WL//WH Video Premiere: THE PSYCHEDELIC BIRTHDAY PARTY Incites “Rightful” Remorse

WL//WH Premiere  The Psychedelic Birthday Party

WL//WH is pleased to unveil the haunting family drama visuals directed by the young indie filmmaker residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, Gabrielle Devereaux, for the equally soul-stirring Indie Folk song, “Rightful”, by the Independent music collective led by Dutch musician Kevyn van der Linden under the alias The Psychedelic Birthday Party.

Branding the project as ‘Ghostly pop for the Lost’, Kevyn and his friends create a fine blend of melancholic Indie and Alternative sounds.

Kevyn van der Linden’s (Vocals, Guitar and Bass) vulnerable storytelling skills ignite the atmospheric soundscapes from Jeroen Verstappen, Niels Veron, Vera Aben, and Lisanne Adrienne to invoke dreamy visions of wandering in between parallel timelines of an undetermined fate.

This song was part of my healing process related to love trauma. I wrote it a couple of years ago when I felt a shift in my perception toward some scar tissue I’d been wearing for some time.Kevyn Van der Linden

Simple, raw emotional textures inject pain and sorrow into obsessive wistful shimmering guitar melodies, humming bass tones, and poignant piano keys, whilst mercurial layerings of haunted heartbroken vocal airs draw angsty breathes of melancholy and regret from the exposed fallout of a broken sacred bond.

The process of ‘Rightful’ has been everything and more. From baking a cake, to sketching potential shots out on the back patio of a Cat Cafe, I have been challenged and fulfilled.  Gabrielle Devereaux

The dramatic, tear-jerking video by Gabrielle Devereaux transforms the sad, shameful, lyrical narrative into a surreal stream of consciousness wept in inconsolable heartache. Dim lighting, on-point acting, and symbolic props portray the harsh outflow of eternal despair that happens at the hands of a deep family betrayal. Twilight moods set over a suburban neighborhood where a lonely celebration dwindles solemnly under the hopeless gaze of a lost, traumatized soul.

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