WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – APRIL #18-22

Photo by Yan Morvan

  • Decomposition [Dead Channel] – Fig. 7: FIERLJEPPER                                                                                               

Amsterdam‘s DJ, producer and co-founder of Duckstad Radio and Duckstad Records, Tom Hoekstra, AKA Fierljepper, brings together a broad hypnotic spectrum of dark and vibrant sound styles through a shape-shifting yet cohesive and gripping mix of Industrial, Acid, EBM, Breakbeat, Minimal Synth, Acid and Techno. Enjoy!

  • Berlin-based acid /analog breakbeat /dark electro producer and Sons of Traders label co-founder, TANS – “Luce Scura” off of upcoming cassette album “Tears On The Host” on Dead Channel Records

Deft supplier of a mutant off-kilter mechanical concoction of darkened droning acid electro and blazing analog broken-beat ignition, Berlin-based one-man machine TANS teases a harsh, gritty, industrialized electro device that fuses eerie disembodied robotic vocals with choppy, menacing buzzing bassline undulations, swarming scratchy, swishing synthetic strains and shedding, stomping beats, sliced by tight-hitting crisp hip-hop percussion pattern, to inject droning anxiety and altered frequencies through unsettling atmospherics, left lingering in the dim shadows of cold hypnotic dance-inducing neurosis.

  • Berlin-based dark electronic /goa trance /techno /Italo disco /new beat Toulouse-bred producer (half of Imperial Black Unit, aka Lapse Of Reason), PABLO BOZZI “Overload” from the 12″ mini-LP “Street Reign” on Pinkman

An ’80s flavoured Intoxicating overflowing of glittering synth swirls blended with ponderous EBM edge and hearty Italo grooves, while adding dizzying Goa nuances, approaching his uniquely rich and dancefloor-driven electronic sound in a bold and imaginative way from an ever-evolving exciting and unpredictable perspective.

  • Colorado‘s industrial /techno /electro-funk /electro graffiti writer-DJ-producer Johan Sebastian Bot, aka DVS NME “Exploitation” from the concept album “Agitation Propaganda”

A devoted stalwart of the international Electro scene, through his weekly radio show/daily blog called ‘Dark Science Electro’ and a tireless DJ and production work rate, Colorado‘s man with mathematical accuracy, exactly one year since his 2021 release entitled ‘The Electro Manifesto’, returns with an equally painstakingly produced Communist Soviet-era infused 25-track collection, “Agitation Propaganda”, once again laced with a ‘thematic nod to class struggle with the hope to stir class consciousness in listeners’. Besides the use of political themes of strict Marxist inspiration right from the titles and the graphics, DVS NME‘s sound draws its solid foundations from the groundbreaking 80s/90s Detroit electro heritage, as well enriched by industrial and wave elements, in a ceaselessly retro-futuristic combination between dark cold string atmospherics, mechanical syncopated rhythms and bouncing bassline grooves.

  • German ‘Berlin School’ synth /electronic composer, musician and producer (Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel), Klaus Schulze “Osiris – Pt#1” from the upcoming LP “Deus Arrakis” on Oblivion

In the light of the latest sad events, the last cosmic voyage of the iconic immortal ‘Maestro’.

  • Seoul, South Korea-based female shamanic /ethereal /psychedelic pop /drone /ambient musician and multiplayer ITTA “Seenscene” from the album “Eyewalk” on Aural Canyon Records.
  • Croatian electropop music act from Rijeka, founded in 1982, DENIS & DENIS “Još Jedna Crta” from V/A “JUGOTRONIC” 7″ EP from the 80s Jugoslavian Synth-Pop-Electronic scene on Black Pearl Records
  • Gothenburg, Sweden experimental /ambient /field recordings /drone /electronic producer Ingmar Wennerberg, AKA Snufmumriko “Proxima Centauri” from the album “Radio Mnemosyne” on Dronarium
  • Vilnius, Lithuania experimental /ambient / drone /noise /electronic DJs-producers Teatre & Undveld – “Cities & The Dead” from V/A ‘Invisible Cities’, a 10-track compilation album on vinyl and cassette soon on Amulet of Tears                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Italian experimental /ambient /drum & bass /breakbeat /electro DJ-Producer Ex.Hale – “Skiddish” from the upcoming EP “Rites” on Sonidos Subterraneos
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico based ambient /drone /devotional experimental multi-instrumentalist Swiss Arrow “Ort” from the upcoming cassette album “First and Last Breath” [Confused Machines]
  • German/French ambient /IDM /industrial /techno collaboration Phasenmensch + Antoine Saint-Martin “Decades Of Journals” from the album “A Prenatural Silence”, a musical rendition of Jeff VanderMeer’s bestselling novel “Annihilation” on HANDS
  • Lyon, France based ambient /industrial /techno producer Tauceti – “Praise Of Meaning” from the EP “Praise Of Meaning” soon on 30D ExoPlanets                                                                                                                                   
  • Indianapolis acid /gabber /electro /drum & bass /dark electronics producer Evan L “Forgot” from the upcoming cassette album “Junk Tape” on Medium Sound
  • Glasgow based electronic DJ, producer, Optimo label boss, D Twitch feat. Chloe Sevigny – “The Ecstasy of Saint Therese” from the upcoming V/A “More of that Frightful Oompty Boompty Music (A Spun Out Sampler Pt.1)”, a compilation dedicated to the Guv’nor himself Andrew Weatherall [Spun Out]                        
  • French industrial /dark wave /techno /synthpop solo project Fragrance. “Crisis (Kris Baha Remix)”                         
  • Utrecht based EBM /industrial /dark techno /minimal electro musician-producer Roberto Auser “Touch Your Fear” title track from the album “Touch Your Fear” on Lunatic Records
  • Italian industrial /techno /wave /electro producer Alessio Di Mezza (AKA Strangers For Love and Religius Order), Sintesi Eclettica – “Manifesto di Libertà”                                                                                      
  • Barcelona‘s EBM /darkwave /electronic /EBM /synthpop duo SDH (Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms) “Maybe a Body (Phase Fatale Remix)” from “Maybe a Body” EP on Avant!
  • Bogotà, Colombian Electro /Techno /Industrial /EBM producer and founder of DClock Records, Jesús David Restrepo, AKA Damaged Clock “Up” from the cassette EP “Mental Silence” on Frenesia
  • Paris, France EBM /industrial /dark techno producer Pierre Berge-Cia “Candide (Original Mix)” from upcoming “Nuovo Sole” EP on Sinister Desires
  • London, UK industrial /EBM /techno producer EVIL DUST “The Agitator”
  • Kyiv born, Brooklyn, NY based industrial /EBM /techno DJ-producer Moment Of Terror – “Kingdom Of Heaven” from the upcoming V/A “Unification of Harsh Realities Vol.2” cassette album on N.I.M Tapes
  • Italian Acid /Electro /Industrial producer Futuristant, AKA Cobrawave “I Dance with My shadow (David Carreta Remix)” off of “Mistakes Of The Mind” cassette EP on Banshees Records
  • The Hague, Netherlands one-woman analog dark synth project Dim Garden “Visions of Love” from the upcoming cassette album “A Dauntless Sprite Descends” on Italo Moderni
  • Greek techno /breakbeat /electro producer and Ferma label co-founder, Nikos Lappas AKA Morken – “Perseverance” from V/A “The Fifth Quarter” compilation on brokntoys
  • Paris based trance /electro /techno producer DJ PHYSICAL “Mortal Dance” from “Mortal Dance” EP via 1Ø PILLS MATE
  • Croatian/Slovenian EBM /dark electro collaboration of veterans producer/DJ Ljubljana‘s Christian Kroupa (AKA Alleged Witches) and Zagreb’s Jasmin Yas (AKA Le Chocolat Noir, Fiume, Honored Matres, Florence Foster Fan Club), aka Christian Kroupa x LCN “Electro City Express (PAN YU Version)” from the upcoming EP “Worlds Connect” on KRI
  • Polish techno /electro producer CHOPP. – “Very Imbalanced Person” from the EP “Atomic Habits” on POTOP
  • French rave /acid /wave /techno /electro producer from Strasburg, DynArec ‘Rebelmodel” from the split 12″ EP ‘dynArec / Captain Mustache‘ via Acid Avengers
  • Berlin-based Electro /New Wave /Dark Disco DJ/producer couple Local Suicide feat. The Hidden Cameras – “Homme Fatal” from the debut album “Eros Anikate” due out on May 13th, 2022 via their own label Iptamenos Discos.                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Melbourne based dark disco /electro producer-DJ Iain Mac (aka Pyz), AKA Stockholm Syndrome Au “Massifs (Brixx Remix)” from the new EP “241” on NEIN Records
  • Brooklyn-based German indie dance /disco /electro /synthpop female DJ/producer PEREL “Am Kanal” from the upcoming LP “Jesus Was An Alien” on Kompakt
  • German dark disco /nu-beat /indie dance collaboration Freudenthal & Jake The Rapper – “1982 (Darlyn Vlys Remix)” from “1982” EP on Roam Recordings
  • Swedish Acid /Tribal /Disco duo Elfenberg “Ravers Association (Juan MacLean Remix)” from “A Cow Called Belle” EP [Playground Records]
  • London based electroclash /house /synthwave /Italo disco DJ-producer Louis De Tomaso – “Fatale Recall 5″ (edit of Judie Tzuke ‘Shoot From The Heart’ 1983) from V/A “Fatale Recall 5-6-7” edit EP on Ritmo Fatale
  • Grenoble, French nu-disco /Italo /indie dance /space disco producer Endrik Schroeder “Hypnotron (ROTCIV Mix)” off of upcoming EP “Reboot Robot” [Mélopée Records]                                                                               
  • Israel/Mexico disco /indie dance collaboration Eliezer & Mufti “Ritmica La Noar (Kimshies Remix)” from the upcoming Eliezer‘s EP “Ritmica La Noar” on Play Pal Music
  • Ukrainian psych /house /indie dance DJ-producer Roman Yarmolenko AKA The Organism – “Conquistador” off of the “Ups And Downs” EP on TAU                                                                                                                   
  • Rome based, Italian acid /cosmic /psych /dark disco producer Ant De Oto, aka A-Tweed “Serena Wants To Swim WIth Sharks (Original Mix)” from the upcoming “Serene” EP [HEARec]                                                                
  • Miami-based, Mexican dark /cosmic /disco /indie dance producer Manuel Castaneda a.k.a. Rigopolar – “Melting Moon” from “from “Inversus Totalis” EP via his new label Tour De Infinite
  • Düsseldorf’s cosmic /acid /electro /kraut /psych /electronic producer (Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge, Compagni di Merende, AngstLust), Niklas Wandt “I Wandt To Believe” title track from “I Wandt To Believe” EP on Animals Dancing
  • UK acid /electro /psych /techno solo project of York-based producer Paul Fawcett aka TECWAA – ”No Lies To Her Fire” from “Elysian On Moon Lake” album on Höga Nord Rekords
  • Dublin-via-Berlin experimental /techno /electronic duo of Eomac and Arad, LAKKER “Visco Snake” from the “LKRTRX004” EP monthly series on their own LKRTRX imprint
  • Dublin, Ireland experimental /IDM /analog /samples /electronic producer Dunk Murphy (AKA Sunken Foal, Minced Oath, Press Charges and a member of Ambulance, The Natural History Museum and Civic Edits), AKA Celica “Celica 05” from “Celica EP 01” on his label Countersunk
  • Baltimore, Maryland experimental /drone /saxophone /minimalist artist Andrew Bernstein “in flux (excerpt)” from upcoming cassette album “a presentation” on Hausu Mountain Records
  • Derby, UK industrial /ambient /drone /soundscape artist Wodwo “Into heaps and lie still” from the album “Liu Ch’e”
  • Aarhus, Denmark experimental /ambient /drone /electronic artist RIME TRAILS – “The Slow Sunset of Things” from the upcoming album “Ama Nesciri” on Shimmering Moods
  • Dallas, TX ambient /drone /loop /electronic artist and Simulacra label head Todd Gautreau, AKA Tapes and Topographies “The Worn Surface of Heart” from the upcoming album “Modalities”
  • Portland, Or ambient ethereal electronic artist (half of Mint Julep), Hollie Kenniff (Feat. Goldmund) “Remembered Words” single

Photo by Yan Morvan