WL//WH Track Of Day: IN THY FLESH “Its Seventh Name”

Track Of The Day    IN THY FLESH

Fresh from releasing their self-titled debut EP, In thy Flesh is an enigmatic Spanish Darkwave duo based in Madrid, made of Dave Rodríguez & Marina Aguilar

A minimal, spectral and emotive, entirely electronic, dark sound that unfolds in a hypnotic torturous soul-stirring journey, weighted with suffering and tragedy, along 4 tracks of both disturbing and fascinating, murky, shadowy atmospheres, laced with an underlying sense of lingering bleakness, wrapped in a cloudy cold limbo of sinister buzzing drones, transcendental evocative synths and haunting alienated vocalizations, inside an arcane and esoteric tunnel of thought-provoking and nightmarish visions, pervaded with a breath of anguished yet transformative spirituality, full of pathos and gloom.

Metaphysical lyrics dwell in the agony and ecstasy of demonic possession to evoke feelings of resentment and torment.

The opener “Its Seventh Name” is relentlessly led by ominous shuffling martial rhythmic patterns that delve into misty dangerous swells of droning undulations, encircled with eerie spindly synth spirals of flickering ceremonial sorrow over fearful, fragile, haunted vocals dropping detached emotional pain into swarming mists of festering doom.

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