WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – January #03-21

  • ELECTROSEXUAL | Viscera 072                                                                                                                                 

This week French music producer and DJ, Romain Frequency, a mainstay of the Berlin electronic scene under the artistic moniker of Electrosexual, as a vehicle for further exploration of art, technology, gender, and sexuality, delivers one hour and a half mix, courtesy of Viscera, replete with Italo disco, acid and techno along with EBM and electro undertones, pulsing together in a heady blend of deep strings, hypnotic lush sounds and spatial tones fueled by sinuous bass lines and crispy rhythms, including also a preview of his upcoming release via his own Rock Machine Records due out on February.     

  • Cluj Napoca, Romania ambient /electro producer Existential Wabbit – “Sensory Deprivation” title track from “Sensory Deprivation” EP

Mind-blowing atmospheric electro from Romanian producer to elicit serene ambient moods that infuse off-tempo airy broken beats with hyperactive, twinkling synth swirls to awaken the mind, as warm, gentle expansions and low whirring low ends carry the spatial flow through the invigorating insight.

  • Scotland-based industrial/EBM/dark techno Dutch producer and co-founder of N.I.M [Northern Industrial Movement], Swærm – “Vices” from upcoming V/A [ODM008] “Demencia Civil” tape compilation on Of Dolls and Murder

Scottish ‘industrialized body music’ producer and N.I.M [Northern Industrial Movement] co-founder Swærm ignites droning post-apocalyptic low frequencies into chopping blades and metallic hammer, tinking into a hypnotic and obsessive rhythmic trance, while swirling steam-powered synth tensions and menacing bass vibrations induce dancefloor possession steeped in the sinister atmospheric gasps of industrial machinery.

  • Sydney based new beat, EBM & industrial electronic music project BLACK DAHLIA “Fire In The Hole” from the upcoming cassette EP “Animasochist” on X-IMG

In the 2nd track unveiled from upcoming EP “Animasochist”, Aussie new beat & EBM producer scatters ominous, stomping beats surround lusty, euphoric male vocals releasing robotic fetishism and pornographic suggestions, amid squirmy synth strains, buzzing bass undulations, and rapid crispy percussive patterns, skipping erratically into the buzzing sinister dancefloor dimensions of vintage sexploitation.

  • Rotterdam-based Hungarian experimental /ambient /drone /industrial /glitch /electronic musician, composer, sound artist and performer Mári Mákó – “Teeth” from V/A “Sirens” cassette compilation on Exiles
  • Beirut, Lebanon electronic project of the co-founder of Etang-Brulant label, Maria eɍɍe ‘à la saint-glinglin’ 
  • Paris experimental electronic producer Deeat Palace – “Hysope” from upcoming V/A “Mansplained!” tape compilation to celebrate 1 year of Turin’s Commando Vanessa label
  • Copenhagen, Denmark ambient /drone /industrial /tribalistic techno producer Sortlegeme “Persuit” from the album “Wandering” on katharsis
  • Legendary late 70s French audiovisual /industrial trio Déficit Des Années Antérieures, aka DDAA – “Danse Danse (Morah Re – Edit)”                                                                                                                                       
  • Belgian dark electronic/electro /noise /industrial/techno producer Hundred Crusades “No Control” from upcoming V/A “No Portions – Volume II” tape compilation on Idlestates Recordings
  • Dark /esoteric /EBM /electronic side-project of Francesco Baudazzi (aka Obtane, Violet Poison), Red Lodge – “Honolulu’s Killer” from V/A ESPER001. – “DEFORMING REFLECTIONS” tape compilation on e s p e r p e n t o
  • Italian lo-fi/ /EBM /industrial /dark techno producer Alessio Di Mezza (aka Strangers For Love), Religius Order “Give Me Your Pain” off upcoming cassette album “Al Dirsi Di Osiride” on Industrial Possession                    
  • São Paulo, Brazil industrial techno /acid /EBM production duo, Erica Van Berger & USER “Mutilate & Destroy”                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Thessaloniki, Greece EBM /industrial /techno producer Tokageroh “Public Display Of Incompetence” from cassette album “Toil” on OSM tapes
  • Berlin-based industrial /wave /EBM /techno DJ and producer Chloe Lula “Tongues Of Flame” from the EP “Errant Bodies” soon on Aufnahme + Wiedergabe
  • Moscow-based EBM/industrial techno producer Fyodor Feoktistov, aka MESHES “Оно Идет За Тобой (It Follows You)” off V/A “”Routine VA 002 – gråni” compilation on Routine Records                                                              
  • Paris-based acid industrial techno producer Damien Barthet (ft. Bleu Electrique) – “Estelle n’a plus d’eau (Original Mix)” from V/A “BNLP – VA001″ compilation 12” on Bonne Nuit Les Petits
  • Italo/German techno production duo Sciahri & Desroi – “Jupiter’s Gravity is Jealous” off V/A “Herdersmat part 30-33” on Mord
  • São Paulo, Brazil industrial /electro /dark techno /electronic ghetto music producer XIAO QUAN “MACAU CASSINO’S UNDER 108 DRAGONS CONTROL” off upcoming V/A “THEE ALPHA AND THEE OMEGA VOL I” tape compilation on Clan Destine Records                                                                                                               
  • Portuguese acid /breakbeat /techno /electro producer and Phase Response label co-founder Vasco Oliveira, aka VSO – “Opium Den” from V/A “Mind Disorder Vol. II” on Porto’s Mera label
  • Dutch industrial acid dark electro producer Boris Post aka EINDKR∀K “The Batspit”                                          
  • German experimental dark electro project FOTOAPPARAT “Zettamer” off “Reisebegleiter” CD on Diffuse Reality Records
  • Dutch proto-techno /dark-wave /electro collective of musicians, artist and performer Venderstrooik – “Praalwagen” off “Children of Dracula” EP 12″ on Onrijn Records
  • Utrecht, Netherlands EBM /techno /new beat /industrial /synth-pop /electro producer OorsprongPark “Enforced Visions” from upcoming album “Dark Marble”on Mechatronica
  • Barcelona, Spain synthwave /techno /electro producer Asymetric80 – “Destroyed System” off upcoming EP “Chaos Theory” on Aspecto Humano                                                                                                                      
  • French electro composer, producer, remixer and Black Strobe member, Arnaud Rebotini “Last Train To Krasnodar” from the upcoming EP “Shiny Black Leather” on Mannequin Records                                              
  •  Lisbon-based acid /techno /electro producer José Acid, aka Shcuro – “Obsession” from upcoming Split EP “Automat / Shcuro” on Acid Avengers/Tripalium Records                                                                                                      
  • Tel Aviv EBM/acid/techno/breakbeat/psych/electronic producer JACK CAREL “Lost Again” from upcoming “Turn it up” EP on whypeopledance
  • Argentinian psych /house /electropop collaborative project from Buenos Aires-based Djs Pareja and a young singer/songwriter/producer named Lupe, aka DJs Pareja & Lupe – “No Puedo Funcionar” off the upcoming EP “Nuestra Forma” on Muy Muy Limited                                                                                                          
  • Manchester, UK dark disco electronic DJ, Music Producer & Promoter TJ LAWTON “Trelkaw (Fausto Remix)” title track from the upcoming EP “Trelkaw” on NEIN Records                                                                                
  • Mexican indie dark disco/electronic DJ and producer Javier, aka Javier Martinez “Paranoia (N.O.Y Remix)” from “Paranoia” EP on HEARec
  • French nu-disco/indie dance producer Endrik Schroeder – “Friday Night” from V/A “Grenoble, 2” (RONR005) upcoming compilation on Records or not Records
  • Brazilian synthwave /Italo /cosmic disco /electronic producer Neurotiker “Neon Pink” off upcoming “The Dream Machine” EP on Ritmo Fatale
  • Paris based house leftfield /techno/space electronica DJ /producer Chloé Thévenin, aka Chloé – “Hugger Mugger” off new EP “Mars 500” on Permanent Vacation
  • Budapest, Hungary psych electronica DJ/ producer Balázs Zságer, aka Žagar – “Baikonur 2030” from V/A “Free Sequence Anthology I” via his own new label Free Sequence
  • Bruxelles-based experimental /dub /psych /IDM /techno live mutant-electronics partnership of artists Matthieu Levet (Carrageenan / Pizza Noise Mafia) and Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low / Tav Exotic / Maitres Fous …), aka Carcass Identity “Spiraling Paradigm” from upcoming S/T album on Phase Group
  • Electro /IDM /experimental duo Inkasso – “Masteralbträume” off upcoming “Zeichen im Schacht der verschleierten Tatsachen” album on Osàre! Editions                                                                                                       
  • Den Helder, Netherlands Braindance /breaks /glitch /IDM producer Vardenzenix “The Attic” from “Imminence” LP on Belarus’ People Can Listen
  • Saint-Petersburg based tribal /breaks /psych /electronic artist Anastasia Zems “African Fairytale” from “Nomad On The Road” EP on Moscow’s ИДА
  • Vilnius, Lithuania experimental electronic producer Jelisejev “Loon – Naras” from the upcoming cassette EP “Animaux” (project that explores and interprets wild animals through electronic music)
  • Hackney, UK ambient /cosmic /psych /electronic duo Higamos Hogamos – “Greenwich Tunnel” off the album “Generation Games” on Invisible, Inc.                                                                                                        
  • Chinese ambient /breaks /vaporwave producer 我們買ORO – “…ELHORIZONTE” off cassette “我們買ORO” on Brooklyn’s Pastel Voids
  • Bulgarian experimental /ambient /drone /electronic producer Etien Slavchev, aka Evitceles – “Hydrogenic Koukh (Maltash tarab edit)”                                                                                                                                         
  • Belgrade experimental /ambient /tribal /psych /acid /downtempo /electronic duo TAPAN feat. Radwan Ghazi Moumneh – “In My Heart (Abul Mogard Remix)” off “Europa (Abul Mogard Reworks)” EP 12″ [Malka Tuti]                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • US experimental electronic producer sZARSz – “Benan-Danti” off upcoming split cassette “Umbra & sZARSz” on Crash Symbols
  • Serbian ambient /electronic visionary synthesist, Abul Mogard “In Immobile Air” off the “In Immobile Air” LP/Download out now on Ecstatic.                                                                                                                       
  • Preston, UK ambient /drone /spacesynth /electronic project of Stephen James Buckley, aka POLYPORES “Angel Away” from the new 12″ vinyl LP “Chaos Blooms” via Polytechnic Youth Records
  • Oslo-based Norwegian/Mexican experimental /ambient /drone /electronic songwriter/producer Maria Hillestad aka Carmen Villain “Molina” from the cassette ” Sketch for Winter IX: Perlita” on Geographic North’s Sketch for Winter series
  • Texas ambient /vaporwave /drone producer Damien Duque aka City Of Dawn “Shifting Beneath Our Feet” from upcoming “Avenoir” cassette album on Ingrown Records
  • Australian experimental /ambient /neo-classical composer, multi-instrumentalist from Wollongong, Gregory Paul Mineeff “It Is Time For Us To Leave” on Cosmicleaf Records
  • Southend-on-sea, UK Artist and Producer Of Neo-Classical/Ambient Music, ADRIAN LANE “I Only Borrowed This Dust” from the upcoming album “Slow Autumn At My Window” on Preserved Sound
  • Berlin-based German electronic ambient composer and sound designer, SVEN LAUX “Fragment 3” from V/A “The Home Diaries” compilation album on Whitelabrecs