WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – APRIL #15-22

  • SIM [selfisolatedmusic] 028 // TLXCO                                                                                                                                                      

TLXCO is an Italian electronic punk project based in Venice established on a mind-bending, twisted and sourly proto electro-techno sound, a seemingly perfect fit for the warped and deranged leanings of labels such as Sons Of Traders and Dead Channel Records.

  • Greek ambient /experimental /industrial /breakbeat /dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance – “Saint Through Sinner Eyes” from the cassette album “Blessed Are The Fallen” on Phormix

We followed the eclectic Greek producer since his early lo-fi experimentations due to his prowess to combine electronic sounds, beats and effects in an organic and minimal way, carving atmospheric, cinematic and industrial landscapes, in which the deeply structured and intricate rhythm patterns blend in an increasingly fluid, refined and cohesive form with emotional and reflective synthesizers, enriched with IDM abstractions and crisp syncopated breaks, steering the listener into a transcendental mesmeric journey that seduces and piques intrigue for his meticulously crafted pulsating and emotional dystopian atmospheres.

  • French new beat /wave /electro side project of coldwave act Blind Delon, FRUST “Beryl” from upcoming “Stone II” Bella Ursa Recordings‘ cassette EP ‘Stone’ series.

Second EP from Blind Delon‘s cinematic and haunting EBM and Wave inflected Electro side project Frust. The cyber-apocalyptic buzzing electro cut, “Beryl”, is stirred by ominous hidden distorted vocals revealing death, destruction, and mechanical control, amid chaotic spatial echoes, to trigger relentless edgy lashing beats, carved by raspy droning syncopated basslines, and smudged by icy bright alienating synth swells, forging a hypnotic flow of sinister magnetic frequencies left emerging from a dark chasm of inhuman desire.

  • Italian experimental /acid /ethnic /cinematic /electronic music project by RBMA alumnus Marco Segato and photographer/video-maker Alessio Costantino (aka Askmeaboutdogs), AKA NARVALOS “El Colgado” from the upcoming album “PoP (La Fuga)” on Sons Of Traders Records

Imaginative eclectic Italian duo unfolds a lysergic, sun-burnt, shamanic shakedown rattling and rollicking through vibrant shaky tribal rhythmic patterns enfolded in achingly looping droning glares, desolate meandering airy synth swirls and high-pitched tinkling soaring frequencies, whilst primal grunts, whispered spells, and spirit animal incantations take us on a mesmerizing esoteric and cinematic journey into mind-altering depths of time and space.

  • England, UK modular synth music musician (AKA The Matthew Machine, Assembled Minds and part of R.E.E.L.), Twilight Sequence “Trees in General: and the Larch (Excerpt)” from “Trees in General: and the Larch” EP 12″ vinyl on Castes In Space
  • Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut /cosmic electronic producer from Milan, TAGLIABUE – “Galassie Lontane” from the new vinyl 12″ album “Un’ Altra Forma Di Vibrazioni” on Invisible, Inc.
  • South Yorkshire based Northern minimal electronic experimentalist and Woodford Halse tape label head, Pulselovers – “Great and Crested” from split 7″ EP “L SERIES #1” on Russian Library
  • Berlin-based experimental electronic collaboration between Andrea Noce & Galina Ozeran, AKA Eva Geist & Chikiss “Zhiva Sessiya” from the upcoming “Sono I’imperatore” EP on Space Ritual
  • Italian ambient /IDM /Braindance /electro project of Cesare Bignotti (AKA Useless Idea), AKA Seven Nights Alone “Newt” from the Split 12″ EP “Useless Idea / Seven Nights Alone” on Suction Records.           
  • Amsterdam based ambient /breakbeat /techno producer NAKANO BLU “Untitled#1 (Irazu Remix)” from “The Sky Is Synthetic” EP on LXVIII
  • Sevilla, Spain ambient /IDM /noise /electronic musician Pablo Miranda AKA Celine Arnauld “Remembrance IV – Our existence” from the album “Narrative” on ZABRA
  • Industrial /noise /tribal /electronic project Intercom Panthera – “Catatumbo Lake” from 2-track cassette “Code of Conduct” on Inferior Press Productions
  • Turkish industrial /experimental /drone /dark techno project of Vent label founder Tolga Baklacıoğlu “Sleeping in the Fire” from “Firin Ustunde Firin” EP on Kranskommun Records
  • Croatian experimental /cold /noir minimal electronica producer /DJ Jasmin Mahmić (aka Honored Matres, Florence Foster Fan Club, Le Chocolat Noir-LCN), FIUME “Indiscutable (Fogwave edit)” from “FIUME II” LP on Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)
  • Electro /Industrial /techno /body music solo project from Morocco, Maniaque Nocturne “Ramadub”           
  • London, UK industrial /noise /techno /electronic producer (one half of Torn Relics), Rommek “End of Salvation” from V/A “Mindcut 23 – Behaviour Of Matter” EP on Mindcut Music
  • Paris, France industrial /dark techno producer Pierre Berge-Cia “Nu Gag (Lesser Of Remix)” off of the remixes EP of the same name on Revok Records.
  • Dublin-native experimental /industrial /techno producer Simon Hayes AKA Swarm Intelligence “Nocturnal” from V/A “Solidarität Aus Berlin Volume 02” [Solidaritaet Aus Berlin]         
  • Berlin-based industrial techno producer Maciej Makalowski AKA Dutch Fist – “Gdy Umrzemy Zostaniemy Aniołkami (featuring Mart)” from upcoming V/A “To Simply Survive Is Not Enough” cassette compilation on Obsidian Order Records
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental /electro /EBM /techno /dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, aka  FILMMAKER “Fictional Portrayals” title track from the upcoming vinyl LP “Fictional Portrayals” on VEYL
  • Barcelona-based Venezuela-born and Classicworks co-founder EBM /Industrial /Techno DJ-producer Cardopusher “Sealed Human” from V/A “Unique Exercises” compilation on Source Artists
  • French EBM /Dark Synth /Techno/Coldwave /Dark Electro producer Hissarlik “Intruder” from the album “Fragments” on Death Decay Magic
  • Paris, French rave techno militants The Driver & Electric Rescue, aka W.LV.S – “Orca (Cuften Remix)” from “Guilty” EP [Astropolis Records]
  • Raw aggressive techno body music from Western Ukraine, [Angst] “Never Sleep Again” single
  • Grenoble, France dark electronics /EBM /rave /acid /industrial techno producer Maxime Fabre, AKA Crystal Geometry “Wildfire” from the upcoming album “I stare into darkness” on his own new label Bloc Noir
  • Peruvian dark synth wave artists Bruno Bazzetti and Noelia Cabrera “Anything is a Mistake” from the eponymous  EP on Bestiario Collective
  • Santiago, Chile industrial /techno /breakbeat /electro producer Tomas Ruiz, aka RUSSELL “CE1” from upcoming V/A “Complementary” compilation on Perlas Label                                                                               
  • Buenos Aires‘s ambient /IDM /breakbeat /techno producer Enrique Casal, AKA Qik – “Mississippi River” from “MUTUALISMOS 01″ split 12” EP series with Kamila Govorčin [Tecnologias Elementales]               
  • Paris, France acid /ethnic /techno /mighty electronic music crew ACID ARAB “Stil (VoX LoW Remix)” from compilation mini-album “Remixed” on Crammed Discs
  • German experimental /tribal /techno powerhouse production duo Roman Flügel & Frank Wiedemann “Karmadonut” from upcoming V/A “15 YEARS DRUMPOET” Compilation on Limited 3-LP-Vinyl via Drumpoet Community
  • Philadelphian acid /psych /techno producers Alex Burkat (The Nite Owl Diner, Permanent Vacation, Mister Saturday Night) and Zillas On Acid (Optimo, Polari, Les Disques de la mort), Zillas On Acid and Alex Burkat – “The Leisure Hive” off of 2-track EP [Throne Of Blood]
  • London based acid /techno producer Cici Cavanagh, AKA Cici – “Venus (Zillas on Acid Remix)” from upcoming ‘CCMMMXXIX’ EP [Me Me Me]                                                                                                                
  • Brooklyn, NY based, German native dark synth/acid /dark disco producer Tony Y Not – “How About Lily” from upcoming V/A “Ombra Intl 021: Dimensional Rejuvenation” [Ombra International]                                            
  • Italian acid /Afrofuturism /techno /dark disco production duo, A-Tweed & Alberto Melloni – “Veda Kids” from upcoming V/A “Altered States Vol.6” [Sinchi]
  • Miami-based, Buenos Aires‘ tribal /downtempo /psych /electronic DJ-producer Richie Hell – “Rewind Your Soul (Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï Remix)” from “Gumbo Limbo Remixes” EP [Sweat Records]   
  • Italian house /Italo /disco DJ-producers Musumeci & Aldebaran ft. Escamotage “Escape” from V/A “Lost Tapes Vol. 5” compilation series on AEON                                                                                                               
  • Liege, Belgium indie dance /nu-disco /electronic producer David Body – “Inside Out” from upcoming V/A “The Sky Sampler Vol 2” EP [Espacio Cielo]                                                                                                             
  • French dark disco /indie dance /electro collaboration Kimshies & You Man “Signs of Sorrow Feat. S//Rose (Mufti Remix)” from “Signs of Sorrow” EP on Trampoliner
  • Italian Italo /synth disco Italo Deviance‘s producer Marcello Giordani DJ feat. Ready In LED – “Fase Rem” from the forthcoming LP “Advanced Process” [Slow Motion Records]
  • São Paulo, Brazil Balearic /funk /disco /proto-house /electronic duo Márcio Vermelho (aka Vermelho Wonder and Vermelho) and Pedro Zopelar, AKA Sphynx – “Duna (Intermix)” from V/A EP on The Magic Movement
  • Dark disco /psych /tribal/ eclectic electronic musician-producer and remixer /DJ from Argentina, Thomass Jackson “Big Plastic Room” from upcoming “Calypso Cult II” split EP with Iñigo Vontier on Multi Culti
  • South Korean-born house /techno DJ and producer based in Berlin, Peggy Gou “I Go (Maurice Fulton Remix)” from “I Go (Remixes)” EP on Gudu Records
  • Dimitrovgrad, Russia lo-fi /IDM /glitch /chill /downtempo /electronic music producer SOVVY “The Wicker Man” single
  • Colorado based ambient /Americana /cosmic /folk project of guitarist Stefan Beck, AKA Golden Brown “Infinite Iridescent Incidental” from the 7th album “Luminous” on Inner Islands
  • Chinese experimental /ambient /psych /minimal rock group from Wuhan, Hualun(花伦) “OD 850″ from the 12″ vinyl album “Live By The Sea” on Crafting Room Recordings                                                                         
  • Belgian experimental /dark ambient composer Dirk Serries (aka Fear Falls Burning), aka VIDNA OBMANA “From Within The Cold” from the 3xCD collection “Memories Compiled : Three Tapes” (originally published on 3 different cassettes in 19891991) on Zoharum
  • Toronto, Ontario experimental /drone /minimal /electronic artist Brad Deschamps (curator of Polar Seas), Anthéne “Cedar Point I” from the cassette album “Listening Air” on Distant Bloom
  • Japan dark ambient /dreampunk /vaporwave /synth project SkyTwoHigh “White Dressed Girl” from the album “Ghost Stories Volume I – Appearance” on Underwater Computing _
  • Kyiv, Ukraine ambient /drone /electronic solo-project of Oleksiy Sakevych, AKA Endless Melancholy “Carpathian Fog” single dedicated to Ukraine
  • Dark glacial ambient project Glacial Anatomy “Lay in the Water, Don’t Drown” from the album “Radiometer Suite”
  • Catalan ambient /drone /modern-classical /electronic duo formed by sound artist Edu Comelles and multi-instrumentalist Rafa Ramos Sania, Edu Comelles & Rafa Ramos Sania “Lantana” from the album “De Camp” on Whitelabrecs