WL//WH Video Premiere: VIOLET NOX “Wolf Visitor”


Boston based experimental electronic cosmonauts Violet Nox are back with another mesmerizing video by DebStep, taken from last April’s 4-track EPWhispering Galaxy” via, Infinity Vine Records. Wolf Visitor injects the signature Psychedelic sound experimentations, the celestial group vocalizations, and the abstract poetry of the lyrics into a song about revolution, transformation, and new beginnings inspired by the pandemic.

An audio-visual prism of kaleidoscopic droning frequencies pierces purple and white winds of change, blurring fragile wings of fluttering passions with the vibrating energies of detoxifying bass tones, to blow ancient traditions through neon wavelengths of experimental bliss.

Streams of coloured consciousness blend molten springs of eternal timelessness with dense tribal and heart trembling beats while hypnotic vocal distortions breathe a cosmic cast of voiceless identities through a transformative tunnel of intoxicating lyrics. Elongated breathes and ceremonial hums merge into the depth defying, luminescent glow of an array of layered synth swathes to spread upward through the organic stringed undulations of throbbing bass lines while hallucinatory guitar chords linger and squeal into intergalactic spatial textures reversing the groovy motion of enigmatic tides through blooming cycles of 32 GB effects and swirling sonic coils.

Violet Nox 4-track EP “Whispering Galaxy” is out now, on Limited CD & Digitally, through Infinity Vine Records, distributed by Aumega Project.

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