WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – July # 29-21

The Barbican Estate, London – Chamberlin, Powell and Bon Architects

  • Erevos Podcast 85 | Maniaque Nocturne                                                                                                           

Moroccan electronic musician /producer Maniaque Nocturne delves into the edge of Industrial realms, ceaselessly adding elements of EBM, Dark Electro and Post-Punk (as we’ve already been able to ascertain in the latter case), combining primal and raw analogue sounds, organic buzzing drones with ritual rattling hypnotic drum patterns, meaty throbbing bassline and dark ambient textures for an all-encompassing moreish both listening and dancing experience.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina‘s EBM /disco /electro /acid /techno production duet May Mc Laren and Palmariello, aka Happy707 – “すばらしい (Lbeeze Remix)” from upcoming EP “Bodyworxxx” on Death Decay Magic                     

Australian EBM ace Lbeeze‘s rework equips the original cut with stark slashing galloping rhythms and droning rumbling bassline menace wrapped with rough sounds, unsettling echoes and swarms of cybernetic screechy turbulence, primed for a harsh and sweaty darkroom dancefloor devastation.

  • Lithuania psych /leftfield /dark disco /indie dance producer /songwriter /DJ Aurimas Milesinas aka Aurum Miles “Modern Slavery” title track from the EP “Modern Slavery” on Inflect Records

Off-kilter, mind-boggling dancing electronica by Vilnius artist through driving rumbling buzzing bassline, constantly interspersed by foghorn blows and surrounded by uncanny Eastern European female vocals, slowly pulsing, as it is obsessive, strident yet irresistibly hypnotic, building mesmeric swirling metallic swathes of hallucinated bright resonances pervaded by an equally magnetic and disturbing, enigmatic dark vibe.

  • Istanbul based experimental /downtempo /psych /electronic producer Houschyar – “Smell Of A Wet Towel” off the upcoming Mini-LP “Lengua Universale” [Späti Records]                                                                                                      

Istanbul-based electronic artist’s new Mini-LP is ‘an attempt to transcribe the olfactory experience of walking down the busy, dark and narrow streets of Taksim in the night hours’. “Smell Of A Wet Towel” unrolls dark, esoteric and murky vibes through organic percolating bass drones, whirring reverbs, piling penetrating uncanny synth chords, fueled by hypnotic ancestral percussive patterns in a hypnotic slow flow in constant subtle mutation to drift relentlessly enveloping and overwhelming with its lysergic fumes and intense sultry magnetism, impossible to escape drowning into the quicksand of turbid and mysteriously ominous thickness.

  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia electro/dark disco/coldwave/darkwave DJ/producer MORZE — ‘Zima- Instrumental” (Звуки Му cover) on his own Oberwave Records                                                                      
  • Prague, Czechia Endless Illusion label head and electro synth wizard Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN “Ways of Seeing”
  • Portuguese experimental /ambient /power electronics /black metal /industrial /techno producer André Coelho (former Sektor 304, Mécanosphère collaborator and part of the ambient duo Iurta), Metadevice “Mobile Vulgus” from upcoming ltd. CD album “Turba” on Nekrogoat Heresy Productions
  • Moscow based industrial /techno /acid /electro producer (aka DJ VST), Stas Zavyalov “JSR 160721”                      
  • Berlin-based industrial /dark techno electronic DJ and producer Michael Wollenhaupt aka Ancient Methods ”Walking On Cursed Soil (OTHR Remix)” from V/A ”The Jericho Remixes” EP 12″ vinyl
  • Lithuanian experimental /industrial /techno /EBM producer from Kaunas, TEATRE “Narcissus” [Kablys Club]                 
  • Parisian industrial /electro /EBM /synth /techno producer Notausgang “We Want to Control (SARIN Remix)” from debut album “Third Encounter” via X-IMG [X-IMG26]              
  • London, UK based EBM/industrial techno producer Evil Dust “E A C (2018 DEMO)”
  • Colombian Electro /Industrial /EBM /techno producer Felipe Novoa, aka Magnum Opus – “The blood chamber” from V/A “Demencia Civil 2” on Of Dolls and Murder
  • TurkishEskisehir‘s experimental electronic Dj /composer /performer and Vent label head, Tolga Baklacioglu “Prayer Of Hatred” from “Blood Breeds Blood” EP on Khemia Records
  • Russian industrial /EBM /dark techno /raw DIY electronic wave project of Andrei Stepanov, aka Distørshn Shape “Insect Politics”
  • Amsterdam-based wave /acid /industrial techno /EBM /electro producer 5713 – “Kradot Sok” from V/A “SCHENK 1” on ONDERWERELD
  • Electronic /techno producer Fodra – “Terido” from cassette album “Trexa” [HOMVA018]
  • Toronto, Canadian industrial techno producer Edna King – “Bunker Comp” off “Uncomfortable” EP on Glauben
  • Odessa, Ukraine EBM /Acid /Industrial /Techno producer EXTENSIVE INFARCTION “Fetish”                           
  • Glasgow acid /techno /electro producer Gavelman – “Still Walking” from the upcoming 12″ mini-album “Future” on Lifeforms
  • Japanese dub /drone /minimal /electronic solo-output moniker of Atsushi Akama, based in Sendai, KING RAMBO SOUND “Gaia” from V/A “Tetra Hysteria Manifesto” tape compilation on Chinabot
  • London based acid/breakbeat /techno producer L/F/D/M “Flip” from upcoming cassette “Intentional Musix” on Dead Channel Records
  • French experimental /bass /downtempo /techno /electronic DJ /producer from Paris, Simo Cell “Short Leg” off upcoming new mini-album 12″ + fanzine ‘YES.DJ’ on his own label TEMƎT
  • Melbourne-based post-punk /electro /EBM /breaks /electronic producer, composer and DJ, BRIXX “Double Axe” from the upcoming EP “Conversion Therapy” on Heavy Machinery Records                                       
  • Torreón, Mexico new beat /techno /electronic producer Ricardo Medina aka Macaulay – “Roskopp” off upcoming “El Panic” EP [Richmerch]                                                                                                                             
  • Berlin-based trippy electro producer Benoit B – “We Come In Peace” off upcoming ‘We Come In Peace’ EP on Animals Dancing.                                                                                                                                           
  • Nottingham, UK electro producer (aka D-Omen aka Damian Henderson), aka MindSync ‘Neuro Pain (Electro Mix)’ from his forthcoming LP “Electro Vibes” on Spanish-Argentinean imprint Diffuse Reality Records                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Berlin-based IDM/breaks/electro producer Serge Geyzel “Time Thief” from his forthcoming album “Limbo” [Diffuse Reality Records]                                                                                                                                   
  • Barcelona, Spain breakbeat/electro/rave/techno DJ/producer WACHITA CHINA “TOO DR1VE TO DRUNK” from upcoming EP “D1E AND REPEAT” on Must Be On Wax
  • Madonna – “Vogue (Younger Than Me Edit)” #51 off V/A “RePhrase Collection: HARD FIST EDIT SERIES”     
  • Lyon, French wave /psych /disco-funk /electronic producer and Hard Fist label co-head Cornelius Doctor “Zsa Zsa Don’t Cry” off upcoming V/A “Muy Duro Vol.VI” [Duro]                                                                         
  • Kim Wilde – “You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Gumm Ft Sassafrass Edit)”
  • Darmstadt-based house /disco producer Sascha Ciminiera “Milla calls (Johannes Albert Metro Mix)” from “Milla calls” EP on Frank Music
  • Hong Kong-based house/disco/new beat French producer Romain RFX, aka RFX – “Le Message (RFX Edit)” off “Extinct Melodies From The Sweaty Bunker” EP on Fauve Records
  • Hannover based Italo disco /rave /house producer and Turnland label co-founder, Felice – “Infinite Suburbia (Lauer Remix)” from upcoming “Infinite Suburbia” EP on Live At Robert Johnson
  • Budapest‘s indie dance /techno /electro producer Sobek – “Oscuro (Original Mix)” from the EP “Monza” [Duro]
  • Marseille, France dark cosmic electronic dance producer, Did Virgo ft. Morgan K “Dizzle (Niv Ast Remix)” off Did Virgo ft. Morgan K‘s EP “Rewind Time” on Jane Musica
  • Lithuanian experimental /psych /kraut /punk /new beat /acid /techno /electronic producer Liudas Lazauskas, ROE DEERS “Glass Around (Original Mix)” from “Swing Ride” EP [Playground Records]
  • Warsaw/Berlin acid /trance /disco production duo Casiopepe “Postcard” from “Casiopepe” EP on Dom Trojga
  • Los Angeles, Ca based UK house /trance /electronic music producer/mixer and sound engineer (late 80s/early 90s Andrew Weatherall’s production partner), Hugo Nicolson “Finally Fading (feat. Jillian Cainghug)” from “Lost and found” E.P. on Crisper Records
  • East London‘s breakbeat /breaks /garage /techno /electro duo Velo 303 – “Mary’s MVP” off the debut EP “Anime On Acid”
  • Thailand based ambient /psychedelic /electronic collaborative brainchild of Sunju Hargun and multi-instrumentalist Jerom Doudet, aka Mogambo – “Sleepless (नींद)” from V/A “Kāthā (ST๐๐๕)” Pan-Asian compilation on Siamese Twins Records
  • Austin, TX-based cosmic /Balearic / psychedelic electronic producer Zack Highwire, aka Triptíque Musique “Marakesh (Mushrooms Project Remix)” on Whiskey Pickle                                                      
  • German experimental /IDM /broken beats /glitch /techno /electronic producer (aka Vector Trancer), Aa Sudd – “Outside Of The “Official” Network” from upcoming V/A “Demi Monde 1/2″ EP 12” on A Walking Contradiction
  • London, UK based ambient / micro-house / minimal electronic Romanian producer and part of the ooz collective, deWaal “Mitote” (Single)
  • Palmerston North, New Zealand ambient /bass /breakbeat producer, Synthetic Children “Every dream is a nightmare (bass ghost)” from “Sleepless” EP 
  • Doncaster, UK pastoral /motorik /psych /electronic musician Mat Handley, aka PULSELOVERS “4 Loops” from “4 Loops / On the Marsh (demo)” single
  • Kazan, Russia synthwave /sovietwave act Суперюность [Superyunost] “Прорыв” from the LP “Потепление”
  • Mexican experimental electronic project, Aura en el espejo “Perdido en la fiesta de máscaras” from the album “Albedrío”
  • Santa Cruz, Ca based ambient /exotica /surf /psych /downtempo /electronic musician Wiki Chaves “Raíz” title track from upcoming instrumental album “Raíz” on The Slow Music Movement Label
  • Montreal, Quebec ambient /neo-classical /field recordings artist Lyndsie Alguire “Lover’s Gaze” from “The night is in my mouth” album
  • Argentine ambient /kosmische /analog electronic author and music maker Gabriel Roj, aka The Tape Recorders “Spirit in the Wire” from the album “Wire” on Somewherecold Records
  • L.A. experimental multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and visual artist, Tara Jane O’Neil “Phaser Secret” from the cassette album of keyboard improvisations “Dispatches from the Drift” on Orindal Records
  • Augusta, Georgia experimental /ambient /electronic duo Moody Bats – “Rainfall Ascension” from V/A “Transcending Online 2” compilation on AGAPE
  • Danish/Italian ambient /drone /electronic collaboration between self-taught Gentofte-bred composer Henrik Laugesen and Sardinia‘s guitarist Francesco Perra, Lauge & Perry Frank “Leaves” from the album “Selvascapes” on Whitelabrecs
  • London, UK experimental /ambient /electronic musician AMBALEK “Dew on a Feather” from the cassette album “Fremder” on Seil Records
  • Oxford, Mississippi dark ambient music project of Peter Wood aka These Liminal Days “Space 1.1” from the upcoming album “Empty Spaces 1”

The Barbican Estate, London – Chamberlin, Powell and Bon Architects