WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – May #20-21

Martin Usborne, The Silence of Dogs in Car

  • Phoenix, Az dreampop /shoegaze band Glixen “Sugarcube” debut single

On a weekly basis, we are accustomed to listening to shoegazing songs, infused with dreamy and hazy reverberations, suspended in mid-air, and embellished with ethereal crystalline vocalizations; in her debut, the young Phoenix resident artist Glixen delivers it with enticing grace and a certain dose of subdued energy with effected guitars that ring and subtly pierce over lost bittersweet breathless wishes into the hazy winding pathways of romantic memories.

  • Mississippi shoegaze /post-punk /indie rock solo project DETECTS “Light Crush” from the second 2-track single “Remind”

Mississippi musician unleashes blaring and vigorous punk-tinged vibes, both urgent and catchy, wrapped in an edgy reverberated shoegaze glaze, channelling Catherine Wheel and Swervedriver along with JAMC-like deadpan sung, shooting blistering, grinding riffage and cutting strident high-frequency distortion, heavy pulsing bass and driving syncopated drum beats, around soft numb male vocals, dripping hazy wistful daydreams into the warped urgent momentum of raging fear.

  • Norrköping, Sweden indie /shoegaze /dream pop band CORDUROY “NLMN” new single from upcoming debut LP on VÅRØ

Almost ready to unveil their debut album, the Swedish band has deftly shaped along the way a scintillating and emotional-ridden atmospheric shoegaze sound that radiates itself, dark and penetrating, through a misty haze of reverb-drenched distortion, achingly pierced by chiming, bleeding guitar melodies, echoing stained memories into the hypnotic surges of punchy rhythms and winding hearty bass lines, to ebb and flow around sad and turbulent vocals, longing in the blissful melancholy of hopeless dreams.

  • Malmö, Sweden soul /indie rock /dark pop artist Dolly Dolores – “True Love” new single                                     
  • L.A. based, San Francisco-bred Mexican-American Latin pop singer-songwriter MARINERO “Outerlands” from the new LP “HELLA LOVE” on Hardly Art
  • Spain-based Russian born indie-pop artist Victoria Zolotukhina, aka April June “Have a hell of a nice life” new single.
  • L.A. based dream-pop artist Xelli Island “Prove Honest” new single on Terrible Records
  • L.A. based lo-fi /bedroom /dream /psych pop solo project Coolhand Jax “Take Me to Your Darkness” (single) on Spirit Goth
  • Wiltshire, UK bedroom ambient /dream pop /shoegaze solo project of Jack Jazrawy-Brown, lead singer and songwriter for the band Cosmic Lightshow, SUNSPIRE “Sirensong” from the debut album “Ruins By The Sea” on Crafting Room Recordings
  • Brighton based shoegaze/post-punk/alternative rock project of French musician and producer Nicolas Pierre Wardell, aka Nico B, aka BEATASTIC “Echoes Through The City” from “Refraction” EP on his own Shore Dive Records
  • Italian electronic dream-gaze trio A Distant Shore “Better Day” from “Better Days” on Somewherecold Records
  • Majorca, Spain bedroom pop /trip-hop /synth-pop duo of Sofia & Manu, aka QUIETS “Mai no deixes rastre” from S/T album on Flexidiscos
  • Vienna based lo-fi /new wave /jangle pop/post-punk /power pop band The Laundromat Chicks “Harold” from the debut album “Often In The World”
  • L.A. indie /synthpop duo comprised of identical twins Christoph & Anton Hochheim (Fka Ablebody), Always You “Black City Nights” off upcoming LP “Bloom Off The Rose” on Shelflife
  • Filipino lo-fi /bedroom /twee /indie pop /sadcore artist NOA MAL “Heavy Heart” from the new album “You And Your False Religions”
  • Madrid, Spanish noise rock /indie-pop solo project of Conrado Álvarez, aka SAN MARINO “Take Me to Rome” 2nd single from San Marino´s upcoming ST debut EP on Anomic Records
  • Boulogne-sur-Mer, French lo-fi /indie /dream pop 5-piece fronted by Quentin Isidore aka Pastel Coast – “Distance” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Sun”.
  • Hattiesburg, MS lo-fi /sadgaze /shoegaze /dream pop band project GOTH DAD “Cold” from the album “This Will Never End”
  • Jakarta, Indonesia twee indie-pop band THE SENSITIVE “No One Top Felix Delta Alpha Sierra” from the first cassette album “Do Everything Or Else Yourself” soon on shiny happy records
  • Austin, TX-based dream /garage /psych-pop band Semihelix “Recoil” second single off the full-length album titled “Recoil” due end of summer, 2021.
  • Los Angeles, Ca shoegaze /dream pop band NIGHTJACKET “Burn Through The Atmosphere” from the EP ‘Following The Curves’
  • Hong Kong indie pop /shoegaze 5-piece Lucid Express “Hollowers” from the upcoming S/T album on Kanine Records.
  • Hermosillo, Mexico surf /garage /dream pop band Señor Kino “Aurora Boreal” new single
  • Melbourne-based indie rock /dream pop 4-piece KEAPER “Come & Go” from debut EP “Duality”
  • Asheville, NC indie rock /noise pop /shoegaze band Wednesday “Handsome Man” from upcoming LP “Twin Plagues” on Orindal
  • Buenos Aires-based kraut /psych /dream pop shoegaze project of musician /artist Ferran Pont Vergés, aka Die Noia Futuriszka “Estaciones / Seasons (Gabriel Funes RMX)”
  • Tokyo Shoegazer /Indie-Pop band, Bertoia “Monotone” from the upcoming cassette reissue of the 2011 first album “MODERN SYNTHESIS” on Gerpfast Record
  • Japanese indie /noise /shoegaze 4-piece STOMP TALK MODSTONE “My Birth” (single)
  • Catania, Italy post-punk/psych/shoegaze trio CLUSTERSUN “Juggernaut” from the new LP “Avalanche” on Icy Cold Records / Little Cloud Records
  • Chicago, IL Electronic /Dreampop /Shoegaze /Dark Pop duo, New Canyons “Breathe” from the new album, “Heavy Water” on Feeltrip Records
  • Bangkok, Thailand dream pop /shoegaze band KUNST “Dry Tears” off The Year Shoegaze Broke‘s 2nd compilation “Normalexotic: Thai Shoegaze and Related Genre Compilation, Vol.2”
  • Liverpool, UK dreampop /shoegaze outfit a Lesser Version “A07042” off the upcoming debut album “Excess”
  • Indonesian shoegaze/dream pop band, Hellens  – “Cherry, Darling” from V/A “Ocean Blender: Indonesian Shoegazer Compilation vol.2” on Anoa Records
  • Canadian shoegazey, noisy, post-rock-y music solo project of Toronto‘s musician Charlie Berger (Dormer., Tonemirror, Slow Planet, Lacquer, Soft Wounds, With Hidden Noise), SLOWLY “Passing Moment” from the upcoming EP “Reverse”
  • Frome, UK experimental /noise rock /shoegaze solo project of Nossiennes guitarist George Simpson (former On Autopilot/nmftt), Aliquis Artikkel βῆτα “Factory No2” off the first EP “Ondine”                                                                              
  • Oslo, Norway indie rock band fronted by singer-songwriter Tonje Tafjord, AVIND “Kanskje nokon andre” from the LP “Ta sjansen”
  • Seattle, WA bedroom /surf pop /indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop duo BEACH VACATION “Break the Ice” from the CD reissue (with 2 bonus tracks) of late 2020 LP “I Fell Apart” on Too Good To Be True
  • UK alternative guitar band from London, ISLAND “Do You Remember The Times” off upcoming sophomore LP “Yesterday Park” on Frenchkiss Records
  • Portland, Or dream pop /indie rock band White Bike “I Like You” debut single
  • Boston, Ma indie rock trio VUNDABAR “Aphasia” off the single “Aphasia / Ring Bell” out now on Gawk Records
  • Bristol-based DIY indie /avant-pop /synthpop stalwart Chris Barrett (Something Anorak/Pictures of Belgrade), aka POST YOGA “Bison” from the upcoming S/T LP on Nothing Fancy
  • English early 90’s Sarah Records affiliated indie /noise pop group BOYRACER “Bulletproof” from the new album “Assuaged” due on July 5 via Emotional Response Records                                                                       
  • Miami indie rock DIY project of Daniel Cardona, aka PRISMS “Lemon Drop”                                                        
  • Nijmegen, Netherlands post-punk /noise rock /indie rock 4-piece MISPRINT “Geld” from the EP “De eerstgeborenen”
  • London, UK indie rock /dream pop solo project of Zoe Mead, aka Wyldest “Heal” from upcoming LP “Monthly Friend” on Hand In Hive                                                                                                                                          
  • Chicago‘s bedroom pop/jangle/dream-pop project of Kenneth Foss, aka TEEN BLUSH “Ghost (Extended Version)”                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Athens, GA indie rock four-piece Cloudland “St Elmo” from the upcoming debut album “Where We Meet”       
  • Melbourne DIY guitar garage pop group double-headed by Kayley Langdon (Blonde Revolver) and Tam Richards-Matlakowski (Tam Vantage, Girlatones, Permits) along with Amada Monteiro (Gutter Girls) and Louis McDonald (Plastic), Carpet Burn “Butterfinger Hands” off upcoming 7″ EP “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Carpet Burn” on Spoilsport Records
  • Amiens/Strasbourg punk rock /rock’n’roll /garage /yè yè group HACHE TENDRE “La robe blanche” from the upcoming album “J’aurais voulu lui dire soyons amis” on Kakakids records
  • Leeds, UK synth indie drone-rock DIY band by ex-members of The Blanche Hudson Weekend / The Manhattan Love Suicides, aka The Edible Eyes – “Until The Morning Comes Around” from “This Year Approximately / Until The Morning Comes Around” 2nd split 7″ single with Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators on Next Phase : Normal Records.
  • Falmouth, UK indie /garage rock duo, HOLIDAY GHOSTS “Off Grid” from the third LP “North Street Air” on Fatcat Records
  • New York noise rock /punk /hip-hop /breakbeat band LIP CRITIC “The Loan” (single)
  • Montreal, Canadian shoegaze /dream pop band lead by Jasamine White-Gluz, NO JOY ‘Dream Rats – From Heaven’ off the EP ‘Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven” on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Amsterdam based garage soul band The Tibbs “Another Shot Fired” from the 7″ single “Another Shot Fired / The Main Course” on Record Kicks
  • Berlin-based lo-fi grunge /indie /shoegaze /post-rock /dream-pop solo project of Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser, aka Tuvaband – “Irreversible” off the debut LP “Growing Pains & Pleasures”

Martin Usborne, The Silence of Dogs in Car