losers Records
  • Saguenay, Quebec synth-pop /new wave /dream-pop duo Minuit Phosphène “À court de souffle” new single
  • Queens, NY surf /indie /dream-pop singer-songwriter Dayaway “Beach 90th” new single
  • Barrie, On dream pop band, ACER “Someone Else’s Dream” single
  • Dreamy surf-pop from Scottish musician David Skimming based in South Korea, LUNAR ISLES “Balloons” single
  • Leicester, England indie-pop outfit Dayflower “Cutaways (home demo)” from “Heart Shaped Tambourines (collected/calm)” CDr EP compilation
  • San Francisco, Ca twee /shoegaze /indie pop /bedroom pop project of Lavender Blush‘s Ryan Lescure, AKA Devoted Fans “Photon” from the debut EP “July”
  • Bristol, UK based indie-rock solo project of Muncie Girls‘ singer/songwriter, Lande Hekt “Gay Space Cadets” from the upcoming debut album “House Without a View” on Get Better Records
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland homemade indie jangle-pop project of former Cruising and Girls Names, Neil Brogan “Things Keep Getting In The Way” title track from the new LP “Things Keep Getting In The Way”
  • Swedish indie-pop singer-songwriter ERIK HALLDÉN “Falling in Love is the Hardest Thing” title track from the upcoming 2-track single due on 31 August 2022 via My Secret Garden Recordings
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie /dream pop /new wave /electronic solo project SI FARRIER “The Illusion Of Laughing” from “Three’s A Cloud – Milk Bottle Sympathy” EP
  • Hamburg, Germany jingle-jangle-fuzz-power-baroque-pop-wallofsound-DIY-Home-Studio-Project of Heiko Schneider, AKA theCatherines “I Am Bound To This Town” single from the next album.
  • Danish indie pop band from Copenhagen, Northern Portrait – “Once Upon A Bombshell” second single from the upcoming album “The Swiss Army” on Matinée Recordings                                                                      
  • San Francisco, Ca DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “The World Should Be Ashamed” single
  • New York based dreamy post-punk band, Spirits of Leo “Asylum” from the upcoming cassette LP “Gossamer Blue” via à La Carte Records.
  • Boston‘s indie /post-punk /new wave trio HOUSE OF HARM “In Threes” from the double-A side single “Feel My Heart Beat / In Threes”
  • Richmond, Virginia dream pop /shoegaze solo project Always Other “Always want what you can’t get” from the debut album “Dead summers, hold you by always other”
  • Californian indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop band led by Cyrus VandenBerghe, AKA Welcome Strawberry “You in Your Rare Ugliness” from the upcoming LP “Welcome Strawberry” on Too Good To Be True (vinyl) and Cherub Dream Records (tape).
  • Brighton UK-based psychedelic rock band, Holy Magick “Willows Song” from the album “II” on Studio Kosmische
  • L.A. based shoegaze /psych /dream pop duo TREMOURS – “Affectations” debut single on Little Cloud Records                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Canadian shoegaze /jangle /indie rock band from Toronto, ALVVAYS “Pharmacist” from the upcoming third studio full-length “Blue Rev” out in October via Transgressive
  • UK grunge-pop /dream pop /indie rock trio CIEL “Baby Don’t You Know” the second single of CIEL’s upcoming EP “Not In The Sun, Nor In The Dark”
  • South London-based noise-pop band Adults “all we’ve got // all we need” first single from their soon-to-be-announced debut album via Fika Recordings
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania dream pop /shoegaze band DRAMAMINE “Spaceship” from the album “Seasonal Affective Disorder”
  • Australian shoegaze /indie rock band from Sydney, KEY OUT “Face” single
  • Philadelphia‘s percussion-driven instrumental ambient /electronic /modern classical /post-rock trio, Square Peg Round Hole “Dust Will Drown You” new single from Square Peg Round Hole’s upcoming full-length LP ‘Reservoir’
  • UK instrumental soundtrack music project of Ride members Laurence “Loz” Colbert & Steve Queralt, aka I D “FOUR” from the album “The Glacier National Park”
  • French lo-fi post-rock /shoegaze /dreampop solo project Ruined Church “SEEYOUNEXTLIFE” single
  • Terre Haute, Indiana emo /indie rock /noise / shoegaze band SLEEP KEEPER “Paper Knife” from the debut cassette EP “Moonswimmer” on Baron Tapes
  • Los Angeles Psychedelic Rock Pop/ Shoegaze solo project HAYIEN “In Sight Of Heavn” single
  • South Australian dream-pop /indie rock /shoegaze guitarist-songwriter and producer Dave Thomas, AKA Hey Calamity “Bleeding Heart” single
  • Raleigh/NYC soul-shoegaze-alternative rock band THE VELDT “Check Out Your Mind” (Curtis Mayfield cover) from “Check Out Your Mind” EP
  • New York shoegaze /indie rock trio Me You Us Them “Humilitarian” from the upcoming debut LP “Sound Confirms”
  • UK shoegaze /psychedelic-rock band from Southampton, Dead Rabbits “Slowdown” from the upcoming LP “A Different Place” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Ashland, Kentucky alternative /midwest /emo duo Nearly Mine – “Okay? Okay.” from the EP “Gym Challenge”
  • Brazilian psychedelic garage punk one-man band Cool Sorcery – “Cruisin'” from “With Love, Maggie” cassette album on Syf Records
  • Charlotte, NC grunge /punk /shoegaze DIY band The Mother Superior “Manic” from “Ire Desire” EP
  • Madrid-based, Santa Cruz De Tenerife-native kraut /shoegaze /noise pop solo project DUELE “Chillidos del Underground” second single
  • Costa Rica shoegaze /psych /garage pop solo project PUPPY LOVE “Kitoii” from “Kitoii” EP
  • Laguna Niguel, Ca alt-country /jangle guitar pop singer-songwriter John McCabe “Screeching Halt” from “No One Ever Says” EP
  • All-womxn alt-punk trio based in Los Angeles, Egg Drop Soup “Jimmy Eat Shit” single on Suicide Squeeze Records
  • New Jersey‘s folk /psych pop duo Aisha & Echo “Lord of pleasure (watching from a lighthouse)” from the single “Lord of pleasure / Fingers of harlequin”
  • Berlin-based DanishCanadian new wave /dream pop /indie folk multidisciplinary-audiovisual artist and singer-songwriter SALLY DIGE “You” single
  • North Vermont-based experimental old-time balladeer, dark folk multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Fern Maddie “Northern” from the album “Ghost Story”

Thomas Shields Clarke, 1910s