WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – APRIL #14-23


  • Toronto-based ambient /dream pop /shoegaze multidisciplinary artist and sound sculptor Jonathan Relph AKA Indoor Voices “Lead for Breakfast” single

New single for Toronto‘s shoegazer sound sculptor always consistently gifted in carving equally enveloping and contemplative, emotional-charged atmospheric dimensions, through a mesmerizing combination of organic instrumental textures and electronic frequencies, wandering through sad, obsessive, and lost moods built by hypnotic guitar strums, fluting reverberating ripples, plodding percussions and warm blowing wafts into a subtly stirring cocoon over grey ethereal vocals, fading shapeless into restless, melancholic spirals.

  • Glasgow, UK-based alt-rock /grunge /shoegaze band Fazed “Slide In” hand-cut 5″ vinyl record first single

Heavy, hypnotizing, abrasive MBV-inflected debut single from an enigmatic alternative Glasgowian band, injects shaky and scratchy charging layers of guitar distortion and splattering drum beats, laced with oppressive droning frequencies, whilst J Mascis-like, numb angsty vocals detach lifeless under the weighty tides of dread.

  • Swedish indie rock /shoegaze 3-piece Wolfschmidt “Suffocated” second single

Second single for the Swedish power trio with the Teutonic name of Wolfschmidt, which varies their guitar-driven sound from the enveloping and simmering Radiohead-esque indie rock tones of their debut, to dive into more turbulent ’90s shoegaze-strewn Smashing Pumpkins-tinged, waters, through tumbling, erratic drum beats, a usual sparkling guitar work, floating amid noisy distortion and melodic ecstasy, into an emotional angsty urgency over moody vocals, shifting between numb dreaminess and agonized cries, to slip feebly into the restless rocky sentiments of heartbroken lyricism.

  • London, UK experimental /drone /techno /dream pop /electronic multi-instrumentalist Amanda Butterworth, AKA Mücha “Lines of Force” from the album “Hello Caller” [Frequency Domain]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina experimental /ambient /psych /kraut /shoegaze /electronic project of musician Marcos Díaz (half of Bosques), AKA Entidad Animada “Sueño tangible” from the album “Pruebas de Existencia” on Umor Rex
  • New York‘s mid-90s cult indie-pop /new wave band My Favorite “Blues For Planet X (Holy Wire Version)” from “Blues For Planet X (Believers Edition)” EP
  • Los Angeles-based indie folk singer-songwriter Anna St. Louis “Phone” from upcoming sophomore LP “In The Air” on Woodist
  • San Francisco, CA indie /dream pop /slowcore collective led by singer/guitarist Karina Gill, CINDY “Earthly Belonging” third single from the forthcoming 4th album “Why Not Now?” via Tough Love and Mt. St. Mtn.
  • Sidney, Australia indie rock /folk screen composer, songwriter and musician (former member of The Go Betweens), Amanda Brown “Unguarded Moment” from the debut LP “Eight Guitars”
  • San Diego, CA bedroom /jangle /twee /indie pop duo Sugar World “Black Car” from V/A “006” CD compilation + fanzine on Oakland‘s exit
  • Glasgow-based Irish singer-songwriter Claire McKay AKA Martha Ffion ‘The Wringer’ title track off the upcoming 4th LP “The Wringer” on Lost Map Records
  • Austin, TX folk /shoegaze /indie rock singer-songwriter Proun “I’m Your Eyes” first single on Flesh and Bone Records
  • Beirut-based, Lebanese ambient /psych pop/indie folk singer-songwriter Karl-Mattar AKA Interbellum “Our House” from the third album “Our House Is Very Beautiful at Night”
  • UK post-punk /indie /dream pop /new wave duo PARRAMATTA “Under a Monet Moon” title track of the new EP “Under a Monet Moon”
  • Concord, CA fuzzy /jangle /indie /bedroom pop side project of Jason Dezember (Nar, Ski Instructors, Plastic Shoelace, The Bagpipe Operations), The Ashenden Papers “Little Jumpy T” from the upcoming CD/cassette 4th album “Night Walk” on Secret Center Records
  • San Francisco shoegaze /jangle /indie pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums, etc) and friends, The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Me & Magdalena” (Death Cab For Cutie‘s Ben Gibbard) from the EP of cover versions “You Know You’re Burning Someone”                                                             
  • Aberdeen, Scotland‘s psych /jangle power-pop solo project of founding member and one-fifth of The Vapour Trails, Kevin Robertson “Autumn Brings” from the album “Magic Spells Abound” on Subjangle and Futureman Records
  • UK jangle /indie pop collaboration, Paul F Cook & The Happy Somethings ‘Something Happy’ from the charity EP of the same name.
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi surf rock /shoegaze /dream pop solo project Beach Novels “I’ll Be Fine” off the LP “Warm Hair”
  • Bay Area-based lo-fi/ surf /dream pop/ indie pop solo project of Justin Cheromiah aka High Sunn “Strawberry cheesecake” single on Spirit Goth Records
  • Seattle, WA based bedroom /surf pop /indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop band BEACH VACATION “Lay Low” new single on Z Tapes                                                                                                                               
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania post-rock /shoegaze /indie rock solo project Joyful Forfeit “Under The Ice Again” single
  • Beirut, Lebanon dream pop trio Postcards “Tenderness” single on T3 Records
  • Nashville, Tennessee-based Post-Punk/ New Wave/ Indie Rock band led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, Palm Ghosts “Grey Cell Green” (Ned’s Atomic Dubstin cover) charity single
  • Early ’90s founded London‘s punk /psych /indie rock /noise pop collective led by David Feck, COMET GAIN “Your Just Lonely” from the upcoming LP “The Misfit Jukebox” (compilation of outtakes, b-sides, demos, live recordings and unreleased tracks) on Tapete Records
  • Arizona-based, early 90’s Leeds, UK-born, Sarah Records affiliated indie /noise pop group BOYRACER “Three Pint Buzz” from the album “4 Track Demos 1994
  • Birmingham, Alabama post-punk /psych /indie rock 4-piece Wax Fur – “Pax Romana” single on BIRTHDIY
  • Liverpool, UK indie rock /psych pop band THE BALCONY STARS “The Last Word on Your Lips (2023 mix)” [originally recorded in 2014]
  • Manchester UK indie rock /shoegaze /psychedelic rock solo artist LOLA “Islands” from the debut self-titled EP on Golden Believers Records
  • Detroit, Michigan 60s garage /psych rock power trio SHADOW SHOW “Radiant Hue” single on Sugar Records                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Chicago, IL indie rock band CUSP “Win” off the upcoming record “You Can Do It All.”
  • UK dream pop /indie rock trio CIEL “Somebody” the first single of CIEL’s upcoming EP “Make It Better”
  • Dallas TX, via Puerto Rico dream pop /indie rock solo project, A Estas Alturas “Expectativas” single
  • Philadelphia, PA emo /post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze solo project, S. Green “The Deepest Grey” second and final single from the upcoming debut album, “It Can’t Rain All the Time” on Rainy Day Music
  • Łódź, Poland dream pop artist Kryowake “Falling into you (Feat. Feral Atom)” single
  • El Paso, TX all-girl dream pop /bedroom pop band Acid Wave “Make Me Drown” from the upcoming debut album “heart2heart” on Hogar Records
  • Richmond, Virginia dream pop /shoegaze /emogaze solo project Always Other “Velvet Dreams” single
  • Cincinnati, OH indie rock /Midwest emo /shoegaze /slowcore band Waning “A Defect in Air Quality” from the debut EP “When the Willow Bears Grapes”
  • Philadelphia, IL bedroom pop /post-rock /shoegaze solo project, Max Black “Window Pane” from the EP “Window Pane”
  • Charlotte, NC grunge /punk /shoegaze DIY band, The Mother Superior “Fortress” single on Catholic Morphine Records
  • Buenos Aires based, Argentinian shoegaze /indie rock /dream pop 5-piece band Montegrande “Afuera” from CD album “Distancia & Aeropuerto” (collection of Montegrande’s two EPs so far) on Choléra Cosmique
  • Los Angeles psych /indie rock/dream pop /shoegaze 4-piece Supergloom “Old Friend” first single off upcoming EP
  • Houston, TX ambient /noise rock /dream pop /shoegaze foursome GLIA “Nosedive” from the upcoming cassette album “Happens All The Time” on Candlepin Records
  • Hong Kong indie rock /shoegaze band The Mists – 說再見 Say Goodbye from the debut “Postfuturism” EP
  • Seoul, South Korea dream pop /shoegaze band FOG “Humidifier” single
  • Kyiv, Ukraine dream pop /noise rock /shoegaze solo project Rippedd “Thoughts” single
  • Asheville, NC countrygaze /shoegaze /indie rock band led by guitarist-singer-songwriter Karly Hartzman, Wednesday “Bull Believer” off the third LP “Rat Saw God”
  • Incheon, South Korea dream pop /shoegaze outfit 푸른 산 [puleun san] – 하늘과 바람과 별과 시 – from the album 한 번 더
  • London, UK grunge /alt-rock /shoegaze duo Broken Bear “Follow My Leader” single
  • Mississippi Shoegaze /Darkwave /Post-Punk band DETECTS “The Long Silence” from the 2-track single “Stripes”
  • Mid-’90s formed Kalmar, Sweden goth /shoegaze /post-punk band LOOM “Windowbath” from “In the Absence of Something Better” E.P.
  • France-based dream pop /shoegaze collaborative music project started by British musician Andrew Rose in 1984, Callière “Another Sunset” from the album “Freefall Into Heaven”
  • Swedish space ambient /post-rock /shoegaze /doom gaze /cosmic drone duo Daniel Änghede & Lisa Cuthbert, ISON “Radiant Void (feat. circle&wind)” from the album “STARS & EMBERS”
  • Hastings, UK punk /psych rock trio HotWax – “A Thousand Times” title track from upcoming EP on Marathon Artists
  • Austin, TX garage rock /power pop /rock’n’roll band, Bottlecap Mountain “Unicorn” from the 6th studio album “0! Fantastik Melancholy” on Thumbs Up Records
  • Boston, MA alt rock /jangle /power pop 4-piece Invisible Rays “Crystal Floor” from the debut album “Sequin Dream”
  • New Orleans garage-psych quartet Silver Synthetic “The Door” single on Third Man Records
  • UK acid folk /psychedelic /garage rock 4-piece The Crystal Teardrop “Nine Times Nine” debut single
  • L.A. based shoegaze /psychedelic rock band Tombstones In Their Eyes “No One To Blame” single
  • Edinburgh, Scotland alternative /psychedelic duo MAN OF MOON “Sun” new single
  • Sydney, Australia garage rock/power-pop supergroup (featuring ex/member of The New Christs, the Johnny’s, Doomfoxx & Orange County), The Crisps “Get Down” single
  • Gothenburg, Sweden emo /punk /indie pop 4-piece Tårkalas “Lägenhet” from upcoming debut EP “Inga Färger” on Gaphals
  • Philadelphia, PA emo /indie rock 4-piece Paper Bee “I Don’t Talk To You” from upcoming cassette album “Thaw, Freeze, Thaw” on Get Better Records
  • Tokyo’s emo /math /indie rock quartet Japanese Football “Reflections Of You” from debut cassette “S/T” EP [ungulates]
  • Charlotte, NC new wave /art rock band led by Tessa Harmon (Buried In Roses), The Real Dolls “Fossil” from upcoming debut EP “See Through”
  • Bristol, UK lo-fi /trip-hop /dream-pop band Oslo Twins “Breath” new single on Fascination Street Records
  • Buffalo, NY retro synth-wave side project of Jeff Kandefer (of the Daysleepers), Nightcruise “Dreamaway” maxi single
  • Berlin-based, Beijing dream pop /indie pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Yichi Zhang AKA BowAsWell “Something Else” single on Delicieuse Records
  • Portland, OR ’80s pop /new wave /synth-pop /blue-eyed synth soul duo Seance Crasher “Chemistry” from the vinyl 12″ album “Air Apparent” via Literal Gold Records
  • London-based indie folk duo Prima Queen “Crow” from the debut “Not The Baby” EP 12″ on Big Indie Records
  • L.A.-based indie folk solo project of former Kidi Band and Bird Concerns member, Cooper Wolken “How” second single from the forthcoming debut album, “Chapters” via Earth Libraries
  • New Zealand folk singer-songwriter Maxine Funke “Call On You” from the upcoming album “River Said” on Disciples

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