WL//WH Video Premiere: SUFFER FOOLS “I Am The One”

Video Of The Day Suffer Fools

Dubbed as ‘former child star, current trainwreck, future pop messiah’, Vancouver Island’s enigmatic artist Debbie Debased returns with an intoxicating dose of a distinctive ‘trap gaze’ sound, a heady immersive concoction of shoegaze and dreampop, in the form of the gripping and captivating 80s-tinged new single “I Am The One”, chapter 4 in ‘the rise & fall of D. Debased’ (check her Tumblr for more), paired with an evocative video, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

“I Am The One” is laced with devotional lyrics that harness individual strength to transcend the wicked arrogance and superficial hypocrisy of the modern human soul.

An engaging, glistening catharsis of dangerously prowling buzzing bass throbs, slow dragging snare beats, icy bright synth sweeps, and fizzing swathes of reverb-laden sparkling guitars, slowly overtake the magnetic and heartfelt vocals rising and falling in breathless harmonies of aching, emotional turmoil to fade hypnotically into the dark, ethereal moods of an unknown fate.

Black and white video by pangaksama blends universal symbols of beauty, nature, and growth from vintage movie clips into a metaphysical collage of hope. Frantic flocks fly over hypnotic arms, swimming through a windswept flow of translucent emotion to empower burning hands and blind eyes with regenerative sentient power. Yesterday’s tears bleed archaic icons from subconscious deception, flashing lights of wisdom between blurry transitions to open unlit hallways of the mind. Ancient archetypes hide under the misleading expressions of ritual masks while twilight tides and the soft tendrils of will-o-wisps bloom into a magnificent transformation and rebirth under the full moon’s vibrant glow.

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